The Devengers

The Devengers

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My name is Raj. Me, Rajeev, Aryan, and Shivendra are four best friends. Our dream was to save the world from various problems like alien attacks, etc. We lived in New York, North America. I was the eldest and Aryan was the youngest. Our age was in the adult category. I was a doctor and a scientist, Aryan was a mechanic and also was brilliant in robotics, Rajeev was a soldier and Shivendra was from American army intelligence. We loved avengers. That night I was doing an experiment. By something, my experiment went wrong. I didn't know that. Then I tried that experiment on myself. My body started building up muscles. My height grew from 6 feet to 8.9 feet. Then I searched that chemical which I tried on myself in different books. It was written that whenever that person will be angry he'll turn that big again.

Then I thought that from the N.A.V.C.C [National American Various Creature Center] there is a very very large dragon who is day by day getting more stronger and is trying to break the glass. We can help the country if someday he gets free. I immediately asked Aryan to make a suit for himself, which has the system with which he can be big or small. He made that in three days. It was fabulous and also worked properly. That day only Rajeev came home from the army. I asked him to start training very hard from tomorrow. That day Shivendra asked us that can he help us to fight enemies. We said yes. I also knew what h can do to help us. I said to him that you can help us in telling from where is coming. Everything was done. Three days passed. On the fourth day, Rajeev got a call from the army saying that the dragon which was kept in the N.A.V.C.C. had escaped.

We also kept our superhero names. My name was Hero, Aryan's name was Giany man and Rajeev's name was Major America. The giant dragon was in front of us. We took three hours to defeat him. At the last victory was ours. That day itself the president of America gave us a cheqe of three hundred million dollars. Then after that, we were eating showarma.

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