Premjit Sunil Gatigante
Literary Colonel

Passionate, Creative and love for writing poems. Have contributed 100 written and audio poems. Earned cash prize and bagged few Certificates for writing poems and contributing my work in the English Literary World. Earned official title of "Literary Colonel"

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Dedicated to my student Pooja P --- Please stay at home O --- Over blessed with beloved ones O --- Ovation to those working 24/7 J -- Just make sure to follow rules A--- Accolade you are safe🙏 -By Premjit Sunil Gatigante

G --- God won't save you so A --- Please stay at home N -- Nothing is permanent E --- Eliminate your worries S --- Sanitize whenever essential H --- Hold on positive attitude n vibes 🙏 -By Premjit Sunil Gatigante

P --- Please stay at home R --- Raise your Immunity E --- Enjoy home-made food M -- Make sure to use Sanitizer J --- Just follow the rules I --- I pray for you all T ---Take care & be safe🙏

Karma says.... Sometimes you have to suffer in life, Not because you were bad, But because you didn't realise, Where to stop being good! By Premjit Sunil Gatigante

Don't remember the bad days passed, But remember and don't forget the lessons, Learnt during those days! By Premjit Sunil Gatigante

Fitness it the best gift, It’s the thinking that needs a shift, Rest all you see would just be a drift, Yes and No is all we decide! By Premjit Sunil Gatigante

My mental health makes me and breaks me, I’m unique and different, Sometime so very dead inside! By Premjit Sunil Gatigante

Mental Health is like burning paper in the daylight, You can hardly see the flame, But the pages disappear! By Premjit Sunil Gatigante

I am a book, You are the reader, God is my author, Friends and family are contributors! By Premjit Sunil Gatigante