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An Elegy Of Two Love Birds

An Elegy Of Two Love Birds

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Love and Compassion


are not the same,

sometimes love becomes compassion


Compassion, love.


On the Himalayas of relation,

the other name of mercy-Love,

standing on the foothills,

‘Have mercy on me !”


They sang the eternal song

blending it

with gestures of flowers

accompanied by soft winds


found a heaven

in their lofty hearts.


The flowers they planted,

the fruit bearing;

the trees they nourished

the flowers of their hearts

the kind of seasons replanted

the glory of  flowers, fruits;

the melody of their lives.


The ultimate destiny of melody

the spring of their hearts peace

many a moonlight smiled

many a spring flower bloomed

many a dark clouds frightened their hearts

many a night darkened their lives.


Love does not add

to one’s self confidence

It renders one indecisive

uncertain and helpless.



The helpless timid hearts

caught by fire

the endless flames

the flame of their innocent lives;

they screamed,

tears rolled  down their cheeks

the separation pearls-

being ambered with remorse.


On the land of sorrows

beside the ocean of tears,

they are now trudging

round the valley of death.


Is it !

the end of two loved hearts ?

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