The Charioteer Of Love

The Charioteer Of Love

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Yes you read it right. An epic love story where a girlfriend kidnaps her boyfriend who came with the same plan, that is, to kidnap her. Isn't it amazingly interesting?

Well, let me unfold the whole scene in front of you. 

Read it to feel it.

-Near about 5500 years ago in the land of Aryavarta, a never seen before love saga unfolds. A princess named Suve fell in love with Arju. Who was in the midst of self-imposed pilgrimage, for breaking terms of the agreement he had with his brothers regarding private time with their common partner Dipti. Once Arju reached the city of Yudhav and meets Banke a mystic dude, his best buddy with whom he spends most of his time.

Later that he attends a festival held at the great Revat mountain alongside his buddy Banke. Other Yadus women including Suve were also there to see the festival.

After seeing Suve... 

Arju is smitten by her beauty and wishes to marry her. Banke knowing the fact that Suve is also deeply in love with Arju, agreed to tie their knot. But knowing the fact that their elder brother Balu has already promised her to Durja an egoistic leader of a warrior clan known as the kruv, So clever Banke suggested Arju elope with her. knowing that after getting the news of Suve's kidnap, Balu would wage a war against Arju. So Suve decided to be the Charioteer to Arju during the kidnapping so that everyone thinks that it is Suve who kidnapped Arju.

Few days later things went exactly the same way as suve and Banke planned. 

And after getting the news, her brother Balu and other Yadus are angered by this and decide to pursue Arju. But they are dissuaded by Banke by informing that it is Suve who kidnapped Arju. Finally, Balu consents and conduct the marriage of Suve with Arju.       


This tale explains to us that a woman can stand violently against any fractious and grueling situation. Here in this story shows that where Suve was powerful not because she wasn't scared but because she went on so strongly to lead over her love and to protect her beloved partner by taking the rope of responsibility, sincerity, affection, protection and Divinity of love in her hand.

P. S: This is the real tale of love between warrior Arjuna and Lord Krishna's sister Subhadra.

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