A Walk In Nature

A Walk In Nature

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As I walk barefoot on the cold grass

I open my arms and hug the cool morning air

Listen to the calm water flowing in the river

And see the birds flying in the endless sky

As the sun smiles on me

And plays hide and seek with the clouds

I pace and see

The waterfall flowing ahead

I see the squirrel munching a nut

And monkeys playing on trees

I smell the earth and say,

“I feel so happy and gay”

I see the flowers smiling

As I say good morning

I play with the butterflies

And they sit by my side

I hear the birds sing a song

And the flowers dance in the breeze

I see the busy ants

Crawling nearby

I smell the roses

And adore their beauty

I feel the warmth

As the sun rays touch my skin

I smell the grass and hug the trees

Cause they are my siblings

And as I kiss them goodbye

They smile and say bye bye!

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