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The Accidental Life Partner !
The Accidental Life Partner !

© Charu Vashishtha Gulati


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Dahaliya saw Gautam chatting with his Mother Kanta.

Kanta said But Beta, I wanted someone to take care of you.

I can take care of myself. Come on Ma, I travel a lot. I cant take her along all the time. Let her continue her work at Noida and I will see her once in a while. In any case after a few years we will settle down here with you.

So she got to keep her job for now, Dahliya sighed. Not to think about her dream of going abroad or getting an MBA. "How would I move on." she mused. "Let me not think much. Let me switch off my mind."

Gautam found Dahaliya sulking at a corner in the lobby.

Hi he said

Hi. said Dahaliya less enthusiastically .

I had a word with my mom. Shes okay with you resuming your work. So how does it go? We will have to look for a place at Noida. Said Gautam.

But I already have a place. I stay with Iti and Ira.

But you cant stay there. They would not be comfortable with me coming over there.”

Then it hit Dahaliya. He was talking about setting up a base. But why does he want to visit me? To satisfy his baser instincts? So that I could cook, clean and serve for him.

Dahaliya did not utter a word as she was angry. But then she saw his face. His faced had dropped and he was lost. Perhaps he has realized that she am not an idle partner. Marriage had never interested her. But what wrong has he done. He choose a girl and wanted to marry and find happiness with her, but he has been provided with a poor replacement. A girl with no enthusiasm for marriage or partner.

Dahaliya decided to cover up.

“I didnt mean that." She said.

"I meant we dont have to start looking over right now. My friends would not mind you coming over for a few days until we rent a place. Iti would in any case be moving to US soon."

"That's fine." He said and then added: "Dahaliya, there is something I want you to know. I know all this happened too fast. You were not prepared for it. You might have had a few expectations from your life and your would be partner. I will try my best to keep you happy. But we need time. To understand each other. We need to have faith, accept each other and be comfortable in each others presence."

Dahaliya nodded.

"Fine then. Friends", he said and smiled.

Dahaliya's heart skipped a beat. What was it with him. How could some smile like that like a naughty child.

Naughty Partner Marriage

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