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Shraddha Gauhar   AUTHOR OF THE YEAR 2019 - NOMINEE

Free from heart n soul...

  Literary Colonel

Dreams I Dream Of


Consoling myself within Not breaking my heart for loosing. As once I get up again. I

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Yes I Am a Writer

Abstract Children Stories Drama

I am not a magician, That I can add magic to my creations.

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The Unfulfilled IF


I would be enjoying the festival dinner on the family table If I would have not turned

1    224 47

Innocent Threads


While turning chapters of life In a backward flip,

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In Search Of God


Just close your eyes and feel him Your powers to breath and live

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The college which was almost our home, Rather a friendship battle zone.

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Toast For Unknown


Strange its to say that you are a stranger As whenever I look into your eyes,

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Far Apart Still In Heart


Ages made us grow mature But the hollow created can't be the cure. As long as I live,

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Marriage Bond


Leaving a home behind, parents crying Not easy for a bride to be fine. New house opens its arm...

1    124 4

The Dream Chase


A real dream will give you jitters, Somehow to make it glitter...

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Love Drops

Abstract Inspirational

Let us all discover our stow in that land Before hatred quashes us to end. Let's start drainin...

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The Fading Voices


The poem shows how young kids abandon their parents.

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Money Blinds


When its time for the grave, All know, nothing you can take. Then why chasing so hard, Beli...

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Tossed Between


Don't be weak like me Go ahead and be free Chase your dream and see

1    90 3

Restless Soul

Drama Horror

A dark night, followed by mystery sight. A women lies dead and clue hide. The days goes and so...

1    70 2

Heavy Coffins


Torn bodies in heavy coffins Wet eyes sinking heart often.

1    30 1

Fuzzy And Funny Family


Building one small home Each brick loaded with love foam. Filling it with life and feelings ...

1    290 0

Hostel Hush

Children Stories

Cherishable the times When three things were in trend A cup of tea, maggie, and my best friend...

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The Last Phase


This poem is about the last phase of our life i.e. death

1    93 3

Higher Aim


Let there be an aim in life to get the possible fame. let there be strength in you to get t...

1    232 28

Sins Follow You


This poem is about people who do not lead an honest life and does not set a good example for the nex...

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The poet has compared life to a Chess game

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Flash Back

Abstract Tragedy

Sometimes I go back in time And make us reunite...

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My Magical Mom

Abstract Children Stories

The poem describes the goodness of a mother.

1    89 3

A Motherly Touch

Abstract Children Stories

A Motherly Touch- Love for mother

1    75 1

Paper Boat


It's about how time has changed from innocent happy life to materialistic world.

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But they still are more nurtured As fakeness could not mix in their blood They enjoy being in...

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Bad End

Drama Tragedy

After carrying my burden to a while on the way no reason to smile. I decided to quit my life. ...

1    177 48

Broken Bridge


As the new generations arise, with time they emerge more wise. But not a mandate for older one...

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Worth the Earth

Abstract Others

As my spacecraft leaves the Earth and wander freely in space.

1    72 3

Scary Scars


This poem is about a person who has suffered a lot and experienced many hardships in life.

1    23 1

Childhood Cheers


Innocence made moon as my friend

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Landscape of Life

Inspirational Others

Enjoy enjoy this amusement land As one day it will be The End.

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Love Lock


love is a feeling so strong holding together the bonds.. near of far, distance seems illusions...

1    140 15

Stronger Her


She Is a perfect blend of value, power and trend; And alone she can rise and stand.

1    255 41

Ageless Love


I found a perfect love couple to cast. He is nearly eighty five, and she be in her eighties too...

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Perfect Myself


The poem is about being you, no matter who you are, where you could be.. but most importantly its YO...

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