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Aayush Mehta



Aayush Mehta


Existentialism - The Vulture And The Little Girl

Existentialism - The Vulture And The Little Girl

2 mins 359 2 mins 359

Gliding through the boundless sky,

There's a vulture soaring high.

No bird, no tree, neither breeze,

The atmosphere is about to freeze.

Vulture starving for a week,

Transformed into pale and weak.

There's no chance to get some bread,

Every waking hope is dead.

Neither any drop to drink,

Shrubland down is dull and dry.

Helpless unable to think,

Neither drop is left to cry.

Oh my god please pardon her,

Show him the way, please pardon her.

Oh, fortune doesn't let him fry,

Oh, fortune doesn't let him die.

Gazing at the dryland bush,

Something was bringing a lush.

May be god listen to her prayer,

Maybe he has got new prey.

Landing down to have that prey,

The mouth was watery, the heart was grey.

Prey found was a newborn girl,

Shining like a golden pearl.

There's no need to plan a mesh,

Too eager to have some flesh.

Strolling down near to girl,

Walking straight and walking curl.

Finally, the wait had ended,

As his beak touched the girl's soft hand.

But some strange thing happened that day,

Fortune even had nothing to say.

In her frozen heart, waked some mercy,

Dead little child, She didn't want to see.

She thought of her motherhood days,

Life was full of ton sweet ways.

How she fed her baby vault,

But had a fatalistic result.

How that hunter killed her child,

For selfishness, he came wild.

How she played with him like a kid,

How he laughed with her a bit.

Her son was too sweet like this,

Her son was too killed like this.

She forgot her all hunger,

She too forgot all her thirst.

She gave up her needs and wants,

She gave up her all-left lust.

She then flew and brought fresh fruit,

Fed her like a real mother.

Fortune's eyes wet with sentiments,

God was also proud of her.

She then put her back on her beak,

Started the flight to a nearby town.

Drop here to a childless house,

The childless mother then saw her down.

When a lady adopted her,

Vulture resisted her tears.

She went to find food again,

And again took infinite flight.

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