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The Covid Cover-Up

The Covid Cover-Up

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Dear Diary,

Hi! Good Morning...

I know I don't talk to you every day, but trust me... your thought is never away from my mind. In this time of the world-wide pandemic I feel a sense of relief in being able to express myself to you. I keep expressing to the members in my family at large as to what is it that is going on the different fronts of the covid war that the world is facing at large. Yet there are times when what I want to convey is too difficult to grasp for the people I know and I get responses like..."You can understand all this, we would hardly be able to fathom...."

This is common in my family, especially since I have been into biological research for more than 10 years of my life and I believe this reality comes with a tag... which I am not really interested in carrying, but have to nevertheless.

That being said, in the current scenario of the covid pandemic I have been following the news reports ever since it started to blow up in the face of the world and have chosen to be the one point source of sifting authentic information and making it simple enough so that my parents and those near and dear to me can understand it.

I feel it is important to share these perspectives that each one of us is coming up with and the process has helped me grow and become more cognizant of the world around me while really getting in touch with the human in me. I can say so because this pandemic has in a way broken the ivory tower of 'my life' that we all live in ...because... everyone is affected in one way or the other... without any exceptions of class, creed or status and thus.... it has helped me realize the larger connectivity between the smaller parts which make all of us one.

Ever since the pandemic started, I have been observing a few things. A few patterns so to say... As in how one disease has engulfed different aspects of our being, be it political, humanitarian, social and... it interests me as to how interspersed all these aspects are.

As the typical working class most of us are generally concerned about simple things like : 1) Has my salary gotten deposited, 2) Am I able to pay my bills, 3) Am I able to spend for getting basic things for my family, 4) Am I able to save a little bit of what I make and pay my quarterly or yearly premiums to the insurance company and 5) Do I have a back-up just in case someone from my family needs medical help.

Most other luxuries such as dining outside, going for exotic vacations, buying expensive electronics etc. are things that come later on the priority list. Many a times even when we are working for multinational companies and have a decent salary coming from a corporate pay package, our values do not let us spend exorbitantly. That is the way we are grounded to our roots and that is what makes us who we really are...

But how is all this relevant in context of the Covid-19 pandemic?

To begin with... Ever since the pandemic started, the common man has been exposed to the nitty-gritty of our financial and economic systems and we are now able to understand its' vulnerabilities and strengths alike.

Be it the channelization of funds by the government to the needy or the crashing of the sensex, everything is out in the open.

Early on in February I had come across a news report that stated how the Covid Pandemic has affected the world economy at large. What was projected was; the significant drop in the sensex in different countries of the world except for Beijing where it was meagrely 2%. At that time, I felt... something is wrong... How can a natural disaster (so to say) that is affecting the world at large selectively negate one country? What concerned me more was that it is the same country where it all started!

I am not a person to make quick and fragile assumptions about anything or anyone and hence I opted to be patient without even talking about this news with any of my acquaintances. Spreading wrong information for which one has no evidence comes from a criminal mindset and it only affects others negatively. It is important that we take responsibility for what we say... and do... and thus, I kept on reading about the issue from different perspectives from multiple sources over a period of time.

A few days later to this there was a terrible surge in the number of infected cases in the USA and it affected me on a humanitarian level, more so... because my brother resides there.

The daily death toll had crossed 2000 and I had an ugly sinking feeling inside of me although I knew that my brother is safe. What concerned me was the number! It got me thinking as to why is it that this virus is so infectious? I mean... We have encountered SARS and MERS before, but... the covid -19 pandemic is some other level of crazy that is engulfing the world at large.

Although I have left research for quite some time now, unknowingly, I started searching for research papers to understand what is different in the current Covid -19 virus than the SARS and MERS causing viruses that it has led to such a crisis. Fortunately, I came across a detailed study which was based on RNA (ribose nucleic acid) sequence data and I spent some good time analyzing the different nuances pertaining to the rapid infectivity (why is it spreading so fast) of the virus and also tried to understand the causes of the mortality (why is it leading to so many deaths).

I must say it was frustrating as there was not a single direct clue that clearly indicated the reasons for this virus having more potential than the SARS and the MERS or other infectious viruses that were used in that research paper for comparison. I stopped reading and a few days passed by.

Then, a week back, I came across a report which stated that most likely the covid-19 virus is a 'man-made' virus and it shook me to the core.

Up until then, I had understood that the virus leak was due to some accident in the Wuhan lab and the bat to human transmission was an outcome of the same. But this claim of the virus being man made ... by none other than the legend who worked on HIV, the French scientist who does not have any political affiliations could not be ignored.

At least that is what I felt...

The reason for the scientist saying that covid -19 is man-made was that it had similarity to the HIV and malaria causing organisms as he has observed and he claims that such kind of a coming together of the genomes of two deadly pathogenic organisms which in themselves have been concerning to humanity cannot be a natural occurrence.

For a moment or so I was stunned and then I started recollecting some of the data from the research paper that I had read. I remembered how ambiguous and inconclusive it was in being able to show as to why covid -19 which despite being only a type of a corona virus which have existed for centuries on this planet has turned out to be so deadly and infectious.

As I started joining the dots together considering the probability of what the French scientist was claiming with my basic knowledge of infectious pathophysiology, I realised that the virus being man-made could most likely explain as to why covid-19 is causing so much devastation. I do not have any scientific proofs for what I am saying and it is purely based on my understanding and the upcoming reports and ground-breaking claims that I have read on the basis of which I am trying to make some sense of the situation. Have a look at these facts which lead me to believe that covid -19 is man-made ...

1) Covid -19 patients show an asymptomatic carrier stage which has been the major reason for the virus not being detected or it being spread to many people at a rampant scale. It shares this property with the HIV virus which has a property of remaining latent (staying quiet in the body without causing any infection during which it can spread to other people).

2) Covid-19 patients are dying of pneumonia in the later stages and some of the symptoms of the mutated variants include fever, chills etc. which are similar to the symptoms of Malaria. It shouldn't come as a surprise why hydroxychloroquine which is a drug to treat malaria is working as a preventive measure!

What remained to be understood by me was the high rate of infectiousness?

I remember having sitting on the sofa of my house one afternoon and explaining my mother that any virus infects through contact mediated by receptor proteins which are present on specific human cells and if corona virus is only another virus that has come from the coronoviridae family, up until now there is no reported reason for this virus being able to spread as rampantly as it has right now... unless there is some tampering done to its structure and it is engineered (changed/manipulated by humans) to be more infectious to humans. I had not come across any evidence to back up what I was saying. Yet somewhere I felt I was so right!

And it turns out I certainly was.

This morning I have come across a breaking news which states that a 'five eye dossier' has been leaked which is a fifteen-page document that indicates investigations being carried out by five countries namely USA, New Zealand, Australia, UK and Canada, and thus the name. It furthers the claim that the covid -19 virus is a man-made virus and there are four major reasons why it can be emphasized now more than before:

1) Investigators belonging to the 'Five eye dossier; team have found that there were 50 different corona viruses which were being studied in the Wuhan lab out of which 1 has a 96% similarity to the covid - 19 genome that is causing the current pandemic.

If I were to explain this in layman terms... All living beings are made of genes which has a specific sequence. So... If the sequence of the covid-19 virus is ASDRETUUTYYIOP, the sequence of the virus found in the Wuhan lab is ASDRETUUTYYEOP.

Simply said, there is only one difference i.e. in the third last letter where 'I' has been changed to 'E'.

This finding shows that whether we would like to believe it now, or later when there is more conclusive evidence, there is definitely some connection between the covid-19 virus that is causing the pandemic and the Wuhan lab and, it has most certainly not come from nature or during accidental handling of bats as it was projected until now.

2) The second reason is that although there were covid cases reported in china in December itself, nothing was let out to the world up until January when the virus had already started spreading. To add on, it has been found that China has made deliberate efforts to clean up their wet markets around that time to get rid of as much evidence as possible so that no link could be found between the origin of the virus in the Wuhan lab and the virus that was spreading around the globe.

3) It has also been found that in the months that succeeded the spread of the covid outbreak, the Chinese have seen to it that certain keywords like 'Wuhan lab', 'SARS virus' etc. are completely removed from the internet search engines so that it becomes next to impossible for people (common man and investigators alike) to find any information on the subject.

4) It has also been found that efforts were ongoing to change/manipulate the existing strains of corona virus in the Wuhan lab so that these strains could infect humans! One of the scientists at the Wuhan institute who had suspected that such is the case, and, was having sleepless nights as a result is absconding at the moment.

God alone knows what else is going to be revealed in the days and the months ahead. But what was more concerning to me after I read this report was that apparently the 'five eye dossier' which was not supposed to be declared so soon as further investigations were required in the concerned issue has been leaked by an Australian newspaper, the reasons for which are not clear.

This, in light of the fact that Australia was one of the countries that was a part of the ‘five- eye’ team is particularly surprising.

A few days earlier, another report had also suggested that in the month of February, a military personnel from the Chinese army who is also a research scientist has been appointed in the Wuhan center where these activities have been ongoing and speculations say that the research center now operates with a stronger military affiliation. Substantial evidence in this regard is yet to come forward and the effect to which this information is significant in the given context remains to be understood.

One thing is certain though... the common man and the nations around the world are one step ahead today in understanding the involvement of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) behind the Covid - 19 pandemic and that will enable us to take preventive and remedial measures to avert such instances in the future.

Until I write next,

Much love,


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