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Shishir Mishra   AUTHOR OF THE YEAR 2019 - NOMINEE

Noone is there to live more than what we deserve so live and let others live. Let's make this world again a synonym of humanity and let it be a paradise again.

  Literary Colonel

I Miss You


You used to be the divine mediocre, In the slept winter of indolence...

1    129 30

Paradise Soft Glow


Great warmth in her eyes dwelled, I was neither so pained nor rocked,

2    63 27

I Was Fooled


In the rubbish smell of the drain, I was knocked out,

2    31 8

Yes You Will Wonder

Drama Others

Your lifelines which pleased you, will listen you crying silently,

1    375 80

Change Your Attitude


Try a little different today, Try a little harder today...

1    194 41



If I were a super power I would be a human,

1    357 63

Pen With Reason


to build a shelter for his blood,

1    182 21

Road Without Mechanic


We all are wise but have no sense

1    121 16

Give It A Name

Drama Others

Sit beside that experience and release your steam,

1    6 2

Thread Of My Kite


Alliteration may cheer you, Ziegler did it years ago..

1    249 57

Night Aroma

Drama Fantasy

After all the love that bestowed, She left me under the tree she promised, Now each l

1    25 2

Kiss Of The Mosquitoes


The poem speaks about the kiss of the mosquitoes.

1    66 4

It's Solitude


The girl with grief Lives happily in her house

1    187 38

Ink And Anguish


Love is blind and lovers can't see it. In reality, we make it blind and never try to see it.

1    172 25

Modern Wisdom and Theft

Children Stories Comedy

The master was proud of his manners And the key of his cycle was left on the thief's table.

2    180 22

Excuses Excuses!


Proving why we are supreme Though not the best, We are weaker than the ants We are l

1    27 4

Create Us Free Father


The poem s a request to father to set us free.

1    271 41

See The Other Side


Eyes as I learnt from The rivers flowing

1    47 5

The Picker Boy


For he will never start talking Only picking....

1    426 88

Wake Up!


Why heaven is bound Into the narrow thoughts of fake nationalism

1    40 8

False Reality 'Love'


Wait, Did I say something wrong? Yes, He could not be a teacher...

1    11 2

Bring Me Back


What I expect is not a reply, Rather it's a glimpse of that heaven...

1    30 3

Dare To Live


Our soul is deep inside Scared and silent

1    292 12

Push Yourself

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

Start pushing yourself to the extreme

1    266 36

Kick Your Past


Everyone who is persisting today Had a past that he hates now,

1    269 44

Be Selfish Do Your Good


When all your grip of the best hands, Gets away from your reach...

1    6 4

Me And My Stranger

Abstract Fantasy

The poet shows how he and his pen are behind a stranger girl.

1    10 5

Success Of Values

Abstract Drama

We want to feel safe in the worst music,

1    229 25

Let Her Know


Let her know what she was kept from, Let her create the best rhyme ever,

1    355 69

Virtual Love


The illogicality of being stuck, In the mud of love is enough,

1    29 6

The Regret Of The Tree


Yes war and peace kept A little company yesterday, But tonight the stars twinkling Are wr...

1    237 65

Travel With Smile

Abstract Children Stories Drama

Where ever I go I find my diary, Resting beside me inciting me,

1    5 4

Relation Implies Empowering


I am writing doesn't mean I'm a poet, I can be a week man incapable of telling...

1    25 4

Festivals Unite


For being in a land full of delights, Come these thoughts and among us recite.

1    44 6

Hurt Lamb

Abstract Tragedy

The poem shows deer who is about to die requests to protect her lamb.

1    74 15

The Next Moon


Whoever be the person to answer, It will be worse to ask, Whether I am a good artist or not, ...

2    435 17

Her Blunders


I will, even after death, search you in God and Allah, You will sustain in my small piece alfa to...

1    37 5

Esteemed In The Dark


Have you been a sublime tarn God swept, I covet just be a blind stone, no matter inanimate, So...

1    90 16

Love You Maa


I am in true love and love the company, Of my mother since I have opened my eyes.

1    81 17


Tragedy Inspirational

Poverty is not what we see it, It is how loosely your heart and Condition are knit...

2    105 17

Story Of "My Love"

Abstract Tragedy

Her hate still sits in my mind, Leaving that behind I look at her every year,

1    154 22

It Died Of Me

Abstract Tragedy

It is about a person losing his childhood calf whom he played with

1    57 13

Silence Of AFarmer's Heart

Children Others

A poem about the hard work and adverse condition of farmers in India today

1    243 51

End Of The Drama

Children Others

But now I'm broken down, thoughts not richer, Make me feel sob, the memories so sweet,

1    175 15

Mother's Love


To her place and her to mine, Ah! I sighed

2    106 21

Feel The Feel

Drama Others

I don't know to trap my hearts and mourn, Don't want to regret cutting my own wings,

1    36 5

Justice Please Help Me


I don't know what's wrong or right, But justice make it and make us matched,

1    76 5

Dying Love For India


I was embellished like a Christmas tree, With things that epitomize me as Indian,

1    108 4

Virtually Dead Child(2)


It was blank and not filled with the sugars of darkness

2    58 3

Virtually Dead Child


But today I saw the same being filled with water to the neck,

2    491 28

Miss The Old Days


But through the veil of this white fume, There comes a light of hope a light of felicity,

2    569 31

Turning Desperation Into Hope


Life and words hurt more than death or sticks, As sticks and rods can break our bones, But words c...

2    562 23

When I Was A Child

Children Drama

Let me not be blind that I forget, The sacrifice of my parents, Let me go to that stage when I was...

1    260 14

Journey To The Hell


What can I do now I can't myself skip, I wish I could turn back time and alter, To find my mistake...

3    1.8K 53

Memory Of Mistress

Drama Tragedy

The golden roses that I grew with her, Are still in my heart but not in my garden,

1    204 12

One Sided Broken Love


Sometimes I start to combine her thoughts, With mine and yes I succeed...

1    1.7K 53

Memory Of Her Love....


She traversed a lot in my memory, My soul has a sweet allurement for her,

1    182 15

Living Mortal Human....


Human is mortal nature, Even then he finds a big battle, He is just a small creature, Like the sparr...

1    259 16

Unforgettable Mistake Of Me...


I was extolling myself, I thought I attained great, How ample was my wealth,

1    125 11

The Sad Tree....

Others Tragedy

In the autumn I lose my heartily things, And all my friends leave me alone, But the wheat laughs wit...

1    142 11

My Love For Thee.....


I am writing in your memory, Will carry you on causing no hypocrisy, To my next next and next progen...

1    1.6K 50

Hater Of Her Hate

Romance Tragedy

I beg you not to burn or bury me, Put me in morgue she might come and see.

1    206 15

The Cry Of Innocence

Children Tragedy

Let me go to that stage when I was a child, Let me have that chance again to pray you, Oh my great...

1    1.9K 58

Dark Scenes Behind Success

Children Inspirational Tragedy

I had a dream a very big ambition, I had to reach the concealed ignition, As a giant tree evolved ...

3    7.6K 83

Story Of A Sad Bird

Abstract Drama Tragedy

Now my ruined jungle about that traitor conceals, The nice flora which is now desert has always hat...

2    2.0K 56



लोग कहते हैं यह सब चला आ रहा है, नया नहीं कुछ,

3    47 2

युवा शक्ति एवं आत्मविश्वास


आसमान को होगा झुकना, रास्तों को होगा रुकना, अब जो मैने ठान लिया,

1    106 22

आपका अफ़साना सही है

Romance Tragedy

मेरी दुआओं को फेंक देना भी सही है, हमने सोच लिया तो गलत है हम, आपका बारिश में सरेआम नाचना भी...

1    386 52