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Beauty Is Not Skin Deep
Beauty Is Not Skin Deep

© Jisha Rajesh


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Sandra said as she playfully hit Ishita with the file she was holding in her hands as she caught Ishita looking at Dhruv with craving eyes.

"What?" Ishita said with sheepish smile as she instantly took her eyes off Dhruv who was crowded by a small group of female employees of their office with whom he was busy chatting and cracking jokes.

"You have a crush on him, right?"

"Nothing of that sort, dear." Ishita said as she glued her eyes on the stack of papers lying on her table.

"Don't lie, Ishita," Sandra snorted, "it shows in your eyes."

Ishita's eyes slid down her plum frame cuddled on her chair. She was plainly dressed and was not wearing any make up. Her sparse and dull hair was tied up in a pony tail. Her face was disfigured by numerous pimples that has sprout up on her face. A huge soda glass spectacle hanged halfway on the bridge of her nose. Then her gaze shifted to the circle of ladies who had enveloped Dhruv. They all were pretty and smartly dressed.

"What chance do I stand?" Ishita let out a dolorous and fixed her eyes back on her laptop.

"I can help you fight and win the competition for the Prince Charming." Sandra smiled.

"Ho...how?"Ishita stammered, "Is it possible?"

"Of course, it is." Sandra picked up her phone and punched a few numbers. She got up and walked out of the office to talk over her phone.

"I have fixed your appointment with Mayuri who is my best friend and the best beautician. So be there at her saloon by 5 in the evening."

"Do you think it will work?" Ishita looked at Sandra in a dilemma.

"I am ready to bet anything you say." Sandra tapped on the table, "Mayuri is a magician."

"I hope it does." Ishita sighed again.

Ishita finished her work hurriedly and left the office a little early for her appointment with the magician at the 'Cindrella Beauty Saloon.' On her way, she saw a mini crowd gathered by the side of the road.

"What happened?" She peeped her head out of the window of her car and asked one of the onlookers.

"A college girl was being hit by a bike."

Ishita gasped and got out of her car. She pushed her way through the crowd and saw a teenaged girl lying in a pool of blood by the side of the road.

"She needs to be taken to a hospital immediately." Ishita panicked.

"We have informed the police." One of the onlookers said nonchalantly. "They will take care of the rest."

"She will bleed to death by then." Anger surged through Ishita at their inhumane behavior.

"Its a police case," Another one from the crowd shrugged, "Let them handle it.We don't have to bother about it."

Ishita glanced at her watch. It was already 5. Then her gaze shifted to the girl battling for life.

"Fine!" She took a deep breath as she made a decision, "both Dhruv and the beautician can wait.

She carefully picked the girl up and took her to the nearest hospital. She waited outside the ICU till the girl's parents arrived and left for the saloon only after assuring that the girl was out of danger.

"Wow!" Sandra jumped out of joy as she saw an absolutely transformed Ishita standing in front of her next morning at the office. "You look gorgeous."

Ishita blushed and took her seat in her cubicle beside Sandra. She was on cloud nine that day as every pair of eyes was fixed upon her. The men in the office skipped a beat as she walked past them. The ladies fumed with jealousy as they found a new competitor in her.

"Will you have coffee with me?"

Ishita raised her head in utter belief as those words fell on her ears. Dhruv was standing near her with a beautiful smile on his face. Ishita was so dazed that she could barely manage to nod.

"Thank you so much Ishita," Dhruv's eyes sparkled, "be there at 'My Cafe' by 6."

Ishita felt like jumping on her table and dancing madly as she saw her life long dream being fulfilled. But the next moment her face fell as another thought crossed her mind. All her happiness vanished and she slid back on her chair. A few minutes later, she sprang to her feet and made her way to Dhruv's cabin with a determined stride.

"Dhruv," she said as she stepped into his cabin and was greeted by his warm smile, "you are asking me out only because I look pretty now. You hadn't ever cared to look at me till yesterday. And now all of a sudden, you want to have coffee with me all because of the extravagant dress I am wearing and the make-up that has made my face charming. No Dhruv, I don't wish to go out with a man who falls for the beauty that is only skin deep."

She turned on her heels and was about to stomp out of his cabin.

"Neither do I," Dhruv said as he got up from his chair and walked towards her. "I don't want to date a girl who has a beautiful body but the one who has a beautiful soul and a heart of gold."

"And how do you know that?" Ishita smirked and crossed her hands over her chest while looking straight into his eyes.

"Because, you were the only one who cared to save my sister's life who had suffered an accident yesterday evening."

"What?" Ishita's eyes widened, "she was your sister!"

"Yes," Dhruv smiled, "my Mom had read your name on our office's ID card that you were wearing."

"Oh Dhruv," Ishita's eyes filled up, "thank you for not being one of those men who fall for luscious curves."

"Well, there has to be something special about me." Dhruv winked, "in order to win the heart of a girl who owns a beautiful soul."

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