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Thrilling 30's

Thrilling 30's

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Thrilling is the word that came to my mind first! Why? Because we are thrilled to be in this phase of our life. The Thirties is the prime time in a woman's life. Yes we are proud to be in our thirties. We are more prettier, matured, settled, self content and sexy too!

All the hard work we do for our career gets paid off now. Most of us are settled in personal life with family of our own. Many of us are proud moms too!

What surprises me is women in their 20's think 30's is old. Well, ladies, you will not be in 20s all your life! And trust me 30s is way much exciting than 20s!

We are much sorted in life by now. We know what exactly we want in life. How we are going to deal with our careers, family, kids. There is a feeling of being independent. Our decisions are mostly respected and accepted by people around us.

People stop interfering in your life especially relatives. There is an invisible freedom. Women of same age group can bond better now, although we really dont care if anyone likes us or hates us! We have strong opinion of our own. By now we care a damn to people who criticize us.

Although we start getting a bit older as in we need facials to keep our skin intact, hair color to nourish our graying hair which is very common due to pollution these days. You will see a different charm on our face. When we look in the mirror we see an attractive, more confident personality.

In spite of all adjustments we feel we are more desirable. We can acknowledge positive demanding vibes from people around us.This is the best period in a woman's life. We start yielding the fruits of our hard work. The best part is the so called 'jealousy' factor associated with women doesn't seem to matter now. We all love ourselves more and learn to accept and respect the flaws too.

What we look for is sisterhood! We enjoy hanging out with our gal gang. We like to make more female friends as we all are on same page of life almost all of us which strengthens our bond. Its lovely to attend get togethers, tea parties, movie dates with the girl gang.We seem to understand by now that we are the cause for our happiness and no one absolutely no one can ruin it.

We dont have to rely on men in our lives to make us happy!

There are many web series which prove the same. Like "Four more shots please" , Mentalhood and my all time favorite 'Sex and city' which cherish womanhood in their thirties!

So all of you lovely ladies enjoy your thirties and men reading this cherish your thrilling lady in her 30s

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