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Mr. Sukumar was an activist. He led many times movement for women right’s. He was known for his bold voice and reached to decision without over pomp and show. He was addicted to women right’s. The resident of Jai ambe society started ignoring to Mr. Sukumar. This year Holi and Woman's day were falling on same month. Shyam planned a prank with Mr. Sukumar.

It was before eve of Holi. Mr. Sukumar returned from the seminar on women safety issues. Shyam with his three friends discussed an incident in high pitch.

Romil with his gang went into dark chamber along with a young girl, two of his teammate hold that girl. One of them instructed not to make noise in that room. Romil waved his hand , one of his team lady shut the door and dim the light. Romil ordered to other two lady member of his team to naked that young girl. Young girl ashamed but they were seven ,she tried sow restriction but soon started following instruction. Two lady hold her arms so that she could not move them. Romil watched all this and gave further instruction to clean her body, young girl closed her eyes and two hands rubbed and wiped out her hair. One of lady called the Romil that now all was ready please start your mission. They gave best wishes to Romil and Romil saw towards the roof and move towards that young girls. That young girls cried with pains and gawked at Romil’s face. Romil shrewdly smile to her and moved to her legs. He pushed something in her back ,young girl cried only once and later on she was in half conscience. One of them cover her eyes so that she could not see anything. Romil started his mission, all his team member supported him in this mission. Young girl was unable to cry and bear all consequences, she tried to move her hands but all was in vain because two of lady member hold her hands so tightly. After some time Romil moved back himself from her and smiled and ordered his team clean properly and covered adequately. This young girl should not move from here before two and half hour- said the Romil. Now that very young girl was alone in that chamber and moaned with pain.

 Mr. Sukumar made enough hue and cry and forced Shyam to take him to that place. Sukumar ji spoke non stop for fifteen minutes and cursed them for sharing such story and did nothing for that young girl. When Sukumar ji was out of his anger then Shyam told about the location. Mr. Sukumar ignoring his tiredness of whole day moved ghastly on that address. He was in so much anger that they reached that location within five minute without thinking anything. That was the address of an hospital. Hospital staff tried to stop and inquired him but Sukumar ji was in his pace along with his righteous word for women, He uttered all constitutional law and moral values as he could and reached in that chamber.

No one was in that chamber, Sukumar ji thought a lot and called the police, soon police and local people filled the hospital. Shyam also presented there with his team. Sukumar ji was still full of his anger. He demanded justice for that young girl and warned in front of all public that he created a movement until we could not get justice and made reach all that gang behind the bar. People could not understand all this but praised Mr. Sukuma’s effort for justice without knowing anything. Police and Romil tried their best to calm down Mr. Sukumar ji and wants each nook in details.

Sukumar ji drank a glass of water and told all story that he heard ,police tried to consoled him and promise investigating properly , Romil laughter broke that conversation and explained that someone pranked with Sukumar ji , he further explained elaborately that this was the place rather than hospital for women.

Now slowly-slowly he got the clear picture and imagined all that story keeping in mind pregnant lady who was in operation theater for cesarean.

Shyam with his teammates were standing there around him and before Mr. Sukumar said anything, they all cried –“ BURA NA MANO HOLI HAI!!"  

holi prank festival

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