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On A Rainy Day
On A Rainy Day

© Jisha Rajesh


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The torrential fall of rain was continuous since last two days. It was cold outside and the roads were water clogged. I begin my day with the symphony of raindrops while making breakfast for my husband as he gets ready to leave for work. Afterwards, I cuddle my two year old kid in my arms to sit by the window of our bedroom. I stuff his little mouth with tiny bolus of food while he tries in vain to get hold of the water droplets trailing down the closed window. After a while, I get busy with the preparation of lunch while the plays nearby well enveloped in his warm clothes. In the background, rain alters its pace from a heavy downfall to drizzle and then to downpour again.

Long hours of boredom begin from the afternoon as my kid drifts to sleep. I have nothing to do except to watch the oozing sky from my balcony and to wait for my husband to arrive from work. My car was in garage and it was nearly impossible to avail a taxi during such a climate, which meant an outing or shopping both were out of question. I decided to invest the time to experiment with various recipes of snacks for the tea. But then I regretted as I couldn’t get someone to judge my culinary skills. I was the only one who prepared them tasted and also approved them.

On one such boring rainy afternoon my door bell as if an answer to my prayers. I nearly ran to open it and was enthralled to find my best friend Veena along with her toddler son at my door. Veena and I were friends since our schooldays and the journey of our friendship continued through our college days till we were married off to two different cities. We gradually lost contact as we got busy with our new lives. A month ago we unexpectedly ran into each other in a Mall while we both were on a shopping expedition. Her surprise visit took me back to my childhood and filled my heart with a sweet nostalgic pain.

I laid out a spread of quick to make snacks and we chatted a lot over a cup of coffee. The splashing of raindrops provided melodious background music to our chit- chat. Our kids were cajoling us to let them play in the rainwater that had pooled in the balcony and we had a hard time convincing them not to do so. Finally we managed to deviate their attention by reading them a story, by the end of which both of them had fallen asleep.

Veena said as she lovingly patted her son, “Life has completed a full circle for us. Do you remember the time when we had befriended? We used to steal out of the observant eyes of our mothers to play in the rain like our kids do now. Then, during our adolescence we started spending these rainy days watching romantic movies. The rainy season of our college life saw as writing those romantic love letters and now we are on the receiving end as we have started worrying that our kids will catch a cold in the rains like once our mother used to do.”

Suddenly, a gush of wind blow outside as if expressing nature’s assertion to her view.

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