The Moon Child.

The Moon Child.

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I dived deep into the ocean. This was something I'd always loved to do. No oxygen masks, no paddles and no strings attached. I had star dust in my lungs and that's all i need. As much as the sun shown in the day, the moon glistened brighter in the night, paving my way deep into the ocean to find my cosmos through the tides.

I'd say this place belonged to me & I would wander off into the unseen, the unknown. To the deep and dark, far beneath corals and way beyond sea rocks. Turbulence & gravity hardly played a part for i was born to chase the light of my mighty mother, the blue moon.

September 23, 1950. 'A moon induced baby boom' They called it. I was one of the very few infants born when earth was closest to the moon and the pull of gravity was at its peak. I was always seen as a rare scientific phenomenon. People at earth were not my type.

Spiritual energy of the universe pulsated in me because lunar power ebbed and flowed within. Some called me sacred, some called me crazy. Maybe I am, Maybe I'm not. Or maybe! I'm the baby of the blue moon, finding my way to her eclipse.

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