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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Divya Thakkar

Children Stories Drama


Divya Thakkar

Children Stories Drama

Strangest Best Friend

Strangest Best Friend

3 mins 317 3 mins 317

"Just, do it Douglas, Common you can do it!! There’s more to come.. c’mon don’t give Douglas... no, no, no!!!” .

 Douglas- a teenage guy thriving his life with embedment, cherish, happiness, heartbreaks, deceit, and pain. He is now into a virtual world - the void between reality and dream with emotions od regret and opinion of not letting himself come out. 

Virtual world provides second chance of losing, but life doesn’t.

Let's rewind a few moments back,

“Ding dong, ding dong”- the silence breaker sound occurred while Douglas was in his house studying peacefully and all alone in home. He opened- there was no one, he banged the door! 

Quarter to his way, there was another pin drop sound – the notification “ tic….” on his iphone X. Of course being an apprentice of virtuosity and reality he thought to have a glance and check who it was in this silent ecosphere!? 

Strangers become best friends, just as best friends become strangers.

Unknown no: “Open the door, and look down” – the msg read on the notifications scroll. Douglas rushed opened and he sees box lying at the footstep of the door. As told by the instructor he laid hold of the receptacle. Soon, with no calculative thought, he opened and there was play station 5 (PS-5) – for which the world has been waiting since the invention of PS-4 in 2018. What could be Douglas’s reaction? 

Him being full of joy and feeling at the top of the world or the thunderbolt escapade? What could it be..! 

You are always one decision away from a totally different life 

He chose the infantile and juvenile way of reacting just as the world chose now in each and every circumstance of life either to get rid of it or to feel the remarkable victory of being audacious bold. 

Yes, he opened- connected to the VR- and got engrossed within a small short span or probably in no time. He just left his books and responsibilities aside and got equipped through the virtual world present in a well-packed box in the light of an off comer. 

Your Belief in a particular ideology does not cause it is the truth, and your disbelief cannot cause it's a falsehood

“Uff”- he said lying on the bed under the jurisdiction of a nurse with tubes attached to almost everybody part and blood flowing through all over it.

Whoa.. wait, what happened? 

Let us go back into this void. Or Douglas’s void precisely. After 20 hours of continuous control and concentration towards PS-5, obviously surprised his parents who returned after a 1-day conference in L.A. 

With a completely blank mind, their patents though to check his phone since Douglas wasn’t even bothered to look at them give a reply. Surprisingly, on trying to get rid mum tried to snatch the gaming material but failed when he hit his mom out of aggression, frustration, and dejection. They read the text: Unknown no: “Open the door, and look down”.

Meanwhile, parents thinking what is to be done: Douglas stood up on the chair with a cooker in his right land and shouting the characters name which was in the game, after each name he bet himself and started behaving abnormally. Parents in such a dilemma called for the ambulance and fortunately enough with time, they managed to make him sleep. 

…. Coming back to real….

As, now with uff, the pain felt, doulas opened his eyes and saw his mom, dad, and best friend. According to the doctor, he is critical and was thus finding hindrance in speaking. 

He spoke: I m gonna die, for my lost in this PS: parents being clueless continued to listen. He spelled, ‘“The Virtual Agreement” where I would my self to the virtual space of void on loosing’.

Parents trying to convince him that he is been in the real word, explanations failed. 

The last words of Douglas were, “ They all came into my world, to arrive in their world. I'll be back.”

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