The Curse of Princess Melissa

The Curse of Princess Melissa

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Her long lustrous hair touched the sweet grass. She was beautiful. Her skin glowed and her blue gown shimmered in the street lamp light. Her heels gave a soft clink as she sat on a lonely bench in the middle of a park. Then came a young man with blonde hair and a coat suit. He was carrying a small baby wrapped in a piece of expensive cotton. He sat near the women and they smiled at their cute baby. The beautiful scenery was mesmerizing but something was amiss. The park grew darker and darker with each passing minute. All of a sudden a cruel man came out with a knife and killed the young man. The poor woman screamed and hugged her baby tighter. She ran and ran and ran into the woods far away with her crying baby clutched in her arms. An old lady approached her and she took a silver blade from her red cloak and …. ‘’ Ah ! ‘’ screamed Melissa as she woke up with a cry. The hair in her neck stood up and a chill ran down her spine. Just then her mother , Malice, came rushing to her. ‘’ Are you alright Mel dear ? ‘’ she asked with a worried look. ‘’ I am fine it was just a weird dream “’ replied Melissa and went off to get ready for college.  She gobbled down her breakfast and rushed off.

She clutched her jacket tighter as it was chilly outside. She walked on the cold pavement thinking of the dream which had haunted her for months. She never knew what happened next or why it bothered her so much. She pushed away the negative thoughts and rushed off to join her best friend Isabelle for a cup of hot chocolate before college.

‘’ Everyone this is our new student Jacob who would be joining our college this year’’ said Miss Lee indicating to a tall boy with blonde hair. He smiled and went to take a seat. Malissa could tell that all the secret whispering were about Jacob but she did not mind that. He looked so familiar but she could not recognize him. Neither could Isabelle. After class Malissa and Isabelle decided to talk with Jacob so they stayed back till all the noisy heads were gone. Malissa approached him and lent him a hand , ‘’ Hi I am Melissa nice to meet you Jacob’’ Jacob shook her hand and said with a smile,’’ You seem like the great princess Melissa nice name you have got there’’ and left. Isabelle and Melissa looked at each other questioningly. Who was Princess Melissa? ‘’ Mel dear can you please help me repair the broken switch’’ called her dad, Andrew. She reluctantly put down her book and went to help her dad. Just as she was fixing the broken switch a wave of electricity passed through her and she collapsed closing her eyes. Pictures of her dream flashed across her eyes.

She tried to open her eyes but could not. The next day she found herself lying in the bed with a pack of tablets in her bedside table. Malice was pouring tea in two cups. Melissa sat on her bed and asked what happened. Malice explained everything to her. Melissa could not believe what she saw when she was electrocuted. She saw a lady who looked so familiar. It was the lady from her haunting dreams. She still didn’t understand why the dream was disturbing her so much. A few hours later Isabelle came in to ,meet her and Melissa told Isabelle about her dream. ‘’ maybe it is related to princess Melissa…’’ said Isabelle with a shrug. ‘’ if it is I bet Jacob can tell us ‘’ said Melissa with a wave of confidence in her eyes. It was a cold creepy Monday morning and Melissa was getting ready for college when she heard something or rather someone talking. She turned around to see that there was no one but pet rabbits.

She thought it was just her imaginations and she headed off to college. After class Melissa and Isabelle rushed off to the library to meet Jacob. ‘’ who is princess Melissa ? ‘’ asked Melissa. Jacob sighed and sat down. He put his bag away and and started ‘’ princess Melissa was a beautiful young lady. She was the daughter of King Jonathon and Queen Jeniffer. They adored her so much. She had a magical power of hearing animals and she can see through peoples’ mind. However the king and queen decided to lock her power up because they feared that her powers would cause harm to the people. Something can bring the power back. No one is sure what it is neither could they find out because the princess was cursed by an evil witch who was jealous of her power. It is said that only another girl with a pure heart and same powers can break the curse but there was no sign of princess Melissa ever again. ‘’ he finished. Isabelle‘s mouth hung wide ajar. Melissa looked so confused ‘’ that’s all I can say I am sorry ‘’ said Jacob and left.

After a long moments pause , Melissa asked’’ can I come over to your house?’’ Isabelle nodded and they left together deep in thought. Isabelle was a student who loved adventure and science. Her room was decorated with a space theme. It was painted in a dark blue shade with glowing star stickers all over the walls. The eight planets hung on The ceiling. The room was amazing. ‘’ nice room makeover Isabelle ‘’ commented Melissa as she put down her bag and took out her phone to call her mom. Isabelle smiled proudly and looked over her room. They sat on the bed quietly thinking about the events that happened that day. ‘’ Do you think you could be Princess Melissa?’’ Isabelle mocked as she slurped her drink. ‘’ No of course not but I could be a heir to the Throne ,’’ said Malissa. ‘’ But you don’t have the powers of princess Melissa right? And even if you did how can we figure out To unlock your powers’’ retorted Isabelle. Just then a thought struck Malissa. ‘’ Isa do you have a broken switch at your house?’’ Isabelle looked at her friend with surprise but nodded indicating to her bathroom door ‘’ my dad will fix it tomorrow don’t worry and don’t touch it you may get electrocuted’’’ she added. ‘’ a smile washed across Malissa face. She went on telling Isabelle how Heard two bunnies talk after she was electrocuted the previous week. ‘’ don’t you get it Isa’ electricity unlocks my powers,’’

And with that she went off to touch the switch. Hot electricity passed through her. Her blood was throbbing in her veins and her eyes were shut.

She felt as if her lungs were compressed. Memories of the dreams flashed across her eyes and she collapsed with a loud thud. Isabelle came running and knelt down beside her. ‘’ Are you ok Melissa ?’’

She asked worriedly. Melissa was unconscious for a few minutes. Melissa felt so new. She felt like she could rule the world. ‘’ How are you feeling ? ‘’ Isabelle asked a few minutes after Melissa regained consciousness. ‘’ I am fine let us check if my powers work ‘’ she replied and went off to Isabelle‘s pet hamster, Kiwi‘’ can you understand what he is saying ?‘’ Isabelle asked with a grunt as Melissa leaned in closer to the hamster. ‘’ Wow I really can. He is saying that he wants to be set free!’’ Melissa said with a grin on her face. ‘’ Really ? ‘’ asked Isabelle but her voice was softer. Melissa stood up to see Isabelle crying softly. ‘’ I took care of him very well but I guess its time he goes with his own kind’’’ said Isabelle wiping her tears. Melissa turned away and asked ‘’ How does this got to do anything with my dream? Do you think that someone is trying to kill my parents for me for my magical powers?’’

Isabelle gasped ’’ It may be but if it is you better save yourself and your parents,’’ they both sat in silence and the silence was disturbed when Isabelle’s mom came in and said ,’’ Mel your mum is calling you let me drive you over,’’ Melissa watched the gloomy blocks go past the rearview mirror. She stared at groups of people clustered outside the café talking while sipping on mugs of hot coffee. Melissa could not stop thinking about the dream her parents about her powers. Soon she arrived at home and quickly went to her room as she was tired from the long day. Before she knew it , she was fast asleep. Melissa bolted awake drenched in cold sweat. She was awoken by the same weird dream. But something else was different.

A women in her dream told her ,’ beware of your life’. She was so freaked out by the voice. To make matters worst, she was called by Mr Brown that day at college. She knocked Mr Brown’s door. She opened the door and was amazed to see what lay in front of her. The walls were of a shade bisque and there was a huge glass table in front of her. There were many documents lined neatly on the table and the huge comfy chair took up so much space. None of this was her concern. Her eyes were focused on the photos hung on the walls. There were pictures of her parents and Mr Brown. There was also another beautiful couple standing beside them. They looked so familiar. The women had gold hair and had the same blue eyes as Melissa ‘s. The man looked so gentle she thought and smiled to herself. ‘’ Admiring my old school photos are you?’’ came Mr Browns loud voice. Startled Melissa placed the picture back. ‘’ Oh I am sorry I was just looking at my parents. ‘’ she stuttered. ‘’

Take a seat,’’ Mr Brown indicated a soft cushion chair. Melissa sat down looking at him waiting for him to start speaking. ‘’ So tell me how are your powers going on?’’ asked Mr Brown. Melissa stared at him with uttermost shock. ‘’ h-h-how did you…’’ before she could finish he smiled and rushed over to bring his old school photos. ‘’ Malice Andrew me Jonathon and Jeniffer were my closest friends. We did everything together. However malice was jealous of Jeniffer as she was beautiful and Andrew was jealous of Jonathon as he was so intelligent. Neither malice nor Andrew had these qualities. After college malice got married to Andrew and Jonathon got married to Jeniffer. They went their own ways. A few years later Jonathon and Jeniffer were blessed with a beautiful girl baby. Her name was Melissa,’’ said Mr Brown. Melissa came to say something but Mr Brown raised his hand and silenced her. ‘’ you had the magical power of reading peoples minds and talking to animals. Your parents did not know this. But sooner they found out all about you and Princess Melissa. They were scared and they wanted to protect you. Your mother took so good care of you that you did not realise your powers. All was fine until one day. Malice and Andrew came to know about you. It was believed that once you reached 18 years of age they can activate your powers and take hold of them. They were overwhelmed with greed and tried to steal you but your mothers love was too strong.

So they had no choice but to kill them for you. So one day when your parents brought you to the park and Malice killed your mother and snatched you away. Andrew killed Jonathon and they rushed off with you. ‘’ he finished. Melissa could not believe what she had just heard. A tear rolled down her cheeks. She quickly brushed it off with her sleeve and asked;’’ you mean malice and Andrew tricked me? You m-m-ean they will kill me for my powers?’’ he painfully nodded his head fidgeting uncomfortably. Melissa did not make it easier for him. She looked at him straight in the eyes and asked,’’ why didn’t you tell me earlier you too betrayed me,’’ he could not answer. After a moment’s pause he said ,’’ I wanted to save you but I did not know when I thought this was the right time,’’ he looked at Melissa sympathetically but she did not return him that look.,’’ so you are telling I will die in a few weeks cause I am turning 18 soon and Malice will use my powers… no way Mr Brown you better tell me a way to get out of this. I don’t want to die without hurting them for what they did to my parents. ‘’ she bestowed angrily.’’ Don’t shout I have a way activate your powers fully and kill them with your powers in the same location they killed your parents in this way you will be freed from this curse ,’’ retorted Mr Brown.

Melissa walked gloomily outside to find Isabelle and Jacob sitting on a bench by the park near a street lamp. That gave her an idea. She rushed over to them and said,’’ Jacob can you come to Isabelle’s house I have to tell you both something ,’’ and with that she grabbed Isabelle’s wrist and they walked off. Panting heavily , Isabelle asked,’’ Melissa w-w-what happened ?’’ ‘’ I want to wait for Jacob,’’ Melissa said and they continued their way back.

After a nice cup of hot chocolate and a piece of chocolate cake Melissa sat on the blue comfy bed and said,’’ Isa can you call Jacob and my mom , please inform my mom that I am here,’’. ’’ oh ok this is delicious ,’’ Isabelle said as she licked her fingers after a scrumptious piece of cake. Within a few minutes, Jacob arrived and Melissa narrated the entire story to them. Tears rolled down Melissa’s cheeks as she finished the story. Jacob ‘s mouth hung open and Isabelle kept her hand on Melissa’s shoulders soothingly. After taking in what Malissa had said Jacob asked,’’ you mean if we don’t kill Malice and Andrew you will die and they take hold of your powers?’’ Melissa nodded sadly and Isabelle exclaimed ,’’ We wont let you die Melissa whatever happens we are going to fight them,’’ Melissa smiled and brushed off her tears, ‘’yeah I have a plan,’’ ‘’Is this how irresponsible Jacob is for an important mission?!’’ Malissa asked with utter disappointment. ‘’ He will turn up. Besides he is only 10 minutes late,’’ Isabelle said with a shrug. . Melissa rolled her eyes and checked her watch.

They were sitting in a bench near the Sydney park. It was in the late evening so people were clearing out fast. Melissa had called her friends over for her parents wedding anniversary. This was the night that Melissa was going to kill them or prepare to die. Her birthday was surprisingly the next day after her parents anniversary. She was nervous. Her palms were sweaty and she was restless.’’ughhh,’’ she muttered and stood up. ‘’ I am going to Jacob’s house!’’ she said furiously and threw her long hair back and tried to walk in her heels and long ball gown. Isabelle chuckled and her chuckles were replaced by a sharp shrill scream of terror. The lights were off suddenly and and a tall man with a dark hoodie came over. He ignored Isabelle and walked towards Melissa. Melissa stood rooted to the ground in shock and backed away.

But the man was too strong he came towards Melissa and grabbed her wrist. Malissa struggled.’’ Isa help! help!...’’ she tried to scream but another hand covered her mouth. The tall figure came closer to Melissa. A chill ran down her spine. He came near her ear and whispered,’’ Don’t worry Melissa , Andrew will die and so will Malice I wont let you die ,’’ and with that she fell to the ground and the lights were back on. Isabelle was kneeling beside Melissa with Jacob. Isabelle held out a hand as Jacob said,’’ Sorry I was just practicing I didn’t mean to startle you and by the way you look really like princess Melissa ‘ ‘’ What? you scared me’’ Malissa shouted retreating back from them hastily. When Jacob had held his wrist she had a dangerous sensation had filled her. It felt as if she had reached the end of her life. ‘’ Hey I am sorry I didn’t mean to startle you ,’ he said apologetically. She turned her head around swiftly and smiled ,’’ thanks for the complimentary ,’’ and went off to sit on the bench. Jacob and Isabelle who were dressed as intruders hid behind the large oak trees and took their positions.

There came Malice dressed in a nice blue gown. She was beaming and happy as a lark. Andrew walked with pride as he adjusted his coat suit. They looked good but not as beautiful as her parents in the dream Melissa thought. She smiled and ushered the to sit beside her. The three sat in the dim light in eerie silence for a moment but the silence was disturbed by Malice’s cunning yet sweet voice,’’ Mel dear why have you brought us here I thought you know we would be going to a nice restaurant,’’ Melissa smiled and said ,’’ you know mom I have this dream that happens here. A beautiful couple is killed and their baby is taken away, I thought you may know the reason,’’ Andrew and Malice exchanged looks of terror. Melissa held their hands and said,’’ you you took care of me so well ,’’ and a tear rolled down her cheeks,’’ just to kill me?’’ she stood up abruptly and screamed,’’ I-I-I know everything you want me my powers right? I am the heir of princess Melissa you want to be the king and queen when Jonathon and Jennifer deserves it!’’ she creamed so loudly. Andrew got up and lied calmly, ’’you don’t know what you are talking about you read too many fairy tales,’’ ‘’don’t touch me ,’’ she said retreating and just then Jacob came put of his hiding place he took a sharp knife and had it over Andrew’s throat. Malice screamed and dropped to the floor pleading before Jacob.

Malissa acted to be shocked but she was surprised at how menacing Jacob looked in his costume. He has a funny face. Melissa grinned but hid it she acted to cry but she saw something in Andrew face he was so calm. She saw his hand rising from his pocket with a silver blade.  ‘’Oh no’’ she mumbled and screamed as she ran towards Jacob and pulled him away from Andrew missing the blade by inches.

They fell hard to the floor and Jacob was cut by the blade near his forehead and chest. ‘’ Jacob please open your eyes no no no,’’ cried Malissa and she knelt down beside him. She turned and saw Andrew and Malice smiling at each other. She uttered a curse at them and turned to look at Jacob. He was opening his eyes she wiped off her tears. He tried to sit up with utmost difficulty but it was eased by Melissa soothing creamy white hand she ushered him back to the seat and Isabelle came running out of her hiding place and helped her. Jacob lay on the metal bench helplessly as Melissa turned to her parents. ‘’You almost killed my best friend’’ she said with disgust and sorrow.

Her voice was shaky but Malice just ignored her.’’ooohoso you want to ill us?’’ Andrew asked coolly with a cruel grin. Melissa got angry and tried to fight back but was held by Malice. ‘’ you are going to give us your powers there is only 15 minutes,’’.‘’ hmm I do not need knives or people to kill you,’’ Melissa said with a cunning smile and pointed an accusing finger at the evil and malicious couple. They smiled but Melissa knew their smiles will be turned into despair and horror soon. She opened her mouth and said something so loudly that pierced everyone’s ear. Jacob and Isabelle stood in a corner covering their ears and Malice stood near Andrew with her ears cupped. All of a sudden the piercing scream of Melissa was muffled by a dozen of footsteps. It was beautiful yet so scary as the animals ran out of nowhere and surrounded Melissa.

They had more humanity than humans had humanity themselves. They stood around her protecting from the couple. ‘’ wow’’ whispered Jacob and Isabelle smiled. They stood up to see the beautiful love of animals. Melissa smiled as she brushed the soft silky fur of a rabbit nearby. Malice and Andrew’s mouth was hung open and they were shocked beyond words. ‘’ Really? Malice that’s what you got,’’ Melissa mocked and with that the animals rushed towards to crush them to death. ‘’ Ahhhhhh run Malice!’’ screamed Andrew as they tried to protect themselves from a stampede. She felt happy that she was not going to die and her powers won’t be in the hands of them. But she still felt guilty. She didn’t want to spoil her reputation by killing someone. More than that she did not want to be a murderer.’’ Stop’’ she screamed and everyone was surprised. The animals ran away leaving the place empty. She turned around and said,’’ it is my curse and I shall die,’'

She walked away in her long blue gown with her glass heels. Her golden shiny curls covered her shoulders. She walked away into the woods. She thought it was all over. She thought of Jacob and Isabelle. She wanted to turn around and cry but she did not. She could not. She locked up her emotions and walked. She had gone a little far away from them. She was not lost but she felt insecure, like she was being followed. She turned around with curious glances but no one was there. Only the bees constant buzzing and animals cute chats could be heard. Unlike others this was soothing to her ears. She chuckled as a small rabbit brushed past her and tickled her feet. She knelt down and stroked the rabbit ‘s fur. She stood up and continued her way back when she heard it. A snap. It was a twig. She turned around swiftly. All the animals had run away. Strange… she thought with her eyes searching for something. She checked her watch only ten minutes to 12. Only ten minutes till she is dead. She did not want to die alone. She wanted someone. Jacob and Isabelle she thought and she looked back hoping that they would come to save her.

But no. With no choice she walked away hands wrapped around herself as a chill breeze blew her hair.  Five minutes left. Malissa sat on a rock watching the sunset. As she closed her eyes visions of Isabelle and Jacob flashed past her. She turned around as tears rolled down her cheeks. They were quite near. She could just go back. But she did not want to. She wanted to die without giving her powers to Malice and Andrew. She sat quietly thinking of happy memories when, ‘’ Ahhh’’ she screamed and stood up just missing a sharp knife by inches. She fell hard to the ground and looked at her leg. It was bleeding. She clutched her leg tighter as she crawled and retreated from the man and woman in hoods. Andrew and Malice.

She knew she could not do anything but to die and hand them her power. She lay down sobbing and screaming silently in pain. Four minutes left.. . Malice and Andrew sat on the rock smiling and casting Melissa evil looks. Malissa looked at them helplessly and thought of Jacob and Isabelle. What did they do to them? She lay her head on the sweet grass thinking of how painful it would be. She closed her eyes and waited. ‘’ time has come honey’’ said Malice as she gave the knife to Andrew. There was only one minute left. Malissa opened her eyes and checked her watch. She waited for the moment. 

‘’Bye Melissa’’ said Andrew in his sweet voice and raised the knife but Malissa held his hand. She twisted his arm and tried to get up. Malice grabbed Melissa’s waist but she was too agile even with her cut leg she tried to run and she made it pass them. she was overwhelmed with joy but it was soon over when she tripped over her dress and fell hard to the floor. Malice and Andrew caught up. ‘’ Only 30 seconds!’’ screamed malice as Andrew took out his knife. Melissa covered her head with her hands and cried. She thought it was going to be over. She closed her eyes and took in in one last breathe of the fresh dirt grass and earth. She also took a last vision of her memories. And she thought she was done as she felt lighter. She thought she was in heaven but no. Her pendant. It glowed. ‘’ w-what this old thing?’’ she said with a gasp. I glowed so brightly that it blinded Malice and Andrew. They were blown away.

They hit the ground hard and they started to burn. Melissa watched in shock as they became black , ugly with wrinkles and warts. They were not humans but demons she thought. She tried to block out Malice’s constant screaming and Andrews cries. She watched as they burned into ashes and flew away. Everything was back to normal again. Her head felt heavy and she fell against the sweet grass with her eyes closed. ‘’Melissa’’ called out Jacob’s voice. Melissa slowly opened her eyes and found that she was in a hospital bed and her two best friends sitting beside her. ‘’ oh Isa and Jacob,’’’ Malissa said with such happiness and hugged Isabelle. ‘’ I thought I would lose you forever ,’’ she said looking at them. ‘’ For a moment we did too,’’ Jacob said with a smile.

Jacobs right hand was in a sling and he had stitches near his stomach and Isabelle’s forehead was bandaged. ‘’ How did we get here and what happened,’’ Malissa asked with confusion. ‘’ Well after you left we cried and thought malice wont go after you but we were wrong. They came behind to kill you. I helped Jacob up and we went together and followed them. They found out and injured us. We were unconscious. They threw us behind a tree. Then a light came,’’ Isabelle paused’’ a bright one,’’ added Jacob ‘’ and we woke up and saw them burn to ashes and we saw you we came to help but couldn’t. just then I realised I had my phone. My mom got worried and tracked us and got us here,’’ Isabelle finished. Melissa grinned ,’’ My pendant it glowed it protected me ii was wearing it ever since I was born ,’’ and she looked down at her pendant. ‘’ whatever that is it's magical ,’’ Jacob exclaimed. They chuckled and there was a knock on the door. ‘’ Melissa how are you dear,’’ greeted a nurse with a rather cheerful smile on her face. ‘’ I am fine,’’ said Malissa with a grin. The nurse left a basket of flowers and a small gift box on the table smiling and rushed off. ‘’ weird,’’ remarked john as he looked at the nurse rush off. Melissa took the box and opened it. A gasp escaped her lips. It glowed in the dim hospital light. Isabelle and Jacob peered in closer.

Their mouths hung ajar wide open. ‘’oh no’’ squeaked Isabelle as she took the faint old paper in the basket. It was the daily newspaper. However, that was not what made Isabelle squeak. It was the date

17.9.2002 the day Melissa was born 18 years ago.

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