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Anand Kumar



Anand Kumar


A Mission, A Hope

A Mission, A Hope

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He Bid goodbye 

To his companion,

His partner and carrier

For so long a journey,

And then, moved forward. 

Once set free, 

He rushed. 

Full of energy,

curious, and excited

He rushed, to touch the moon. 

He has waited long,

For this moment to come.

And when it did come,

A little impatient

He rushed, to hug it tight. 

On first sight of it

So excited he got,

To Vikram, he forgot to update

And then somehow,

the communication line broke.

So much excited we also were,

To see Pragyaan reach there.

So high were our hopes, that

When the communication broke

Our hearts also choked. 

Losing him, in a world unknown

Is disheartening though.

But what one must know is-

We are trying to go,

Where no man had gone before.


We're are hopeful, as

Vikram is still out there

Completing his sortie, and

Looking for his friend. 

Unless a mishap has happened.

The communication channel, 

Vikram will establish again,

As Pragyaan as well

Will try to contact his dearest.

And if that doesn't happen

Never mind, we are determined.

We'll send someone again

To complete the mission,

To reveal, what still is unknown.

And who knows, In the journey

To discover new possibilities,

And an unknown world to reveal.

Just it may so happen, that

He discovers an old friend as well.

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