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Premjit Sunil Gatigante

Passionate, Creative and love for writing poems. Have contributed 60plus written and audio poems. Earned cash prize and bagged few Certificates for writing the poem and contributing my work in the English Literary World. Earned official title of "Literary Colonel" read more

  Literary Colonel

On Your Special Day!


You became twinkle of my eyes, The day I got married to you...

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School Days...

Children Stories

This magical bond between my classmates, Won't fade with time, We pray our team will never fal...

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Poor But Happy!


My home is not huge, But it keeps me warm, My clothes are not expensive, But I keep them cl...

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How Beautiful Is The Rain!

Abstract Romance

On a Romantic rainy day, I look so forward to spend time with you, I love to curl up in thy ar...

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The Epitome Of Crazy Cricket Fans


The glory of the game shall stand, Our flags of honour will fly...

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This Love Can Never Stop


Parents give their best to nurture their children with the right values in a seamless cycle of love.

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A Beautiful Place To Visit!


The poet expresses the beautiful nature and culture of her village

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A Fleeting Moment


A fleeting moment, When you kiss me, When the dawn in the breaking!

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To Be Now, Forever And always!


I'll never leave your hand, No matter what we go through, Will stay together in the dark,

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When A Pen Kissed A Paper!

Abstract Romance

I chose pen to express and speak for me, And let the paper listen to it, Same way to maintain ...

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Religious Symbols


Heart is a pure place, As it is filled with full of love and kindness!

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A Graceful Game - Cricket!


The excitement is in the air, You adore and lauded MS Dhoni, Virat 'n' more, May the crowd scr...

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Nothing Been Easy!


I'm ready to make every sacrifice, To give you all the happiness, To see you on the top notch,

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I'm On The Top Of The World!


Just the perfect size bed, I jumped and slept, I haven't slept this good in a long while, D...

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A Wedding Vow!

Drama Romance

You're my soulmate, You're my lover, You're my strength, You're my light and wife,

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Allowing Them To Grow !


This poem is about preserving and nurturing nature

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My Life Is Fading Day By Day!


Often I wonder if I'm the reason for your pain, You didn't want me to stay anymore, Everyday I...

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We All Desire - Money!

Abstract Inspirational

This poem tells us money is important but not to be greedy as it will only destroy one's peace

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Better Vote Wisely!


Democracy needs you, Where perfection danced, My vote will run away, Sorry, I may be rude a...

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What Life Demands?


Life will drop you, Dreams will shatter, Keeping focusing, Keep this lesson in mind,

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You Failed My Heart, Son!

Drama Tragedy

You will regret my son, You broke my heart into two, Feels like I'm choking, You made your ...

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The Ultimate Sacrifice!

Tragedy Inspirational

While you were protecting the country, You all risked your lives, Standing firm against them, ...

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Separation Breaks Every Relation


It is an unfortunate fact, Divorce is common now onwards,

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What A Terrific Fani !


This poem is about the cyclone Fani

1    41 2

A Lost Soul!


The other day I met an angel, And when I looked into her eyes, I saw love, comfort and compass...

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Focus On Your Goal!


This poem is about focusing on your goal

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Innocence Being Stolen Away!


This poem is about stopping Child Labour

1    11 2

You Are My King


I feel completely like a Queen, Having you in my heart and life as a King!

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How The Time flies ?


I wish time could stop, So I can talk to you longer, I can hold you longer, I can love you ...

1    37 2


Abstract Children Stories

The poem shows that the mother is a role model.

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You Are The Creator!


This poem is about requesting God to keep oneself grounded with his blessings

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A link that can never be undone


She is very kind and gentle, She hold me close to her heart, Her eyes will glee,

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Take Sometime To Be Happy!


Take some time to be happy, That's what life is about to me!

1    61 1

When King Kong Met Ann!

Drama Romance

Ann was amazed to see a giant monster, Resembling an enormous ape, Who perishes in an attempt,...

1    43 3

Stone Age Men Thunderstruck?


They began to experiment with agriculture, Domesticated and raise livestock...

1    59 5

A Broken Heart Of Kermit


As you have closed the door, But memories keep knocking the door back!

1    39 1

Save Nature - Protect And Save Earth


Let's save our Nature and Earth, Don't litter here and there,

1    298 44

Stop Child Labour!


Tiny soft hands aren't clean, Their eyes are filled with tears and terror,

1    62 2

Love Your Life!


Never get disheartened Never get discouraged, Never wait for any anybody, And play the gam...

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I Have Found You!

Drama Others

Once in a lifetime , You find a friend, Who touches not only your heart but also your soul!

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Children Stories Others

A friend is someone who knows you and likes you , Just the way you are,

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You're special to me !

Drama Romance

We cared and showered the love upon each other, I love you as you're special to me !

1    22 3

Art of life


Life is too short to live, Those who are treating us with respect,

1    11 2



When I see you My heart beats a little faster,

1    16 3

Keep Smiling


When someone leaves both your hand and your company, Then nature tries to fix up that gap...

1    14 2

A Moment of happiness!


A special moment of happiness, Between a mom and his son is, You and me sitting on the veranda...

1    85 3

To climb the ladder of success


Always remember To remain strong and confident enough, Remain focused on your goal and achievi...

1    24 4

Stages of Life

Inspirational Others

The five stages of life are Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood and Old Age, We all have d...

1    92 3



The poem shows that if you love someone you do not have to show off.

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This love shows love with eternity.

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Ranjit Singh - A Strong Bonding

Children Stories

This poem is a birthday wish.

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I'm Unable To Forget You


I shall always keep you in my mind, Every word you ever said to me...

1    297 48

False Promise


So, today I'm breaking the promise, To die in thy arms... And would go far from you!

1    162 6

Proud To Be Woman !


Try and live only a day of my life as a woman

1    56 3



Memories are like fragrance, You try hard to close all the windows and the doors of your heart..

1    49 3

My Little Brother

Children Others

Birthday wishes for a brother from his sister

1    66 2

We Will Be Always True Friends

Drama Others

You will be always in my heart for forever, And my faith and confidence will remain in your heart to...

1    141 7



You and me revolving around each other for many years..

1    276 44

Soldiers Standing In Front

Children Inspirational Others

Those are the Soldiers who are always standing in the frontline, Facing all the fears and challenge...

1    81 4

Real Truth Of Life


Sometime we expect joy, Sometime we become upset due to sorrow..

1    39 2

Have I Told You


Have I told you... How much you mean to me?

1    131 7

Being Woman Is A Curse


Sometime I feel that being woman is a curse, If I don't study then I'm an illiterate, If I study t...

1    79 3


Children Others

You can't paint a painting with just water, You can't make a better destiny with mere dreams,

1    140 7



Try to give your time to those who really love and care for you,

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Started Living InYour Memories

Drama Others

When I was sitting by the river flowing water, Once again asking myself, have you found love?

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You Are The Reason For My Love


Unknowingly you become my soulmate,

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An Immense Feeling - Daughter


Balancing all the ups and downs in your life...

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My Desire


The lesson of life has been learnt by me through ocean...

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My Desire


I tried to balance and take care of my loved ones I know there is no value and price for my love

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तुम दिल में रहते हो, और हम तुम से मिलने को तरस्ते हैं l

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