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Shishir Mishra  

Noone is there to live more than what we deserve so live and let others live. Let's make this world again a synonym of humanity and let it be a paradise again.

The Next Moon


Whoever be the person to answer, It will be worse to ask, Whether I am a good artist or not, You will be beaten and many inhuman tasks,

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Esteemed In The Dark


Have you been a sublime tarn God swept, I covet just be a blind stone, no matter inanimate, So that I can easily drown into your depth,

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Tragedy Inspirational

Poverty is not what we see it, It is how loosely your heart and Condition are knit...

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Story Of "My Love"

Abstract Tragedy

Her hate still sits in my mind, Leaving that behind I look at her every year,

1    86 8

It Died Of Me

Abstract Tragedy

It is about a person losing his childhood calf whom he played with

1    14 5

Silence Of AFarmer's Heart

Children Others

A poem about the hard work and adverse condition of farmers in India today

1    211 38

End Of The Drama

Children Others

But now I'm broken down, thoughts not richer, Make me feel sob, the memories so sweet,

1    61 6

Mother's Love


To her place and her to mine, Ah! I sighed

2    26 6

Feel The Feel

Drama Others

I don't know to trap my hearts and mourn, Don't want to regret cutting my own wings,

1    9 2

Justice Please Help Me


I don't know what's wrong or right, But justice make it and make us matched,

1    47 3

Dying Love For India


I was embellished like a Christmas tree, With things that epitomize me as Indian,

1    85 3

Virtually Dead Child(2)


It was blank and not filled with the sugars of darkness

2    23 1

Virtually Dead Child


But today I saw the same being filled with water to the neck,

2    463 25

Miss The Old Days


But through the veil of this white fume, There comes a light of hope a light of felicity,

2    564 30

Turning Desperation Into Hope


Life and words hurt more than death or sticks, As sticks and rods can break our bones, But words can break our heart,

2    555 21

When I Was A Child

Children Drama

Let me not be blind that I forget, The sacrifice of my parents, Let me go to that stage when I was innocent,

1    214 11

Journey To The Hell


What can I do now I can't myself skip, I wish I could turn back time and alter, To find my mistake sooner and realise

3    1.8K 51

Memory Of Mistress

Drama Tragedy

The golden roses that I grew with her, Are still in my heart but not in my garden,

1    174 10

One Sided Broken Love


Sometimes I start to combine her thoughts, With mine and yes I succeed...

1    1.7K 51

Memory Of Her Love....


She traversed a lot in my memory, My soul has a sweet allurement for her,

1    180 14

Living Mortal Human....


Human is mortal nature, Even then he finds a big battle, He is just a small creature, Like the sparrow like the cattle

1    228 15

Unforgettable Mistake Of Me...


I was extolling myself, I thought I attained great, How ample was my wealth,

1    94 9

The Sad Tree....

Others Tragedy

In the autumn I lose my heartily things, And all my friends leave me alone, But the wheat laughs with heavenly wings

1    93 9

My Love For Thee.....


I am writing in your memory, Will carry you on causing no hypocrisy, To my next next and next progeny!

1    1.6K 49

Hater Of Her Hate

Romance Tragedy

I beg you not to burn or bury me, Put me in morgue she might come and see.

1    139 13

The Cry Of Innocence

Children Tragedy

Let me go to that stage when I was a child, Let me have that chance again to pray you, Oh my great birth soul,

1    1.8K 54

Dark Scenes Behind Success

Children Inspirational Tragedy

I had a dream a very big ambition, I had to reach the concealed ignition, As a giant tree evolved from so small a seed

3    7.3K 72

Story Of A Sad Bird

Abstract Drama Tragedy

Now my ruined jungle about that traitor conceals, The nice flora which is now desert has always hated,

2    1.9K 55