The Titlagarh Kaand

The Titlagarh Kaand

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Woke up with a sudden thud in the train and the train shifted a few inches on the track. Looked outside through the window. It was the same place "Titlagarh " and the engine has been changed. My heart skipped a bit. After realising that everything was okay I took a deep breath. But my thoughts didn't leave me alone and drown me into my memory lane.

Everyone says that "Motherhood is the best feeling ever in the world for a woman. " And I have became a mother of a cute little baby boy a few days ago. He came into our lives to complete us and spread happiness in the family. With a hope to spread some more happiness in our family, I, along with my mother who were there with me for my delivery, my husband and my one month and eight days old baby was travelling to our home sweet home from my work place. As I was in maternity leave that is why decided to spend the rest of my leaves with family . We boarded the train at Bharuch, a district in Gujarat on 6th April 2018 night. I was very much happy by thinking of going home after almost a year. Everyone at home had started their preparation to welcome our little bundle of joy. As it was a long distance journey, the train was scheduled to change it's engine at some railway junctions and Titlagarh in Odisha was one of the junctions. Train halts at Titlagarh for 30 minutes. Another fact is that each time we travel, we eagerly wait for the train to arrive at Titlagarh to find something to eat with our heart as we miss snacks of our state outside. On 7th April 2018 too we bought something to eat for ourselves. We have started to eat then suddenly my son started crying which was unlike his nature. I tried to console him but he didn't. Then my mother too tried but it seemed that he was so panicked. And then we felt a thud a collision like something has hit the train. And the train started moving. But not in the direction it has to move, in the opposite direction. Everyone in that coach were worried that what was happening. Then some people who were standing in the platform shouted that the train has left without the engine. And they shouted to pull the chain. We were shocked by hearing this. How could even that possible? Everyone started panicking as the train of course without engine started catching speed. Some people tried pulling the chain in each compartment but as the pressure was released, the chain were not working. I was horrified at that moment. I was not worried for myself then. The only thing I was thinking about my one month old baby. I thought that "if I die today then I have seen enough as I have the most loving parents, the best siblings, the most compatible in-laws, the best husband in the world and now a mother to the cute baby I was holding in my arms. But my baby is only of one month. He have seen nothing. He is definitely not born to see this day." My eyes were filled with tears. And my son kept crying. By that time the train has travelled a distance of around 16 kilometres without engine. Then the speed of the train decreased and train halted at the outskirts of a station named Kesinga but for only 4 to 5 seconds. Then it moved again in the opposite direction, travelled few kilometres and halted on a bridge above a river. At that time everyone was praying their respective Gods to do some miracle. I think everyone should have left the least hope of survival as I too have left. In my mind I too was pleading the almighty for the long life of my son. Then again the train started moving. And this time the people at the station put jam by the sides of the wheels when the train slowed down. And luckily God has listened to us and answered our prayers by stopping the train. And then suddenly my son stopped crying and took a good night's sleep. I have noticed a faint smile on my son's face. As if he knew that it would happen. By that time the railway people had called for the engine. And then the engine came and we were rescued by the God's grace. When the train returned to Titlagarh, there was a flood of people standing for our welcome, as if our train was a new bride. Everyone clapped and whistled in happiness on our arrival. Although our train was running 5 hours late but we had a smile on our lips that we survived.

From that unfortunate turned fortunate day onwards, whenever I think of that incident I get goosebumps. The incident still horrifies me. That was definitely by God's grace that we survived. Alongside I believe that my son has brought luck into our lives.

I looked outside. I can now see the pure and serene nature on the each side of the train. Now that everything is fine. I thanked the Almighty for the life.

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