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Joe Jagodensky

  Literary Colonel

Note To Myself

Abstract Drama

If I flip through those notes now I suspect I’d find that what I filled those blank pages with is pr...

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Coffee And Religion

Abstract Others

These are the days when choices abound when it comes to beliefs and values. Some give up their paren...

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Pet Peeves


The author is pointing out the little annoyances one has in life.

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Abstract Children Stories

The story shows the qualities of a father and about the fatherhood.

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He Lifted Him Up


The little boy's evening stroll on his father's shoulders gave him his worldview.

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NFL And Restaurants


If the whole experience were shown in slow motion with a beautiful symphony in the background, it wo...

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The many meanings of the word Just and its interpretations

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"The Beatles" Love Letter


A love letter in Beatles style.

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The Red Chair, Older Adult

Abstract Inspirational

The story shows that we should not stop ourselves from doing anything in life.

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Suicide Victim Sermon


Let us never lose our grounding in our own potential and believe that there is a tomorrow

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A Nurse


Most of my day is filled with writing numbers. Numbers about all kinds of things, some very personal...

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Alzheimer's Disease And Prayers

Drama Tragedy

A wife visits her husband who has Alzheimer's and prays for him regularly

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The Time Of Dusk, II


Time completely shows herself in brief minutes at the end of each day. It’s called “dusk.”...... ...

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The Time During Dusk


The story shows how we spend our life and time throughout the entire journey.

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To Jesus: Make Up Your Mind!


The various parables and characters in the Bible teach us about everyday life and living. Caught up ...

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Jesus Says, "Follow Me"


There’s nothing reasonable about being a Christian. Just because your parents were ones doesn’t make...

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Family, Attachment, Time


As time passes and our lives are gone but remembered in their marriages and children, that word “fam...

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A Spatula For Jesus


Holding the spatula firmly in my 11-year-old hand I was all those I tried to imitate – Don Pardo, Ja...

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A Cat's Sleeping Moment


If bliss is not the word then I have no idea to better describe a cat’s sleep. Is he dreaming about ...

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Communion: Reward Or Grace?


Of prayers, church, communion, and grace - we humans are just clay in the hands of Almighty, the Po...

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School, Friends, Bench


School days are the best days of our lives and one is blessed with lovely friends for life.

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You Complete Me


It was in a restaurant and, of course, I was late. A friend of a friend set us up and told me to loo...

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The Three Chapters Of Life


We cherish our now because we are always conscious of our past with a glancing, if not direct eye co...

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The story speaks about the decision taken to divorce.

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Funeral For A Mother


Women have told me they lament that they are not able to have children but I’ve learned that motherl...

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Stuttering And The Why?


How come his graduate homily professor draws him aside after class and says, “You should consider a ...

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Ascension, It's The Feet

Classics Others

Wash the feet of others Jesus tells us before his arrest. Peter goes nuts and wants a complete body ...

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The Dog Next Door

Children Stories Drama

My little golden tail is swinging away as I sway around the closed back door wondering what OSHA vio...

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Walter's Fireplace, My Dad

Children Stories Drama

It was the unproclaimed center of our family home. Some days, it lit proudly, but most days it conta...

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"Grandparent's Day" Prayer

Children Stories

You never get angry at me, only at my parents. I like that about you. I can’t get too mad at my pare...

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Sunflower Funeral Sermon


Between how much sewing, socializing and golfing can we measure Margaret’s quality time...

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Garbage Day


Tomorrow is garbage day in my neighborhood which includes recycling...

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Mother's Day Blessing


She will tickle you, read to you, bathe you, scold and reprimand you for as long as it takes.

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Palm Sunday


Once a year we gather together all the characters that make up our dramatic Christian drama...

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Musical Joy


Joy is never elusive when it’s only a few notes away from your heart...

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Music: The Clock Of Our Lives


Two Milwaukee radio shows (talk show & rock show) run for over ten years and I think of stopping the...

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Abstract Inspirational

This story explains the process of transition and how it effects. The transition is the change from ...

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Jack And The Beanstalk


We slowly become persons who can contribute and transform ourselves and this world...

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The Dog Next Door


My little golden tail is swinging away as I sway around the closed back door wondering what OSHA vio...

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Stuttering: No Why But How?


The “Why” is easy and the “How” you already know

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Airport Friends


I spent three hours with a thousand of my good friends at the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport.

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A Cat's Sleeping Moment


He looks around and waits for another ticking sound...

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Being Fired - The Car Crash


The impact of your driver door dent increases and the pain of separating yourself from the other car...

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How Long Is A Moment

Drama Tragedy

You can elude, avoid and put off whatever you like and you can also savor, never forget and hold dee...

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