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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

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Back to home from hospital in their car,

The couple were on cloud nine and far.

New mother drove shotgun, crying and smiling;

With the little angel in her lap adorably cooing.

She was very pure and pink as her feet,

Which haven't hit the earth’s heat.

She wrapped the finger in her fingers,

But she sure will grow up to hold daggers.

The stars came down to see her twinkling eyes,

The roses passed by to see where that fragrance lies.

Hearing the visitors, she woke up only to coo;

After that, the nightingale got only the boo.

Though very little, the world tripped on her dimple,

But she was keeping it all sweet and simple.

Heavens and Gods sang her beauty,

Rocking the cutest dress, she made it cutey;

Almost everyone forgot something that day,

Only I came to sing her "happy birthday".

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