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The Balcony Days

The Balcony Days

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As I’m in my twenties, I was sprinting to my dreams and Juggling two jobs at a time in a food Joint and at a Local newspaper company as an editor which was not feasible at times. On a busy Mid-day at work; I was assigned to publish a report on how people are kept under lockdown and fighting with the dreadful COVID-19 in EU countries. Little did I realize that I would be in a similar environment in the coming days.

A week passed and Lockdown was announced, I wanted to hasten back to my hometown but there was no transportation. I was engulfed in fear; Fear of losing the Jobs, Fear of disease, and mainly Fear of Income. Hours passed and the phone rang “We’re closing the production from tomorrow and I will notify further” said my manager and followed by other managers from food joint. Now, I am confined in my 485sqft apartment with a balcony on the Old street avenue as others around the globe.

Days passed and Unknowingly, I spent most of the time in the balcony gazing at the empty roads, open drainages, children playing in their balconies, cats mewing to be fed, and sometimes drones in the sky.

My balcony sometimes felt bereft. therefore, I desire of gardening in the balcony. I always wanted to harvest passion fruit as it’s the only plant where you will get both flower and the fruit. Along with them, I cultivated soybeans, pomegranate and coriander. This adds up an additional duty in the balcony, to water the plants regularly.

‘Clap our hands’, an initiative to boost the morale and salute frontline workers all around the globe. On a sunny, spring afternoon each one of us gathered in our balconies and clanged cymbals for the next five minutes and it was electrifying.

Passing the days, I could see the sprouts and tiny seedlings in the mud pot, I was delighted and excited for the Budding stage. By eventide, I was having my cup of tea on the balcony and spotted a greyish cat mewing to be fed. I remember noticing the same cat past few days on the street. Ergo, I wanted to give shelter and fed the cat. Now, I have a companion to overcome my loneliness.

I fabricated a Jogging path of 5mtr in my L-shaped balcony. One Hundred and Fifty to and fro round of the bespoke jogging path allowed me and my cat to cover a range of 2 km. Day by day it was habitual for us and were ecstatic and Joyful.

Four weeks later, to illustrate the nation is united in the fight against coronavirus most of the citizens switched off all lights for nine minutes and light up lamps or cell phone flashlights in their balcony. This moment felt amidst the darkness spread by this pandemic, we must continuously progress towards light and hope.

On a windy night staring at the glowing moon and the twinkling stars, waiting for the dark times to come to an end and get back to our busy work life.

“As I gaze at the sky.

The Heavy winds playing with my hair.

I close my eyes, I dream.

However near or far.

Just hold on to it, the sun will rise before it’s too long.”

During these days; I had learnt to practice self-restraint, the value of time, to pursue a passion, to be nimble-witted, and to adapt to any environment.

This catastrophic has confined and shackled 1.3billion in their homes and other places, during this time the discipline and spirit of service exhibited were unprecedented. Amid, the darkness, all the essential service staff and government officials stood ahead and displayed immense support and gratitude. India was extolled around the globe for its unity and fight against virus.

Stay Home. Stay Safe!

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