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Call For Revolution
Call For Revolution

© Mohammed Junaid Khan

Children Stories Drama

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I feel shy when I wake up every day,

I really feel ashamed, why we all are this way,

Why did we go to schools?

When all our lives, we decided to remain fools,

Why we graduated and took higher education?

When it's in our veins to just watch the suffering of our nation,

By elderly, uneducated leaders with criminal records as their unique selling points,

And we the educated so-called youth, follow them as we all are fuckin blind,

Blinded by the thought that educated people aren't meant for politics,

And become the buyers of these incapable politician's gimmicks,

Why do we accept that we aren't one?

Why we willingly get divided into castes, creeds, religions by these politicians?

Why we never question where do these politicians get the massive wealth?

And why are we silent on our country's decaying financial health?

Why do we have to study for years to clear civil service exams?

And serve these leaders who don't care a damn,

Why when they're public servants but act like our Lords?

Why so much is spent behind their security and luxuries and are treated as Gods,

Yes, they do behave like Gods,

We might end up meeting a real God someday, but meeting them, What are the odds?

Why don't we ever demand laws to be passed that only educated people can become ministers,

And mentally sane, below sixty years of age should be another parameter,

Why are we silent, THE YOUTH OF OUR NATION?

It's only on our young shoulders to bring a revolution.

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