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Encumbrance Of Life Relieved

Encumbrance Of Life Relieved

2 mins

The traveller kept walking in the windy night

Accompanied by his own solitude, he wanted to make it all right.

How could he control the tears that that were welling down

He had lost it all when he lost his pride

It was a deadly weather, but he kept walking in haste

Deserted by his loved ones, defeated by his fate

Oh! The poor traveller, he couldn’t walk with the baggage he carried,

The emotional baggage, heavy enough to make him sunk down and down

But he had to make it to the city,

So, he walked and walked,

“You won’t be able to make it” the winds mocked and mocked!

The traveller couldn’t afford to be defeated any more,

So, he dragged himself,

Felt so heavy, as if being buried in the sand,

He kept on and on, but now he was left with no strength.

He decided to stop, to take a break.

He laid down there, remained there still.

Laying there, he looked upon the sky,

The dusty winds couldn’t hide the stars, the stars all around.

The traveller closed his eyes, the wind became softer and softer,

The starts shone brighter and brighter,

Laying there quietly, he looked at the sand dunes,

He felt himself drowning in the inaudible melancholy tunes.

He could listen to his heart beating, faster than ever,

The traveller had lost himself in this amusing atmosphere,

Because of some reasons, he was feeling alive after years,

He could feel himself reconnecting with his soul.

Closing his eyes again, he relished the moments of his childhood;

Those moments, where he felt alive for the last time.

Playing his flute, adoring the wind chime.

He replayed the lore his mother used to sing,

Embracing himself in a deep slumber,

With a smile, he slept, only to be awaken by the morning sunshine.

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