The Mirror

The Mirror

4 mins

Rohit took the upstairs towards his room. He had a bag carrying in his one hand. He took out a bunch of keys and selected one to unlock the door. After that, he swiped the handle to the right and the door become unlocked.

Rohit opened the door and entered the room. Put his bag on the chair and turned the fan switch on. After that he sat on another sofa chair and starts using his mobile. Then he opened his contact list, search for his uncle’s number and made a call to him.

ROHIT said “Hello. Uncle? Hello. Are you able to listen to my voice?”

UNCLE replied “Yes. Tell me, my son.”

ROHIT said, “Remember last time I told you about our banyan tree.”

UNCLE answered “Which one? In our village. Right?”

ROHIT said, “Ya ya, that one. Today I had a conversation with another dealer. This time we’re getting huge Price uncle. I don’t wanna lose this chance. Please Uncle Please. Take this offer now. Look! Who will maintain that? We are not even staying there.”

UNCLE agreed with a low voice, “ Ok. Let’s cut that tree. Actually (Short pause).”

ROHIT said, “What happened Uncle?”

UNCLE said, “No no. Nothing. Ok give my number to that dealer I will contact him.”

Rohit answered, “Ok. I will. Bye now.”

Rohit cut the call. He took his bag on the other hand and walked towards

Inside the room to prepare himself for sleep.

Rohit slowly tried to open his eyes but cannot open it properly. He was watching that a person was giving water to his mouth with a dropper. After that, he was able to sit. He saw that there were four people sitting around him. They were wearing musk on their face, a cylinder on their back. The overall atmosphere was too dusky. There was no such sign of a single tree. He also noticed that there was a bag on the ground.

PERSON WITH BLUE SHIRT said, “Hey Man! Why are you wandering without a mask and cylinder?”

PERSON WITH ORANGE SHIRT said, “Are you planning to suicide?”

Rohit started gasping heavily. A person with a blue shirt fixed a mask in his mouth connected through a cylinder.

PERSON WITH BLUE SHIRT (Keeping his hand on Rohit’s chest) said, “Try to breathe.”

He placed the attached cylinder upon Rohit’s hand. Rohit noticed that the expiry date printed on that cylinder is 19-05-2258. His eyes became squeezed at once.

ROHIT said surprisingly, “I’m not understanding anything. Who the hell are you guys? And the main question where am I? Why I’m feeling uneasy without this mask?”

PERSON WITH BLUE SHIRT replied, “Are you mad? Don’t you know that no one survives here without external oxygen.”

PERSON WITH ORANGE SHIRT said, “Cylinder becomes empty, your life becomes Empty.” And started laughing.

PERSON WITH RED SHIRT said, “Our great great grandfathers cut each and every tree to gain money. Now we have to suffer. We have to buy oxygen. Wow great.”

ROHIT said, “I’m seriously not understanding anything.”

PERSON WITH RED SHIRT said, “Don’t need to understand anything man. Just give the 50,000 for this cylinder. We also have more work to do. Make it faster.”

ROHIT said, “What? Money? I don’t have money. And why I have to pay for this bloody oxygen which I can get from the air.”

PERSON WITH BLUE SHIRT said, “Hey Man, try to understand you just can’t breathe Without cylinder. We are a delivery boy of GET LIFE SERVICE company. Look we give you the cylinder now give its price.”

Rohit looked around him. He started to run. Others also started to catch him. After sometimes Rohit stumbled on the ground. Those people came near him and took his mask and cylinder. Rohit started gasping. Those people didn’t look back. They continued to walk.

At once Rohit woke up on his bed. He was sweating very badly. His eyes became round with a huge shape. Then slowly get off from the bed and goes towards the washroom. Rohit sat on the sofa and staring at the globe placed on the table sometime. Then made a call.

ROHIT said, “Hello. Uncle?”

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