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I am not a feminist, 

According to this day and age.

I don’t believe in hating men,

Or that we were created the same. 

But I’ll tell you this, so listen close 

That even though I don’t like to boast 

I do carry a certain ability 

To give a human life from within me. 

For years there’s been a huge debate 

On how to harness the power that I contain. 

And the ones who’ve come before me to forge the way, 

Who made sure my voice was heard and that I got a say. 

I commend your strength and bravery, 

But I don’t agree with using hate 

To promote a basic decency 

Of human rights without misogyny. 

I’m not a feminist in the sense 

That I want to be the same as men. 

However, I have watched them fall 

Many times at women’s hands. 

After all, King David could smite a giant as a boy, 

But couldn’t resist when he beheld 

A woman in all her glory. 

So while I’m small and sometimes mild, 

Remember you were once a child 

And had a mother who’s just like me, 

That brought you forth from between her knees; 

Which do not knock or tremble 

In the face of adversity. 

And next time there’s a dispute regarding the topic of equality, 

It would not be a wise decision 

To underestimate my strength;

Despite my inner femininity. 

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