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Republic Day Sale: Grab up to 40% discount on all our books, use the code “REPUBLIC40” to avail of this limited-time offer!!


Children Stories Horror Thriller



Children Stories Horror Thriller

The Greek Coin

The Greek Coin

5 mins

Ahana is getting insomnia nowadays. It's three O clock and raining outside heavily. This year monsoon is lingering even in mid-September. She woke up on the bed. She is getting drenched in sweat in spite of being inside a full-on air-conditioned bedroom. She goes in front of the window pane and looks down from her apartment on the third floor. Roadside neon s are getting smudged. Suddenly she screams in a horrified voice. She has seen something even in the darkest tone of the black outside. A chilling sensation goes down through her spine. She stretches out her hands to hold the jug of water but her fingers could not grip it due to severe tremor. The jug breaks with a tingling glassy noise. The marble floor gets messed up with broken edged pieces and water.

Sharanya is perceiving the soothing aroma of sandalwood since today morning although she does not use any substance with sandal perfume or made of sandalwood. She is too anxious and apprehensive.

Whenever she gets this type of aroma, she loses someone from her life. Invariably she gets the sad news of the dismissal of somebody very kind to her. She has started to experience such paranormal sensation after the death of her parents. That is the most horrible thing that happened in her life so far.

That day she can remember with every minute details.

Sharanya and Ahana. Sengupta sisters. Smart and intellectual. Sharanya is a forty years old graceful lady presently working as a faculty member in the Department of Psychology in a reputed college in Kolkata. Ahana is thirty-eight and a self-independent entrepreneur. They have lost their parents twenty years back in a road traffic accident. Mr. Parimal Sengupta, their dad, was a reporter. Fearless and honest. Those days he was doing an exclusive story on antiques.

With her frightened fingers, she rang Ahana at least five times since morning. No response from the opposite side. Now she calls an app cab and starts for Ahana's place. Sharanya has shifted to her college residence whereas Ahana resides in their old family apartment.

Sharanya reaches Ahana's place. She pressed the button for calling the bell six times. No answer. Now she opens the door with a duplicate key and finds Ahana unconscious inside. It was hardly forty-five minutes, she calls an ambulance and shifts her sister to the nearby hospital. Doctors find the condition of the patient very critical. She is cyanosed and her Glassgo Coma Scale is very low. In fact, the medical condition is getting worse with time. Almost no hope from medical sciences. 

Sharanya was lost in this situation. She comes out from the lobby and stands under a tree on the campus. Suddenly, something strikes her mind. Then she was doing the post-Doc. A new professor joined the department of Psychology. He had a spey interest in paranormal and spooky matters. He used to passionately search and study articles based on horror and haunted facts in the library. On the convocation day, he especially told Sharanya that someday she will need his help and he gave her a landline phone number. Then Sharanya ignored the fact. Today suddenly she thinks to take the last chance. She returns to her room and tried to recollect where she has kept the number. Finally, she finds it in her scrapbook.

-Professor, I'm Sharanya Sengupta! From Kolkata. Do you remember me? 

+Yeh, rather I was waiting for your call! Professor Biswas chuckles.

-How come! It has been nine long years since we were in touch!

+How is Ahana? What is her present oxygen saturation?

Now Sharanya is clean bowled. She is a heavenly astonished.

Professor Biswas broke the silence. Dear, don't forget I'm a paranormal expert! Anyway, Sharanya, we don't have much time. Luckily now I'm in Kolkata. May I meet you in your place?

Sharanya was spellbound so far. Now she reorganizes her neurosensory response.

- Sure! Professor! I'll be obliged in that case.

-Okay. First I would like to visit Ahana.

- Sure. But she has been shifted to ICU. Probably hospital authority is not going to allow the visit.

-Then describe her physical condition in detail as far as possible.

Sharanya tells everything. Now she is feeling a bit relieved.

-Okay then see you in Ahana's s apartment within half an hour.

Professor Amrit Biswas was very punctual to reach the apartment. Sharanya was already there.

Professor investigated thoroughly.

-I am afraid, she has been possessed.

-What? In this twenty-first century! Haunted issues! You are going to make a ghost story!

- You have told me that she is uttering one phrase violently and repeatedly?

- Yes. That is something κέρμα! Sometimes she murmurs 'Alex' or something like that.

- See Sharanya! Arrow marks have been etched in window glass.

Professor lost in silence. After an hour of meditation, he rushed to the iron chest in the bedroom. It was not locked. It was used by their Dad. After his demise, it was left almost empty except for one fountain pen, few postcards, a stamp, and a round brass coin-like thing. He hurriedly called Sharanya and insisted to visit nearby Greek cemetery in Phool Bagan! India's onliest Greek cemetery of its kind. In an immense hurry, a professor entered the Gospel and sought permission. Like a hypnotized person, Sharanya followed him. Soon, Professor stopped in front of an old tombstone. Sharanya could not decipher the Greek sentences engraved there. Professor put the metal coin over the tomb. When he took out that coin from the iron chest! Sharanya again was surprised. That very moment, her mobile rang. The call is from the hospital. 

Seven days later, it is the living room of Ahana' s ancestral house. Two sisters and Professor Biswas are in fine mood. Alexander Martin was the merchent. He visited India in early ninety. He had a sudden cardiac arrest and to breathe for the last time. He was buried in that cemetery by his colleagues. So far, it was fine. Then there is the twist. He had one antique Greek coin of sixth century with him and considered to be very lucky. It is known as' Drachma'. Handful of arrows were used to be sold for one Drachma'. Somehow Shana got that one. The spirit wanted that back. So he sent the sign arrow and like that. 

- Yes, I bought that coin in an auction of antique goods one month back. Shana confesses.

- That's it. Now he got his coin back and satisfied. Professor assures.

All well that ends well. Sharanya relaxes.

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