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Venkatesh R

Abstract Classics Inspirational


Venkatesh R

Abstract Classics Inspirational

Forgotten Territory

Forgotten Territory

2 mins 106 2 mins 106

The scorching rays, toiling foreheads, chaotic alien wind renders its composure. In a modest state of the province. As elder folk vocalists, engage the plantation work.

The labor on the yard perpetrates the chit-chat in the swampy turf, as the equipment plopped their belief, to defend the endeavor, of compassionate entrepreneurs and agriculturists.

The shabbily adorned ignited minds, run towards the ruined schools, where the inceptions of the tree swarm their ambitions, of developing wings of fire propelled by the midday meal.

The copper lunch box voyages, through the narrow corridor of meadows encircled by the unusual green gush.

As the family waits for the simple get-together meal, that replenishes with nutrients, along with freely accessible fish groped from naturally streaming rivers.

The children surge across the banks of the river as the school bell buzzes; the hedges and swingers get engrossed where the internet couldn't brew a virtual world.

The fragrance of the realms is aroused as clay gets elicited, by amateur artists, architects who built their prototypes.

The connoisseur, sportsman, the homemaker, soldiers, and merchants all can be seen, united on an arena as a young prospect full battalion of the nation.

As time elapses, in the absence of the mother, the breeze in the open expanse holds her part by shoving the saree cradle clasped, to pacify the infant.

As the daylight tumbles towards the dusk, The vivid day accomplishes its destiny. The elder's chatter, from the house bench, the youngster's partners with gadgets, to comprehend the kingdom beyond their panorama.

There is no nearby hospital, but there are on-time reachable ambulances that exist.

There are no nearby banks, that scrutinize farmers and not corporates. But there are generous loaners and panchayat chiefs who exist.

There are no food delivery offers, but friendly neighborhoods are offering partaking dinner exists.

There are no honking vehicles for commutation, but there are bullock carts beyond a motor offering the lift and sprinting endangered species of birds.

There are no luxury apartments with gardens and swimming pools, but there are wealthy folk in the endurance, maintaining the yard for harvest exists.

There are no debts and harpy credit cards while maintaining a lifestyle, but there is a sense of belonging that exists while maintaining a humble identity.

There are no authority whines, but there is no fear of being ravaged, as everyone is part of the family in the community where trust exists.

life moves on, in a mediocre territory as the smart city thrives.

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