The Trip to Heaven

The Trip to Heaven

8 mins

Chapter 1:       The Night before the trip.

Chapter 2:       The miserable spell!

Chapter 3:       what’s behind the doors?

Chapter 4:       Return to home

Chapter 1: The Night before the trip.

 “Father tomorrow I am going for a one week trip with my friends.” Said Laura.

“Father even I want to go for a trip”. Said James.

“Your small James .when you grow old I would let you go.” Said father.

“But that big age never comes.”

“James, it will come.”

“Dinner is ready!” Said mom.

She served everybody a bowl of rice with delicious fish curry. “Laura did you pack your bag?” asked mom.

“Yes mom I did, but a few things are left to be packed.”

“I’ll help you after dinner.”

“Hmm! The food tastes marvelous!” Said father.

 As soon as they finished their dinner, mom started helping Laura in packing the bag. Father cleaned the dishes and James wiped them.

“Mom I think so I need a laundry bag, my dental kit and a comb as per my list.”


- mat - packed

- Spoon - packed

- Chips - packed

-Clothes - packed

 -Sneakers - packed

 -Flip-flops - packed

 -Food - packed

 -Bathroom kit - packed

 -Binoculars - packed

-Laundry bag


-Dental kit

“Laura you please sleep. I and father will keep the bags near the door and tomorrow James will come to drop you down, near the gate.”

 Chapter 2: The miserable spell!    


                 Early morning Laura and James took the bags and went down. “I will miss you!” Said Laura.

As the bus came Laura high fived James. Laura climbed up the bus and sat with her friend Lila. “I am very excited to visit the place.” said Lila.

 The bus started with a jerk the bus rode faster and faster. Laura and Lila went to the back seat to meet one of their friend named Lionel .As they went behind they saw Lionel chatting with Ryan and Rita .as Lionel, Rita and Ryan saw them they included the two girls in their chat. In between, suddenly Lionel became as silent as a jungle. He opened up his bag. He had a gadget with him. He pulled it out of his bag and demonstrated everybody. He said, “This is a time machine which I have made”.

Laura asked, “Back what is a time machine”. He replied back that a time machine is an advanced gadget that helps us to travel in time.

“You mean tessering?”, asked Laura.

“Not really. It teleports things and animals.”, replied Lionel.

Lila was jealous of him. She retaliated Lionel with a question with aggression. ‘Does it even work? Scientists like Tesla and Einstein couldn’t make it how did you make it?’

 She pulled the gadget. By mistake she pressed the wrong button and they were inside a shark. Lila’s best friend, Rita as always said this, and got started murmuring “where are we? Why are we? Where.”

“Excuse me it’s not ‘why are we’ it’s why are we here? Sorry, continue”, Said Ryan.

“Thank you, what are we doing here?”                      

“You both keep quiet and think how to escape.” Said Laura.                                 

“I know how to, we have to press the back key.” said Lionel.                                                                                     

“But where is the gadget?”Asked Laura.

Everybody started searching for the gadget. Lila and Rita searched in a corner of a smelly pool like structure, filled with meat. “It’s the stomach. Disgusting and smelly! How does the shark survive eating such yucky and smelly food?” Said Lila.

Ryan, Laura, and Lionel searched in the other parts of the stomach.

‘Hu ha he he ho ho I found it’ said Rita.

“Where’s it.”Asked Lionel

“It’s in my bag”

“There is only a book.”

“Yes, give me. Through this book, I can find it through a spell. But there will be a negative effect of that spell.”

“Ok, please do it. We’ll manage the negative effect afterward. Please hurry up or I think so we would die in this poisonous area flooded with only rotten meat!”

Rita opened the book and turned pages and stopped at page number one hundred and forty. The spell said that if you are stuck somewhere chant these words. ‘Boom daga daga daga boom daga daga daga take me out take me out.’

Everybody chanted together.

They found the gadget, but before they could do anything. A large piece of meat fell on them. Because of this many buttons of the gadget were pressed and suddenly they found themselves in a helicopter. They were flying above an ocean, very close to the shore, almost above it. They had the gadget in their hands. Laura, who was driving the helicopter spotted that the fuel was almost over. This was the negative effect of the spell. She informed everybody. “Lionel said is this even a problem? We can use my gadget to reach our destination. It will teleport us to our destination.”

Lionel pressed the ‘home lift’ button but the gadget wasn’t working. Lionel started arguing with Rita this is all because of her spell. Soon the helicopter crashed into a short tree and fell down.

“Are we in heaven or hell?” Said Rita to taunt Lionel.

Luckily they were all alive and were not injured badly as they did not fall from a huge height and fell on the sand.

They were lying on the sand at the seashore.“Guys we have to escape as fast as possible otherwise we will be in big trouble. “Said Laura.

They stood and started walking farther from the shore. They searched for water as their water bottles had burst in the helicopter and were thirsty. They walked ahead and ahead. There were only trees. Laura said, “I have an idea, we can use Lionel’s gadget and shoot coconuts for water as the gadget is broken.”

“It’s a fantastic idea but how would the coconuts fall? The gadget is not so strong.”Said Lionel.

‘I have an idea’.Said Rita.

“We can make a hole in the gadget and fill stones.”

“But how will we make a hole?” Asked Lionel.

“We can make holes with a sharp stone.” Answered Laura.

Lionel picked a sharp stone and made a hole in the gadget. Rita helped him with filling up the stone. After filling it up fully Lionel shot it on the coconuts hanging on the coconut tree. Many coconuts fell down. Everybody picked one, each of them broke the coconut using the sharp stone and drunk the water inside. They walked ahead in search of shelter. Laura saw a map like thing near a rock. She walked near the rock and picked up the paper. It was a map. Everybody was ahead her so she shouted “everybody listen I have found a map of this particular place. Everybody ran to her. Lila spotted their position on the map. Laura spotted a place where they could rest. Everybody walked ahead as per the map directions.

Chapter 3: What’s behind the doors?


Soon they saw a huge and long room in front of them. Everybody stepped inside the hut and saw three doors. One had poisonous gas the second had nothing but there was a mystery inside it and the third had hungry bears. Everybody decided to go to the second one. As they opened the door a creepy skull popped out. It was a long corridor. Everybody got scared. As they walked ahead they saw a door. There was a note on the door saying ‘after opening this door you can’t return.’ They all were hesitated about opening the door or not. After a while of discussion and debate with majority votes they decided to open the door and go ahead. It was a more haunted and creepier corridor than the first one. There were dead bodies and skulls. Everybody thought they took the wrong decision. There again popped a door. Everybody except Laura thought now we shouldn’t take a risk and not enter the door. Laura tried to motivate them and said: “we can’t return cause the last door is not gonna open again, we can move ahead willing for some hope rather than dying here.”

“True.”Said Lionel.

Everyone agreed and planned to open the door rather than dying here alive. They opened the door and two fairies were standing like guards. Each on one side of the door. These fairies wore a beautiful white gown and had a magic wand in their hand. These fairies took them to heaven.

Chapter 4: Return to home.

They were shocked to see themselves in heaven. There, in front of them was Lord Jesus. Sitting on a tall and comfortable chair. They couldn’t believe their eyes. They fell on their knees and worshiped him. Lord Jesus asked ‘what do you need?’

Laura asked for blessings and a better future. Lila said “Lord we want to return back home”

Lord replied ‘I will fulfill your wish on two conditions.’

“What are they?” Asked Lila. 

They are ‘first you will not tell anyone that you were here and met me. Second, you shall never break laws of nature otherwise I will soon meet you in hell. I wouldn’t be kind and lenient there, but strict.’

“Ok.” Said Rita

But Lionel questioned, ‘when did we break them?’

Lord replied with a g, “you made a gadget which allows you to control time and that’s against the laws of nature.”

“I have understood my mistake and apologize for it.”, replied Lionel.

These two fairies will drop each of you at your house but remember the condition or else your next birth will be a dog.

                      Laura was dropped near the gate. Laura went home. She was happy because she was able to return home. Father gave her a glass of water and asked: “why did you come early you were supposed to come after two days.”

“Father I can’t tell you but it was a very bad journey in short!”  

The End

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