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Tanvi Nagar



Tanvi Nagar


Dear Love

Dear Love

2 mins

Dear love, I have always wanted to understand you more,

But first of all, you must know you are the one who I most adore.

Dear love, will you stand by me through the most rugged journeys of all?

Dear love, as years pass by will you be there still standing strong?

When there’s solitude that surrounds like the charcoal darkness of night,

Will you be there, like a solid rock strong by my side?

When gloom envelopes me, when pain is only what I feel,

Will a single touch of yours make my wounds and scars heal?

Dear love, when my life is nothing but a misty, smoky mirror,

Will you be the sunlight and beat life’s grey weather?

Dear love, when the sprinkler of affection waters our gardens of destiny,

Will you be treading upon this path with me as zestfully?

Dear love, when distaste is the only thing that binds us,

Will in our relationship arise a sense of distrust?

Dear love, life will put forward tests, how many would you beat?

Would circumstances change, would they be bleak?

Without words would only my silence be enough to communicate?

Would we know what destiny stores for us, our fate?

Dear love, when I’m absorbed in the deepest of darkness,

Will you still love and not consider me wicked and heartless?

Dear love, when we are separated by the barriers of cold war,

With all your heart and soul, will I be the one who you adore?

When my glass hopes and dreams are shattered and I bleed at heart,

Remember life and death can not tear us apart,

Once soul mates, we will always have a single heart,

Having a single soul, we’ll live together, together we’ll depart,

Our souls are united forever, regardless of storms or thunder,

Our’s is just an ordinary story of two extraordinary lovers.

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