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raviteja kasturi

Abstract Drama Romance


raviteja kasturi

Abstract Drama Romance

A song for One

A song for One

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O dear star of the moonlit sky ,

Hear the song of this Dryad's cry.

A song of passion , a song of emotion,

A song of joy , a song like the serene ocean.

A song that sings a story , a story of one,

That tells a tale , a tale told by none.

'Tis a story of a recluse , a wanderer lost,

'Tis the story of the arc right from his past..

He was not one to mingle with others easily ,

Neither was he one to give his heart easily..

'Tis the story of a mage , one most powerful indeed

Yet who is caring enough to help someone in need

A mage unlike others , with a smile so pure,

That cures a griefstricken heart for sure.

With eyes like stars in a dreamy night ,

Ever watchful but only visible to ones in plight.

Those eyes that permeate the radiance of life,

Have the power to bring inaminate things to life.

With a face that shines like the morning sun,

She spreads the wings of joy and fun.

With arms like tender dandelions and clove,

She embraces all with care and love.

With words that flow like a perennial stream,

She weaves magics into his mortal dream.

With a heart so big and vast as the sky,

Her charm of love soon spreads across the sky.

'Tis the story of the fateful day,

Whence the wanderer met the beautiful mage.

'Tis the story of how he changed,

From a forsaken soul to a nurtured soul.

It was a beautiful summer day,

When the wanderer set to bay.

This was the season of daffodils,

That mark the beginning of summer's fill.

Across the rivulets and streams he walked,

Knowing not where and what.

He was a lifeless soul that lost,

A body of dust and troubled past.

He slowly made his way down a stream,

Across which he thought he saw a dream.

He thought for a moment that his life was done,

For the sight before him has had him stunned.

His lifeless eyes shone like diamonds in light,

For they set their gaze on which only heavens might.

A maiden,he saw,draped in yellow and white,

Decorated in ornate daisies and poppies bright.

An involuntary gasp he let out,

Awestruck at the sight far out.

He began to feel a thunderous thud ,

Inside his heart he thought was dead.

Soon he heard a mellow hush,

As his heart began to pace and rush.

The angelic figure had noticed him,

And was waving gently to ease him.

She spoke so soft and tenderly,

The wanderer lost his senses surreptituously.

She gave a smile that pierced his heart,

Carressing the wound that struck his heart.

A smile so intoxicative yet medicative ,

A cure for grief , it became indicative.

Her gaze so silky and so caring,

Yet so powerful like seasons airing.

Her eyes so blissful and heavenly,

That the befuddled universe looks brazenly.

Her eyes are like the ark of Lord,

They carry the boon of God.

Her eyes so sparkly that stars become shy,

Her eyes so pure like the heavenly light.

She has brought a new found vigor,

Into his life like a sudden rigor.

He now begins to care for her,

So much so that he cannot part with her...

A quaint spell was cast by a dove,

For now he understands what it means to love......

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