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Become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR at just 1999/- INR!! Limited Period Offer

#52 Week Writing Challenge - 2022 (Edition 5)


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Writing is intimidating. There is this expectation of artful precision, mercurial grammatical rules, and the weird angst that comes with writing for other people. You start with a very small nugget of an idea, but as you try to string it into language, it feels more like you are pulling out your own intestines.

StoryMirror invites you all to be a part of the fifth season of 52 Week Writing Challenge - 2022 (Edition 5). This competition will take your writing skills to the next level and strengthen your creative endurance.

What's new?

The writer has to submit for each prompt every week. The interesting part of this competition is that the prompts will be provided by our participants only. Each time we will mail our participants for the new prompt to which you can share your suggestions by replying to that email. We will shortlist the best prompts and roll out as our 52 Week Writing Challenge Prompt.

Note: There will be a separate prompt for story and poem. It is not compulsory to write on the prompts given in the contest. You can write on topics of your choice as well.


1.Story: Write a story on your journey of the year 2021

1.Poem:Write a poem on your journey of the year 2021

2.Story: Write a story on a poor young boy or girl who comes into an unexpected fortune.

2.Poem: Write a poem on a winter evening outdoors

3. Story - A story about a dream that 'COVID' never happened                                                                                                                                                      

3. Poem - A Child's reaction about lost school time.

4. Story - Write a short story depicting a personal tragedy, or accident, with a national catastrophe unfurling in the background, resulting in an unexpected homecoming and revealing some hard hitting, universal truth about human nature 

4. Poem - Write a poem on the loss of love and innocence, in the face of the current pandemic

5. Story: Write a breakup story (weird reasons for the breakup)

5. Poem: How the childhood friendship is taking a back seat (in the routine life of a millennial)

6. Story: A person gets up in the morning and receives an email which changes his life .

6. Poem: A Bird Trapped in a Cage

7. Story: An incident in your life that changed you altogether. The change can be in two ways either as a good person or as a bad person.

7. Poem: winter rain8. Story: Write a story on how a dog shows its loyalty to its owner, who believed it more than himself/herself but because of certain circumstances lost trust in it.

8.Poem: Write a poem describing the beautiful scene of sunrise or sunset.

9. Story: Write a story on how a mother teaches her children a very important lesson by her wisdom.

9. Poem: Write a poem on a girl traveling the beautiful world.

10. Story: Write a story of two best friends who crossed all barriers and obstacles coming in their friendship and besides all the misunderstandings, remained good friends forever.

10.Poem: Write a poem on a new year which is approaching and people's thoughts and expectations on it.

11. Story: Write a story on how a poor girl/ boy helped a little boy/girl and got a fruitful reward.

11. Poem: Write a poem about the most important person of your life.

12. Story: Write a story on a passionate writer who started writing from his/her childhood and became one of the most popular writers in the future.

12. Poem: Write a poem that describes different feelings of an individual.

13. Story: Write a story on how a boy/ girl reads a very informative book and gains a lot of knowledge making his parents proud.

13. Poem: Write a poem on the most beautiful place you ever visited.

14. Story: Write a story on how a kid falls sick and his/her mother takes his/her care, giving him/her knowledge about diseases.

14.Poem: Write a poem that is inspired by dance and songs.

15. Story:Write a story of a mother's perfect diet plan for her son/daughter.

15. Poem: Write a poem on a man's honesty.

16. Story: Write a story on a girl's vacation to Disneyland which was her childhood dream.

16. Poem: Write a poem that is inspired by a certain colour.

17. Story: Write a horror story of the most dangerous incident of a girl/boy's life.

17. Poem: Write a poem that signifies the importance of social work or charity.

18. Story: Write a fairy tale on a beautiful fairy who helped everyone but herself fell in a very big trouble.

18. Poem: Write a poem on the moon.

19. Story: Write a story on two twin sisters or brothers who fall into a big trouble but then realize that it was their dream.

19. Poem: Write a poem on silly things that a silly boy did.

20. Story: Write a story about a rich girl who was proud of her wealth but because of some circumstances realized that money isn't everything.

20. Poem: Write a poem on your favorite food item.

21. Story: Write a story on a lazy boy/girl.

21. Poem: Write a poem on two siblings.

22. Story: Write a story on an explorer and adventurous girl.

22. Poem: Write a poem on space and stars.

23. Story: Write a story on a flood that swept away an entire town, leaving only the library and its strange secret.

23. Poem: Write a poem on your first cup of tea or coffee

24. Story: Write a story about an ancient society where gender roles are reversed.

24. Poem: Write a poem on a spring rain.

25. Story: Write a story where three strangers win a getaway vacation together.

25. Poem: Write a poem on a beach

26. Story: Write a story in which a character wakes up knowing a new language, but forgets their mother tongue.

26. Poem: Write a poem on your first trip.

27. Story: Write a story on a kid that pets sits their neighbors dog only for it to escape.

27. Poem: write a poem on your biggest fears.

28. Write a story on the best memory of yours.

28. Write a poem on your most common emotion.

29. Story: Write a story on a middle-aged woman discovers a ghost.

29. Poem: Write a poem inspired by the the first song in your memory that you heard.

30. Story: Write a story on two strangers on an online chat room hit it off. Turns out they’re childhood sweethearts.

30. Poem: Write about a time in your life you said goodbye to someone

31. Write a story or poem that draws from a moment in your life where you wish you'd made a different choice. 

32. Write a story or poem on Rakhi.

33. Write a story or poem on freedom.

34. Write a story or poem on the first school memory.

35. Write a story or poem on how your life has changed in pandemic.

36. A tale of misery and hope. 

37. The story of a mental scar.

38. A group of adults and their vulnerabilities. 

39. A poor guy gets a twist of fortune.

40. A professor bumps into an ex-student, later discovering that the student has committed a murder.

41. A young couple's marrige is at stake due to the Vaastu of their newly bought house. 

42. "What's in the packet?" Asked a little girl to her grandmother and a series of mystery unfolded.

43. Covid, new-normal, and lost jobs. 

44. Pandemic and the stories of nurses.

45. The story of an astrologer's badluck. 

46. Story of a woman cop's harassment. 

47. A train starts off with four goons, some innocent lives, and a dark night.

48. Write about the way the sunrise looks from the perspective of two characters.

49. The funniest story about you and your sibling

50. Most recent travel experience

51. A time you got hurt by someone you love

52. New year resolutions


1. Participants need to submit either 52 stories or 52 poems consecutively for 52 weeks, i.e., 1 content under respective category (story/poem) every week.

2. For example, If you are starting your submission from the 3rd week of January 2022, you can submit up to the 3rd week of January 2023.

3. Participants can register for different categories (story/poem). However, each set of 52 submissions should be under the same category of either story or poem.

4. There should not be any break in submission once the writer starts submitting under this contest. they will be disqualified if there is a break.

5. The challenge is divided into mini- write-a-thons.

- 13 weeks write-a-thon

- 26 weeks write-a-thon

- 39 weeks write-a-thon

Clear a level to be eligible for the benefits of that level

6. Winners will be decided on the basis of number of reads & number of likes on their submissions and editorial scores. This will be the cumulative score for all 52 submissions.

7. The decision of StoryMirror will be final and binding on all participants.

8. There is no participation fee.


1. 2 Winners of each language (1 story + 1 poem) will get a chance to publish their book in physical form through StoryMirror.

2.On completion of 13 weeks: Digital Certificate (1/4th of the journey)

3. On Completion of 26 weeks i.e 1/2 of the journey: You will receive a StoryMirror shop voucher worth Rs. 100

4. On Completion of 39 weeks, i.e 3/4 of the journey: You will receive a StoryMirror shop voucher worth Rs. 200

5. On completion of 52 weeks: StoryMirror launches your E-book + Certificate


Content can be submitted in any one or more of these languages - English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Odia & Bangla.

Note: If you are submitting for multiple languages, you need to submit 52 contents separately in each language.


Submission Period – January 1, 2022, to April 15, 2023

Registration up to – April 30, 2022

Results – June 2023



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