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The Salad


As love is not about shaping oneself for the need of others the love is all about nour

2    7 1

Do Love


Do love, As the darkest side of you get enlightened.

1    9 2

Skin Deep

Drama Others

This poem is a tribute to Marilyn Monroe.

2    43 2

Beyond Red

Drama Others

Do we need a rose to convey love? Do we need a card to assert love?

2    48 4

Anonymous Beauty

Abstract Drama

With coercion and hustle, I entered the class. As I crouched, I watched the session.

2    10 1

the Black Rose

Abstract Romance

This poem is dedicated to Harley Quinn at times love makes us blind and we fall for toxic relationsh...

1    27 2

The Chocolate Boy


There are touches of his emotions. There are showers of love,

1    34 2

Deadly Disease


The poem is the personification of loneliness as an antichrist.

1    10 0

The Womb


The poem shows that we should respect other religions and their beliefs.

2    17 0

The Stand

Children Stories Others

There is a climate that is distributed. There are rivers that visit across.

2    53 5

The Balance


We can reveal the child within only to a person who can handle the child in us.

1    24 4

The Complexion

Children Stories Others

This poem is dedicated to Martin Luther King and Stephen Hawking for their work in their respective ...

1    180 36

Happy Ending


There were times we were strangers, There were times we were classmates,

1    295 11

The Stage

Children Stories Drama Others

The stage was set. The music was played.

1    15 1

Paralyzed Autism

Children Stories Others

The skin encapsulates the necessary and immunity safeguards the system.

2    155 16

Limited Overs

Children Stories Drama Others

Negotiate the foundation with education and experience with calculated risk.

2    164 24

The Virtue


She remains the same across the world by boring different names and values.

2    45 7

The Wild Forest


Freedom doesn't come by celebrating a day, freedom needs to stay with us forever.

2    285 14

the Greenhorn


To show mercy on the sinners

1    346 51


Abstract Inspirational

fought for equality by defining rights and laws

1    228 9

the Known Strangers


There were days where silence meant a lot.

1    220 4

the Break

Abstract Drama

They departed owning responsibility by sharing the roles

1    264 25

Unknown Territory

Drama Others

The alter ego got triggered as anger. He trashed, things he encountered.

1    34 2

The Exam

Children Stories Drama Others

Life can throw things which we least expect, be prepared but it does teach us a lesson which exams d...

2    176 37

The Ferrous Spines

Drama Others

It was darkness, he stood all unaccompanied. He hoped to see rays of light.

1    257 39

The Unfold

Children Stories Drama Fantasy

She was not born out of egg or sperm, but in a lab blessed with some humans.

2    276 27

The Mesmerizer

Abstract Drama

One book can replace a thousand friends, and one good friend can replace a thousand books without be...

1    320 13

The Persistence

Abstract Drama

An ink with modesty and love scripts the world. An ink that scripts the pure soul need not hail f...

1    172 43

Purged Dreams


Been a girl from a small town I made a breakthrough by convincing my parents.

2    262 18

The Void

Drama Others

Who won? Who lost? All it ended in a creation.

2    388 42

The Destiny


We get chopped. We get a makeover. We get adopted to the beauty and elegance of fake

2    299 19

The Sniper


Great people are problem solvers blessed with observation and empathy.

1    137 15

Deafening Silence


This poem is dedicated to all the introverts the poem is based on Keanu Charles Reeves, a multi-...

2    275 46

The Venom

Abstract Drama

Not sure who is venomous when the fear plays in life.

1    41 2

The Infinity

Abstract Drama

Love doesn't need a relationship and it's not a business.

1    273 55

Those Days

Abstract Children Stories Drama

At times one needs to see a friend within us.

1    321 34

The Inference


Some battle for good. Some battle for bad.

1    251 50

Poles Apart

Children Stories Drama Others

There are toys that you haven't played. There are Sandcastle that you haven't built.

1    213 40

The Resident Alien

Drama Tragedy

The poem stands dedicated to manual scavengers.

2    222 13

The Unstoppable


This poem remains dedicated to people who are challenged and have won the battle called life with de...

2    31 3

Being Zoya


Everyone is a winner when love gets shared and Everyone loses when hatred gets spread. Share the lov...

2    67 5

American Diamond in India Road


During my regular route, I encountered you. While the mist was awakening, I saw the beauty gettin...

2    65 5

Zombie With A Beat


The poem describes the power of a girl and also shows that failure gives strength.

2    179 8

Encrypted With Lost Key

Abstract Drama

Several poems written for you, remain in draft. Several quotes are written to make you smile, liv...

1    224 42

Silent Scream


He expressed the words that are not meant to be said. He hurt the spirit who was not m

2    72 6

The Racing Fate


Have a choice when applying the field. Predict future famine and consequences.

2    59 7

Painfully Beautiful


She may not be able to dine in luxury hotels. She may not be able to live a routine life of a wom...

2    243 27

The Escape Velocity

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

This poem is composed, as a token of devotion to Raha Moharrak, the youngest Saudi woman, and other ...

3    256 21

The Photon Within

Abstract Children Stories Others

Light is omnipotent, so he does live within us, With we being an inherited child of the same fat...

2    205 24

The Identity


Freedom from the womb, The infant enters the puzzle of life.

1    31 4

The Genuine Followers


The poem shows to be cautious about whom to accept, no one knows the identity behind a profile.

1    390 52

The Bicycle

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

The poem signifies about self-acceptance in life by ignoring the external world.

1    49 6

The Immortal

Drama Inspirational

Wait! Back in the light? Happy creatures around me?

1    332 20

The Pretty Women

Drama Tragedy

This poem is a tribute to Marilyn Monroe, Indian actress Silk Smitha and many actors whose life went...

3    373 55

The Rare Indian Jaguars


The speckle of the future is in the hands of young blood. Judgment day at your display with your ...

2    270 26

Life With A Hollywood Sauce


The better half becomes the Punisher outwardly in the garden of night, without recognizing the relic...

2    32 3

The Cease Fire


True love can't hurt. It lives as an orphan in memories. Love cannot be possessed, an

2    311 13

The Crime Story


Persistence gives you perfection. Keep murdering, till you develop Proficiency. It ta

1    229 14

The Accused Victim


Her self-confidence got shattered, and She fled and grew anti-social. The cops punis

2    331 33

The Dark Rituals


It’s a poem on the people who live in dark lanes of the society, who often get bullied for their pro...

2    137 8

Whats Behind Purdah?


We get deceived by emotions with our perceptions. The mind makes sense than heart at times...

1    256 50

The Anatomy

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

There are bones to structure us. There is a tongue to express with words. There are eyes to vi...

1    334 29

Parallel World And Intervention

Abstract Drama

They originated from the same place. They got destined towards the same destination.

2    275 39

Odd One


A healthy mind raises a healthy family and society...

1    285 43

The Smasher


The poem is about anger, how it destroys even a gentle person's reputations.

1    258 22



The poem is a personification of music.

1    122 5

Branded Washing Machine

Inspirational Drama

Emphasize on knowledge and not on the type of schools that depicts one’s status or future...

2    273 19

The Barrier

Inspirational Drama

Some barrier needs to be broken, to redefine yourself by giving meaning to life....

1    235 30

Private Hearts


Emphasize on love without getting delayed with ego. A movie with audio gets understood by a blind...

1    267 53

The Barriers


The want for descent quits when soul, get united. The child embraced her as a parent,

1    28 3

The Weeds

Inspirational Drama Abstract

We shed knowledge, to the well-performing Candidates and students and ignore underperformers. ...

1    278 22

The Chain Reaction


The poem shows that love is omnipotent and it is a chain reaction.

1    375 39



Love is omnipotent be a medium, to spread while searching, It will find a way back to you.

1    7 1

The Speckle

Inspirational Children Stories Abstract

A share from your mind has a butterfly effect. The universe blesses the speckle of honest efforts...

2    293 10

The Twig


The poem explains how with the change in the time and climate, the twigs withered.

1    92 3

Being Lilith

Others Drama

With Lilith being a young mother of two, she continued the journey of responsibility. She shielde...

2    370 21

Battle For Identity

Drama Others

We spend enough time to understand our situation and plan our career growth. Are we justifying th...

1    359 35

The Void


Not everyone is blessed. Not everyone realizes.

2    82 3

The Movie


This poem is about a person getting betrayed and takes revenge from the coma

1    51 2

Lessons From Darkness

Drama Abstract

Being humble is nice, but don’t be so small that anyone can Bully, thrash, and abuse you, at thei...

1    265 43

Evil Busters

Abstract Drama Horror

They preferred to be evil busters by capturing the negative vibe and purifying sobbing souls. For...

1    403 42

The Devil's Workshop


No doubt, he was ugly, and a monster we witnessed in epic....

2    344 35

Lonely Toys


Believe in words of kids, follow their activities. Words can be unheard, but not the emotions. ...

2    268 4

The Cost


Days passed not her persist visit. Not sure why she was behind me with a kid.

1    460 26

The Exorcism


This poem reflects the life of the poor and how rich people are feeding on innocents

1    65 4

The House


There was a knock at the door, She ran and locked herself with the door, Though there was an a...

1    386 12

The Supernova


This poem is about a star losing a life, not destined by the universe, but because of blind love.

1    341 24

The Everlasting Love Story

Others Inspirational

Fall in love with oneself, to make yourself complete, Rather than expecting a stranger to complet...

2    398 16

It Doesn't Matter


Life is a battle that starts with sperm and ends up in life. Few things are in our hands, and oth...

1    235 9

The Groot

Abstract Children Stories Fantasy

The Poem is about Introverts as Groot

1    361 43

The Replica

Others Drama Children Stories

A poem on online safety, how the future can turn out with the data we share.

2    328 49

Chef's Delight


The poem compares life to a dish and the others are ingredients that enhance the texture and taste.

2    406 11

The Iron Man


The poem shows that even the strongest of men have emotions.

1    169 10

The Lacklustre Beauty

Drama Abstract

It was the dawn of the human, They learned to hunt, They learned to build, They learned to ...

1    351 22

The Royal Rat Race

Drama Abstract

It was love at first sight, as she was clicking, she noticed him. Tall and handsome, an eligible ...

1    516 47

Stay Blessed

Drama Abstract

It was love at first sight, as she was clicking, she noticed him. Tall and handsome, an eligible ...

1    32 0

The Dark Angel

Drama Abstract

He was a dumb boy every day his mother nourishes him with her knowledge, But he inherits her qual...

2    289 27

Falling For Him

Classics Inspirational

Both acid and base live in water, so do angels and demons in humans....

1    248 13

The Bestie


She had curly hairs and glimmering eyes, and she was an angel, With a wand of love and affection.

2    252 37

Mood Swing

Others Drama

He is the rage, destructive. He abuses the life, who opposes him. He pushes the steel at his w...

1    392 5

Something, Something

Inspirational Drama

There is always something that bothers others while dealing with us, Let those something doesn't ...

1    326 4

The Legendary Friendship


This poem is about Karna's legendary friendship with Duryodhana, the eldest of the Kauravas which ul...

1    125 9

The Allies

Abstract Drama Others

It was an international poetry blog, Where artist made their log, He was crawling with words ...

1    87 5

The Princess

Tragedy Drama

The story of a girl protected in her childhood but who falls prey to the so-called "love' of a traff...

2    430 9

The Possession

Tragedy Inspirational Crime

Control emotions, before it controls you. Think before you act, be human while dealing with life.

1    192 9

The Probe


Let's live in harmony give protection to water, By having pores in concrete heart...

1    326 5

The Cross


Have seen crops and lush grown around me. With me being the guardian scavengers flee.

1    347 5

The Divorcee


The poem is about sky and earth due to the change in climate drought and floods can be seen. It ...

1    110 7

First Love

Children Stories Others

No subject is tiresome if you start enjoying it, rather than just reading it for the sake of marks. ...

2    165 11

The Hope With Replicas

Drama Others

While battling life, they believe in God and leaders, By being above the poverty line, but strugg...

2    256 3

The Hidden Message


It was raining heavily, The moon was sighting pleasantly. He wanted to close his bad day, B...

1    370 4

The Deception


As she wiped her kajal, By shedding the tears, People smiled at her And celebrated for H...

1    49 4

The Cold Hearted Love


Silence doesn't mean an absence of love, Its presence of concern, and responsibility.

1    77 5

Sweet Granny


Let the elders enjoy their life by staying with their grandchildren, Wealth may not pacify, but l...

1    87 2

The Brick And Mortar (Jammy)


Stardom refusing to shine in media. Jammy for fans, but no one can replace, The wall of Cricke...

1    111 4

Seaming Emotions


At times strategy wins, At times patience wins. Focus on retaining a calm personality With ...

1    127 6

The Radical Father


Share the books and thoughts of leaders, like Periyar rather than phones and destructive accessories...

1    114 7

The 5 Year Old Spectator


The poem teaches us to always chose the right thing and set an example for the younger generation.

1    143 4

Smart Country


Green lush fields governed by farmers along with their bulls. Water lushing on the banks of river...

2    145 7

The Shades Of Love


She was the warrior princess of dark, With her merciless hunts, she makes a mark. Being the on...

2    94 6

The Black Beauty


He lives with her, By being a chauffeur. With his touch, she closes her eyes, With the ...

1    339 8

The Partnership


Cool breeze, Silent moon, Screaming crowd, Colorful jersey,

1    149 8

The Shades Of Rudeness

Abstract Drama

No matter who says what, she does her duty without letting down the trust. An eclipse occurs at t...

2    248 5

The Kingmaker


Leadership raises from attitude, not from education. Be a thought leader, by following the footst...

1    156 7

The Sine Wave


It is a message to stop expecting and assuming things in life and to have proper planning for future

1    69 4

Ignited Minds

Abstract Inspirational

Bedtime stories of Cinderella alone are not enough, Modern Cinderella and Pinocchio as well requi...

2    72 3



Chat with well-wishers, rather than Devices and people virtual friends. Happiness is conta...

1    52 4

Fair And Lovely


At the end of life, all will be black by being ashes, What is the point of having clashes? Whe...

1    111 5

The Dracula

Abstract Drama Others

With the drip of ink, You raise from my coffin of the past. While I touch you, my memories get...

1    411 5

Shunned Voices

Drama Others

Social viral makes an impact if used rightly. Even if the media, shuts the voices, the investigative...

1    222 4

Bleed Without Limit


By bleeding blue, history gets created, Without shedding blood by changing the mind.

1    84 3

Life Decays


He gets cursed for his job, and his boss, but He is part of nature, He feeds on the dead, W...

1    138 5


Abstract Others

He exists as an atom in science, and in spirituality as a god. He exists within the atom as nucle...

1    68 4

The Portal


God and Devil reside in you, with you being mortal. Spread out the rays of goodness, by wiping ou...

1    112 5

Game On

Inspirational Others

At times beaten, At times beaten and ends up with appreciation, At times injured while respond...

1    119 6

Multiple Personalities


The poem describes the multiple personality disorder.

1    110 3

Regain Glory


This poem is about the cricket world cup

1    56 2

Break The Spell


Play as a team, go back with a gleam. All the best men in green, ensure world cup's dream is keen...

1    84 5

The Game Plan


Its the team effort that directs you towards win. Play your role to adore the cup of the dream.

1    233 5

Stock Crash

Children Comedy Others

The poem compares marriage to the stock market.

1    110 1

Five Star Hotel


So that creativity and innocence get drained off. Then cook them as mentioned in the recipe. A...

2    77 3

The Belonging


While sending a sister, ensure she has the courage and skill to face life. Even if she doesn't ha...

2    447 6

Alone Together


A Knot tied, with crowd and fire as the witness, The air is filled with music and the scent of fl...

1    92 2

Masked Identity


Lets battle loneliness, and help others to battle, Few words, of interaction and encouragement, m...

1    345 4

The Bridge


Bridge the dream and reality with hardwork.

1    82 3

Dr. Strange

Children Classics Fantasy

Why all of us are having a symmetrical appearance? Why plants don’t speak and deep routed?

1    100 5

Natively Alienated


This poem is about students taking the initiative to preserve nature

1    141 2

The Fight Back


The poem is about the fightback, of the seed against the odds, it is applicable for all gender, e...

2    75 2

Joint Family


Father, please forgive your younger son. It is not the mother's fault, show mercy, on us. ...

2    175 1

The Matured Childhood


We have succeeded in our goals, You have the wings to fly, But we are too old to fly with you.

1    284 7

The Unaccepted


Throughout life, She was there, by defining him and his life.

1    311 4

Corporate Thieves


Dressed, in a black coat, with a silk tie around his neck, The corporate thief enters the organiz...

1    233 2

Temptation Cup

Comedy Fantasy

Angel vs Demons a tournament for deciding Humanity. Who wins the cup with humanity as a price?

2    87 3

Heartless Mammon


No one is good or bad, think before you point at a person. Everyone has a reason for their behavi...

2    52 1

The Voice


I will also feel happy while directing you. As correcting oneself is divine. Make me proud, as...

1    63 2

The Match Point


Accept everyone with whole heart, not blindly, but with common sense. Make a move, with precautio...

1    256 4

The Dotted Lines


It sketches the nation for a period, with an irreversible impact. Every point has a deciding auth...

1    61 3

Anger Management


The poem is about anger management.

1    275 4

Discovering Yourself


Life is full of choices. They are too short, to experiment all. Some, we learn from experience...

1    351 3

Not Another Love Story

Comedy Tragedy

This poem is about how a person is addicted to the corporate lifestyle

1    29 3

Not Equal To!


No's antonym cannot become its synonym. Assumption leads to destruction. Keep your senses aliv...

1    200 4

Conditions Apply


If inflation soars up, it’s our situation. If we are hungry, it’s our emotions.

1    243 1

Haunting Beauty


This poem is about the use of Credit card and how it affects us

1    338 4

Hideous Forgiven


Be human by retaining humanity. No need to seek forgiveness as you learn to forgive others with e...

1    240 8

Peace Fire


No matter how many ammunitions gets targeted at them. The battle, against alive ammunition, fight...

1    66 4

The Director's Cut


After marriage the virus "I am" called ego infected the family.

1    16 1

Freedom From Crime


If more emphasize gets laid, on studying and recording of the root cause, the crime itself can ...

1    402 49

The Untold

Drama Others

The love for each other started from childhood. They never realized it was love. They grew alo...

1    78 4

Creating History


It's better to see leaders, in the heart as a character, rather than a physical statue or a phot...

1    261 20

Pencil And Eraser


Fall in love or relation unless you have faith and trust. Temptations, stress, friction can arise...

1    26 3

The Fissure


For a child, father and mother are equally important, ten months of a difference doesn't make a c...

1    359 56

The Warzone


Bury the negative emotions, in paper and burn them, Before they burn your relations.

2    114 6

Tattered Books


But the knowledge they possess still serves the world. Please don’t ignore, the tattered books.

1    36 2

Audacious - Arbus


For some, her work was evil. But she was an Angel, for the people, who often get rejected in s...

1    271 40

The Fallen One


When you think of a demon, they appear. Angels don't appear, they keep reminding us in some...

1    78 3

The Constantine


When he was a kid, he saw things, not meant to be seen, the dead roamed, in front of him, he soug...

2    119 5

The Lucifer


There are two sides for anything, the bright and dark to keep the universe alive.....

1    14 0

The Butterfly Effect


Having a bow and arrow is a privilege, but hunting is it a privilege? Is it not the responsibilit...

2    37 1

The Hunter


It is about saving and preserving our nature

1    38 2

The Legend

Children Stories Inspirational

Nothing could stop him from becoming a champion. The belief within him, helped him to achieve his...

1    36 2

Love Race

Comedy Romance

The poem shows how the hands of a clock race to attain meet each other.

1    42 1

Black Or White


His decision of change was a mystery, With a well-known answer,

1    28 1

Hot News

Abstract Tragedy

The farmer fires himself and his family for the pressure for money.

1    68 1

True Story

Drama Fantasy

It’s the story, of not so creative fathers attempting to be so,

1    54 3

Enemy At The Gate


Deal with your past, proactively. Put an end to the enemy, before he is born.

1    76 1

The Victor


In the battlefield, strategy and movements alone win. Never underestimate your enemies, Adapt ...

1    53 1

Be A Genie


Life is short, make it count before clock loses it's thought, and we become a Jinn.

1    51 1

The Clash Of Time

Abstract Fantasy

It's about Clash Of Titans.

1    184 12

Time Machine


The moment the symbol of my love, Stood on legs and started to reach for me. The moment, my hu...

1    94 3

The Alarm


Eyes have been closed with the mind diligently,

1    11 0

The Respect


Time being healer for few, Time as history has been a leader for few, Time holds an important ...

1    57 1

The Sacrifice


You made him precious with your guidance, You shaped him out from a blank state,

1    49 5

Guide Me


This person wants someone to guide her/him in life when science fails

1    26 2

Question To Mom


Why a partiality between man and woman, in terms of emotions and preferences?

1    65 2



No matter how strong we are together as a one. You are unique while pacifying an infant and while

1    36 2



Age becomes a number...

1    55 1

Being Shapeless

Drama Inspirational

Mother, can't ignore their kid. She is within you and has sacrificed....

1    75 3

Being Introvert


Silence is the only emotions that have multiple meaning that gets communicated, wrongly most of t...

1    128 7

Be Rooted


When life laughs at you, Be dumbstruck, A wild response with an instinct reaction of anger,

1    59 1

Caged Actor

Drama Others

The laughter of her caged my wildness It's fine to be a dumb monkey if someone special needs t...

1    45 2

Dagerous Weapon


The most dangerous weapon is the laughter of the opposite gender,

1    59 2

Online Shopping


After becoming a member of the online group, A profile gets created which should be appealing. ...

1    110 1

The Tyre


I pass by various roads, Some were smooth, some were rocky and some were swampy.

1    83 1



Where the thorns were supposed to protect the buds

1    64 2

Devdas without a dog


My name is Devdas, and my Parvathi is pure, but I couldn't see her anywhere. No one can surviv...

1    98 2

Dark Comedy


Addiction turns us a puppet, With strings of, Loneliness and hatred that drive our life.

1    104 2

The Show


Every show does have a start and beginning, but my show does have a scripted end. At the end o...

1    65 1

Being Single


Being single is easier than being a single parent. Being single with the concern of the future wh...

1    18 1



Being a caveman we were united learned to communicate, hunt in groups, use fire, and tamed animals. ...

1    167 6

Questioning The Existence

Abstract Fantasy

Why did barbarians turn into intellect and civilized human? Are we dwellers of earth or are we ...

1    79 3

The Guardian


Fire can be used to protect and win the darkness, So is the knowledge. Raise awareness and gai...

1    76 3

The Miser


Being a miser is not bad, When it comes to using the natural resource,

1    54 2

The Miser


Being a miser is not bad, When it comes to using the natural resource,

1    70 3



Humans being, the most intellectual creatures, They are meant to safeguard other life, by using t...

1    121 1

The Momentum

Children Stories Inspirational

Fly like a bird, by having faith on wings. Flow like a river, by making and forming a path

1    55 2

The Curse of Azrael

Drama Others

People do need him badly, at times when they fail to face other demons like hunger and want of lo...

1    262 30



In the battle between angel and demon, for possessing the humans; love and hate serve as a wea...

1    98 1

Silent Hill

Drama Tragedy

In the name of rituals, they mistook her as devil, The priest and the followers wanted to banish ...

1    286 19

Getting Dirt


Slogging, burning the midnight oil, meeting deadlines,

1    274 5

The Rejuvenate


But respect them as a lesson and experience

1    97 4

Law Of Conservation


The poet has tried to express the law of conservation to maintain balance in life

1    78 3

Soul View


A world being seen through her eye differs, From a naked eye and mind. Learn to view, from her...

1    49 1



Smile is compared with Campfire

1    63 1



It's about the value of a good friend.

1    51 1



I fall through the sky from clouds, I pass through the various layers of the sky,

1    76 4

The Couple


With science pigment, like an enamel, Applied with the thought of an artist, One can repaint, ...

1    123 3

Where Is Creator?


Finally, after delivering all the qualities he was not in heaven

1    64 3

The Propellant


Scorching sun, blue Sky, Daring Clouds, lighting thunders. Situations and people doesn't defin...

1    25 0

After death


We don't know, what happens to us after death, but we can still live in this world as being part ...

1    16 0


Abstract Inspirational

The poem shows that the preserved child within us is a part of humanity.

1    255 34



Born out of eyes, She was raised,by hunger and fear. As she got used to, the environment,

1    294 31

Fraternal Twins


The poem shows that heart and mind are twins with different behaviors.

1    286 47

Attempted Murder

Comedy Crime Thriller

Security gets strengthened, and the victim gets delivered for the big occasion. The case is named...

1    206 30

One Sided


A love between sleep and man, locked one-sided love of sleep to attain him.

1    338 47



The state of depression, is full of confusion, Self worthless, self harming thoughts.

1    35 1

Potential Barrier


Live wire of life, full of emotions. Unfortunately, positive vibe gets locked, And negative vi...

1    394 39

Hunger Games


Exhausted partners, while running for survival, Cons of better growth of food industry, Change...

1    20 0

The Trap


This poem shows how a reserved girl gets trapped.

1    67 2



The poem shows addiction can be an art and an artist can fight depression.

1    302 3

Smile Of A Child

Children Stories Drama

This poem shows that there is no age to be happy. We should be happy all the time.

1    347 15

Phantom Menance


A friend in need, is a friend indeed. so does the rule appeals in virtual ?

1    233 20



And survive the odds

1    73 1

Span Of Life


The poem explains that the journey of life begins and ends with the search for love.

1    291 47

The Wait

Drama Tragedy

But the distance between two hearts are separated with burden and ego. The wait, is still on for ...

1    117 4

Triangular Love


This poem is about a triangular love story.

1    300 8

The Stages


This poem shows how we play like joker and wear masks.

1    288 22


Children Stories Drama

The poem shows a man infected by rabies due to his impatience while walking on the road.

1    110 2



This poem shows the work of a Quipster.

1    243 6

The fall of ?


This poem shows how the birds flying to quench their thirst becomes prey.

1    289 3



This poem shows the time of Valentine where there is a chance of acceptance/rejection.

1    297 31

The Knock

Children Stories Horror

This is a scary poem which shows a silent night with the wolf howling and the child hiding.

1    327 32



This poem is the expression of the pain of heart through tears.

1    50 1

An Accident


Not meant to for each other, But they did meet each other, In unfavorable circumstances.

1    12 1

Lost Friend


This poem shows how one loses attention when his health deteriorates.

1    305 32



The departure of the crop, forming barren land, and dry crops is a sign of new style.

1    278 7

Instant Verdict


This poem is about the instant verdicts made by judges.

1    325 38



There is a white in black, and a black in white ! A truth, which one doesn't realizes while being a...

1    292 9



Be it atheist, theist or people, Be it Science or personified science (supernatural) All are one and...

1    183 3

Short Love Story


This poem is about the unnoticed love story in everyone's life

1    265 45



When, they were dumb, they hunted, found a way to survive.

1    228 45


Drama Others

Food, waits on his plate, and Finds its way to bin, In a world, where food is alien for many.

1    322 14

Good For Nothing


His words are not being heard, probably others doesn't want to hear him, Though his deep roots and

1    78 3

An Affair

Abstract Inspirational

As she was part of him, And were made for each other...

1    351 46

The Rise Of A Civilisation


There was no clue, of the future.Day and night passed, With left out candles and matchstick. Peopl...

2    361 45



In personal life and work life, people perform their role, At times we fail to recognize few people...

1    241 43

Seconds Before Death


It is better we struggle with what we have, In a known world, than quitting...

1    42 1


Abstract Classics Comedy

Finally, his body rests in hot porcelain; Pyramid with peace...

1    266 0



His ignorance, didn’t shed a tear on her, She became arid, and infertile.

1    295 26


Abstract Children Inspirational

A child's mind is a canvas, Painted by people around them...

1    231 11

Who Am I


The world is at my mercy, The nature fears me...

1    335 29

The One

Inspirational Others

Not alone, the battle can be won!. If one decides, I am one, The only one, who can make a change,

1    231 49

Life Of A Coder

Comedy Tragedy

With patterns to make the creation stronger, Delivery gets completed...

1    290 27



When memories, is metaphoric, it is affection. When good thought, is metaphoric it is, creating his...

1    231 27

Be A Cartoon

Children Inspirational

Altogether be a cartoon, in real life. By making others happy, without being a real clown...

1    375 15



He was tensed, and was walking on the corridor of the hospital. With concern of the future, as his ...

1    231 24

Dream Of A Groom

Classics Inspirational

Here comes some one!! A huge beast with big moustache, I heard bad about him from my friends and eld...

2    351 47

Shades Of Life!


But none realized, the importance of green as he regulates

1    143 5



But everyone mentioned his failure, As a sigh of disappointment, in a word.

1    70 2



But reality is, His master is a slave...

1    79 3

Judgement Passed


Humanity is in need, in society, not the omnipotent judges!

1    78 3



They touch me, Listen to me..

1    38 0



Fell in marriage...

1    94 2



Eyes met each other...

1    95 4

Sound Of Happiness


Rain aroused, her fragrance...

1    38 1

The Loop

Comedy Horror Inspirational

Yes, even after death, we need to go to hospital...

1    106 2



Is it just a neuron mapping, Or an encrypted message from the universe? Whatever it is, science is y...

1    31 0

So Violent!


The only kick, a women deserves and feels happy, Is when, the baby moves in the womb!

1    228 10

Unspoken Truth

Comedy Romance

They were made for each other It all started as a friendship, and ended in love.

1    403 29


Classics Inspirational

The real wisdom arises, When they respect all planets and life forms...

2    309 46

The Recipe


There is not much difference on relationship (business or personal) and cooking...

1    313 4

Search Not Found

Children Crime Drama

Beating his mom was the beast’s routine job.

2    309 39

Attention Seeker


Her mother smiled at her, seeing her cute emotionless face, Days passed and technology gained attent...

1    346 36

The Room


A girl exhausted, disfigured face, With no smile, no shine in eyes, Suddenly the light goes off, ...

2    102 4

The Ruler


Treat our fellow humans with dignity and respect, along with other life...

1    313 23

Magnetic Attraction


While living with them, she became more like them, But she couldn’t be replaced unlike the other fa...

1    41 1



A good human makes a good family. A group of good family, makes a good society...

2    372 37

Someone Special

Horror Thriller

People from all age group, a busy place indeed, They saw love in each other’s eyes.

1    362 19


Inspirational Others

Demand of time, leads to communication, Technology is always available for disruptive innovation.

1    324 47

Respect My Boundary

Abstract Others

Respect my boundary, When you portray me, in any medium.

1    362 32

Infinity War


In a world of Social Avengers, It’s fine to be a unanimous fake Thanos, If there is a good reason,...

1    260 17



When he is inside a tube, he comforts us. When he is inside instruments, he becomes music..

1    98 4

Rocket Science Era

Drama Others Romance

Life is short, live with no hate and no expectation. Life is simpler than rocket science, Provi...

1    81 3

Bond With Humble Lover


Be a poem, be a paint, be prose, be a photograph. Just create history, by painting the viewer’s mind...

2    48 2


Abstract Inspirational

The poem is about organ donation, a thought of spreading awareness.

1    40 1



God is omnipotent, they are not meant to be framed on the walls, they live within and amongst us.

1    100 3


Others Romance

Small, pretty ordinary and petty, she has been through a tough journey.

1    67 2

So Adorable

Drama Horror Tragedy

Once she was so adorable, now she was possessed by her love...

1    7.0K 6

Blind Girl


"The need is psychology-based thought, That could slaughter all the demons, within humans"

1    6.9K 3

Wealth Unaccepted


She was his emotions, When he was in Pain, hunger, and during stress. She was there for him

1    7.0K 3

Behind The Walls


But who knows what's going behind that devoted, smiling face.

1    13.5K 8

State Of Existence


Fire outside can be devastating

1    77 3

Love Is Blind


A good king for his country in spite of being a demon!

1    14.1K 5

Coffee Shop Or Show


Ensure that, the same treatment doesn’t happens to people, Irrespective of gender.

1    1.4K 7



But there are less hands for lending

1    7.1K 8

The Hunters

Abstract Inspirational

The only shooting, that doesn't shed blood,

1    1.5K 10



और अपने भाग्य तक पहुंचता हूं, और यह मेरे व्यक्तित्व को तैयार करता है।

1    3 0

ज्ञात अजनबी


समय के साथ पूरा हो और वे अपरिचित के रूप में रहते हैं।

1    9 0

कागज की दिशा


तो आपके अपने धर्म के उदाहरणों के लिए क्या स्पष्टीकरण दिया जाएगा? मार्कंडेय की कहानी में मौत की जीत ...

1    154 33



भविष्य में अपराध, प्रदूषण को रोकने के लिए मनोविज्ञान विज्ञान में अनुसंधान में प्रयास करें

2    39 1

याद है मेरा नाम ?


जवाब मिलने तक सोचते रहें मेरा नाम एम्बेसडर है।

1    324 39



उसके साथ प्यार से बात करें, क्योंकि हम पर भी उसकी ज़िम्मेदारी है जैसी वो करती है।

1    65 3

कम से कम


अभी भी उम्मीद खोए बिना गरीबी से जूझ रहे हैं कम से कम हम बस में ऐसे लोगों को सीट दे सकते

1    43 1

जलवायु परिवर्तन


समुद्र में अवसाद की तरह, अवसाद और चिंता हमारे मन में होने वाले जलवायु परिवर्तन हैं।

1    92 3

विचारों की छाया


ये सभी बुराई विचारों की छाया समाप्त हो जाए।

1    70 4



अपने भीतर रहने दें तो दुनिया बेहतर जगह बन जाएगी।

1    315 17

जरूरत है ?


क्या हमें उस बचकाने को दफनाने की जरूरत है ? परिपक्वता के नाम पर ?

1    90 1



एक दर्द, जिसे हर कोई खामोशी से स्वीकार कर लेते हैं।

1    131 3

कब,मैं पराई बन गई ?

Drama Tragedy

सिर्फ इसलिए, कि मैं एक अजनबी से शादी करूँगी, मैं एक पराई बन जाऊँगी ?

1    1.4K 12

గుడ్డి ప్రేమ


అతను, నీలం దేవుడు, ప్రపంచానికి ఒక ఉదాహరణ, ఒక పెద్దమనిషి ఎలా జీవించాలి

1    8 0

తెలియని స్నేహితుడు


పగలు రాత్రి, ఆమె ఒంటరిగా జీవించింది.

1    6 0

ఎవరికీ తెలుసు?


ప్రతి రోజు ఆమె అలంకారాలు మరియు చీర ధరిస్తుంది.

1    7 0

ప్రేమ చేయండి


మీరు నరకంలో స్వర్గాన్ని చూస్తారు.

1    7 0

నా హక్కు


నా శ్వాసను ఆనందించడానికి నన్ను అనుమతించండి

1    11 0



ఎప్పుడూ అవకాశం రాలేదు, బాధ్యత మనల్ని విభజించినప్పుడు

1    9 0

కాగితం ఇల్లులు


వారు ఈ ప్రపంచంలో ఆమె పాత్ర మరియు భవిష్యత్తును నిర్దేశించారు

1    9 0



తెలుపు లేదా నల్ల చర్మం? సన్నని లేదా బలమైన శరీరం

1    35 0

நலம் விரும்பி


சமூகப் பிணைப்புகள் தனிமையை விட சிறந்தவை அல்ல

1    3 0