The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW
The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Priyanka Sarkar



Priyanka Sarkar


The Penchant Witch Returns

The Penchant Witch Returns

3 mins

An Open Letter!

Relationship of mine with my kitchen during the LOCKDOWN!

Dear Kitchen,

Ever since I left you, you switched over to the new version in your appearance and outlook.

Reminiscences to be revised and memorized as the days coming of my penchant habit of leaving you like a Vampire! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Earlier, I used to spread magical aroma of spices, sprinkle hot oil pinches to give burning sensation with patches.

You were like an experimental hub for me. At times, I spread smoke all over your ceiling. Indication of either milk got burnt or an ongoing experiments on high flame. 

I never left your windows open whilst cooking, to pass the smoke out of you. As the flames used to dance on the rhythmic touch of passing breeze and my cooking used to get interrupted at every interval!

I gave you some enchanted moments with smoky clouds all around your room, touching your ceiling and playing inside you; like ping pong cotton balls do jumping jacks inside our stomach!

I decorated you with lots of silver shining utensils, though of steel or aluminium, etc.,aromatic bliss of spices and herbs and yeah! Converted your room into a mini-theater or discotheque eventually. And for that, I am highly grateful to youtube and of course! My android phone.

You never disturbed your own exotic and drooling aura, until I entered! Yeah! I, of course, made your aura more drooling after spreading my magics. That credit, does go to me ever!

I do confess, I always considered you a strong and patient scientist, who can observe and absorb anything and anyone equally as well.

Though I know, you considered me a witch, full of tantrums...Still, do you remember my heroic deeds in the silent WAR with intruders, such as Rodents and Insects?

By spraying Mortein Kill(Insects & Rodents) at night. The very next at dawn, I used to get into cleaning activities like Municipality workers, inside your den, giving splish splash and thud to return your admiring and kissable looks!

You considered me a Useless but, I came out with flying colors by killing the foes, who were uninvited invitees on leftovers of our foods, peel offs, etc.

After the great long hour war with the intruders, I started maintaining hygiene penchantly as a phobic.

You see! I am so Cool!!!

I made you my dear room for long line conversations, conferences and chatting.

I cluttered vegetable peel offs here and there and my baba, My Real Hero, decluttered them timely to keep your graceful beauty intact and your generosity of accepting anything & anyone. 

Nowadays, I am not coming in touch with you. Enjoy my guest appearance for washing utensils and dishes, kept in washbasin after cooking and eating activities. 

For a few days, I even hired some room in your room for physical workouts but, left as I started adoring my pink and plump health and glow on face.

Days will come and go and pass like that, without you nobody can run his routine crimes!!!

However, don't think so much. Take me seriously!!!

I coming soon on the theater of yours with all the experimental YouTube stuff....

Will do fencing stunts with knives, beating plates with spoons, howls with bowls, and chop-chop background sounds like Party all time!

As a whole, to live and repeat history itself...

My bewitched skills may disturb you and become your nightmare but, what to do?

It is better to have 2 minutes-5 minutes range of menus, instead of dying out of hunger.

Do accept my proposal of reunion, even if it is against your will...Just to keep my dreadful spirit high!

For me, it's like Home Coming, though not expressing from the bottom of my heart! It is all needed to impress you to have tummy filled boastful feasts.


Penchant Witch.

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