True Friend Exists Or Not

True Friend Exists Or Not

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It was the time when I thought myself lucky enough for having everything in my life and the most beautiful part of which were best friends.

I never thought that sooner or later thinking of considering myself lucky for having such great friends will vanish

It is natural that our thoughts, values, style and our way of living, everything changes when we transform ourselves from immature to mature or we become mature

All was going very well until there were no conditions where my friendship could be examined.

But clock can not run in the way we want I too faced some difficult phases in my life that time is always best to know the worth of friends.

I always try to give my best in all the relationships as the same I did in my friendship but never get such kind of behavior in return and such kind of value in return from the other side.

As I was always there when someone was having hard time but no one was there when when I felt same.

I tried not only once and not only with one (to be there in those situations) rather I tried with everyone with whom I could

The term unrequited love (One sided love) was known to me but my life taught me a new term one sided friendship which I was having with everyone in which only I was involved and no one else.

That happening was not normal, I cried out loud.

As usual tears came up with strict decisions. I took one and only one decision to make myself better day by day and to make them feel regret. Instead of complaining I chose to be person of value. I chose to make changes in myself rather than to have a wish to change them. I started Working hard on that firm decision form the very first day. I started reading self improvement books of great authors. Writing poems, relatable stuff and life related philosophy. Studying the course material in best way. Investing in Stocks. Attending open mic sessions, story telling sessions. Utilizing the time in most productive manner. The same is still continuing. I am working everyday to make myself better from previous day. From last nine months I haven't received any call from any of those great friends. But yesterday I had a call from one of those, she was having a long list of complaints.

I didn't expect that someone who can't listen me for 2 minutes will talk for 22 minutes and also request me to speak, to say something.

In sarcastic way she said "You have reached at those heights from where you can't even see anything, you have forgotten your true friends."

In her own words, "Tu bhut bada ho gya hai. Ab to newspaper me bhi tera article aa gaya. Online publishing sites pe Teri poems aur stories hai. Aur Garduation bhi tune Itne ache marks se kiya hai. Aur CA final to tu Fod hi dega. To Ab hame yad thode rakhega"

Further she added that she missed me a lot. I am the part of her regular talking. And the shocking part for her was I forgot her too. I didn't want in mood of saying anything but her words made me to say something. I lost control over my emotions and said, "It's all about the clock.... There was a time when I used to call all of you but you didn't have much time to listen as I talk nonsense in your opinion. I am unable to figure out that what had been changed in me that you started missing me. I become a part of your talking."

She was totally shocked as she didn't expect I would talk to her in that way. After listening all those she ended the call with a line, "You have changed Prince"

Yes I have changed but I don't think there is anything wrong in updating yourselves. And I don't feel regret that I didn't talk to her in a decent manner and I have forgotten them. For me it's best not to have any friend rather than have those kind of people as a friend. Those people who remember you in good times only and forget in the rest situations.

As life is uncertain no one knows that when it will throw him/her in the era of difficulties and in those times only the one who helps you is truly your friend. The one who remain unchanged by the changing of time. The one who remain with you always....

Unfortunately I don't know whether true Friend exists or not.

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