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Coup The Leader!
Coup The Leader!

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After seeing a movie which was usually based on how heroes overcome hurdles I wished to become a hero in the class by removing the current class monitor and becoming the captain of the class.

For executing my wish one day l called the leader and said: "I am the secret leader of vice principal and I have been monitoring you from the beginning of the academic year. Your performance as leader so far is not at all satisfying. I am obliged to submit the monthly based performance report of you at the leader. Gayathri(the leader): "so u can submit a fake good report about me.". Narrator: "It is not at all possible, if he came to know I am not doing my duty properly he would take serious action. First of all I should not have told this to you because it is confidential." Gayathri: "OK, then from now onward I will do my duty properly." 


 By hearing this narrator was disappointed but still he continued his attempt. Narrator: "I know you are not interested to be class monitor. I've seen many times you're requesting class teacher to appoint new leader. So it is better to quit from this position." Gayathri: "If I am quitting from this position who will be ready to take the boring duty of class leader at this last moment of this academic year." Narrator: "I will take the responsibility of class leader for you and don't ever say this to students and even to teachers because I and principle only know this matter."

Gayathri agreed to it. When the conversation was over some of the friends of Gayathri gathered around her and asked what did Narrator and Gayathri talked. She was hesitant to say about the conversation then her friends told that she was flirting with me. Sensitive Gayathri told the facts to them. Soon the news was spread in entire campus. When teachers inquired about this matter to vice principal he was filled with anger. The next day he called the Narrator in his cabin and said: "I didn't expected this act from you. You was one of the students in my good book but now it all shattered. I am not willing to take an action against and don't ever repeat such kind of acts."

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