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Trash To Treasure
Trash To Treasure

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Rahul was 12 years old, and every day on his way back home from school he saw few street dogs playing around happily. He always wondered how they could be so happy even though they didn't have any shelter or proper food. Nobody took care of them. People sometimes put leftover food or rotten food, but still, they ate without any complaints. One day he saw them eating poop and felt very bad. He didn't know what to do as he knew that his parents would never allow him to take them to his house. He saved his lunch daily and way back home he used to feed them and play with them for some time. The dogs never harmed him.

One day he came to know that because of few complaints made to the Municipal Corporation, the dogs were taken away from the streets. He felt sad as he always liked to watch them playing. After few days when he was walking back home from school it was raining heavily, so he ran and stood under the tree and noticed a small puppy quietly standing beside him.

He felt happy to see a puppy, so he took him immediately in his hands and hugged him to give him some warmth. He didn't want the puppy to wander around in the rain as no one was there to take care of him. He wanted to buy a dog house so that the puppy can at least have a shelter. But he didn't have any money.

He somehow arranged a place for the puppy to stay for a night which could help him to be away from the rain. He soon went home and broke his piggy bank but hardly found any money. The dog houses were costly. He didn't ask money from his parents as he knew they would never give money for such things.

The next day, while he was thinking hard for the solution, he saw his mother giving away the old broken household items which also had plastic buckets and very old plastic barrel. Soon an idea struck him and convinced his mother and took the big plastic barrel and worked on it. He washed it properly and called few of his friends to help him. They took the plastic barrel to the place where the dog was staying, and they dug the ground a little and placed the barrel horizontally and covered one-fourth of it with sand to give some stability. Then they picked up some hay and spread inside to provide some comfort.

They felt delighted to watch the dog comfortably entering inside the barrel and happily lying on the hay. They all played with it for some time, and every day Rahul brought the leftover food from his house and fed the puppy and took care of it.

We buy many things every month though there are many unused things stacked in our store room. Please donate those items which you don't use anymore. Maybe they are just trash for us, but it could be a treasure for the needy.

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