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Nandini Chauhan



Nandini Chauhan




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You're another girl,

I'm another world.

You're all beautiful,

I know my duty.

I don't wanna be a girl,

Whose eyelashes are bigger than her dreams.

Cause I know even my thoughts are louder

Than any bimbo's screams.

You yell like a single scratch,

Can cause you pain.

Trust me girl, even my lungs

Are smarter than your brain.

Dresses and a lot of makeup

May make you look hot.

But you've dressed your hair so tight,

That even the least flowing senses have clot.

I don't want attractive hips,

When words have a point which comes from my lips.

I don't wanna fish around guys for compliment,

Nothing is more beautiful than a commitment.

I won't stop eating,

Cause I'll gain some weight.

I've got more work than you,

That will compensate.

I'm a girl too but I'm beautiful the way I am,

You're a girl too but your beauty is just a spam.

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