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Not everyday you are thankful for what you have... you should be though. Today was one such day when I wanted to express Gratitude towards God for everything.

When a day after your birthday you get a call.

"Happy Birthday Beta, sorry we are a bit late. Tried calling you on your other number on your birthday, was not reachable. Then got your current number from your Mom" he said.

Suddenly surprised, shameful, happy and thankful at same time, I said "Thank you Nanaji, I do not own that number now."

"Speak to your Nani" he said.

"Happy to you Beta" with her speech impairment issues she said with her loving voice.

"Thank you Nani" This time with a lump in my throat, I said.

Everything else of this call was just like another call, miss you, come home and how are you's. But this conversation made me extremely emotional.

After my marriage, my priorities changed. Everything around me changed, lesser calls to my relatives and friends. Life has changed. Office, home, husband, his or mine close family only this remained.

But when Nanaji said he got my number from my mom, that broke me. He was trying to call me for a day or so, that made me feel shameful of myself. I think in recent years I never made such attempt to call them on their big days or festivals.

I was so happy, grateful to have them in my life and that burst me into tears. I just wanted to express gratitude to them and remind myself that I am lucky enough to have them. Many don't even have families. They are surely getting a big hug from me, when I see them next.

We in our lives sometimes take things for granted. We forget to thank people, we always should. We forget that things are not that easy for everyone. We are those privileged ones who have Family.

We should make it a habbit to express gratitude towards everyone we feel. We rarely make an attempt. That call taught me something I will keep in mind for long.

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