The Changed Tale

The Changed Tale

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The Indian tradition says that on the day of Pola, if a sister breaks a cucumber on the brother's back or on the porch, they cannot be separated.

The same night every year, the elders tell their children a folklore. A story of a brother and sister - It was the night of Pola. A brother visited his sister. After dinner the brother and the sister's spouse went to the farm. The night was cold. Wind whistled, trees shivered. They reached near an oak tree and sat down. The spouse thought, "If I murder him, his property will be mine.", and smiled to himself. He took a pocket knife out and stabbed it in the brother.

The wind suddenly grew stronger, this made the sister worry about her brother and husband. Then she saw her husband coming from the backyard and asked," Where is bhai?"

"He went to Mumbai for an urgent meeting.", he lied.

"It must have been something very important or else bhai would have never left unless and until I break the cucumber on his back", she thought and went inside the kitchen, brought a cucumber and broke it on the porch. She wished for her brother and asked God to bless him. When she opens her eyes, she saw that the seeds swirled into the air, forming a cyclone and swished to the backyard. She ran behind them and saw them landing on the brother's body which woke him up, from the death.

The tradition remained the same but the story... - It was the same night of Pola. After the sister discovered her brother's body, she saw that the seeds swim in the air towards her. They swirled around her.

The next morning villagers discovered the brother's body with his sister's body.

They both cannot be separated.

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