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She-Bro, He-Sis

She-Bro, He-Sis

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Theme-Bro-Sis(Open Letter)

Papu & Peu

The title of the Open Letter sounds like,'Jack & Jill', seems one of the characters is a boy and the other is a girl, his sister I mean! NO! It's not in my case. My mother gifted me a sweet, cutie pie companion,'Peu'(a girl of course!). And I am Papu, the name sounds like a boy but, I am a girl again!

When I was 4 years old, one bright Morning my baba took me to the hospital with complete suspenseful silence and surprised me with the little Angel.

My happiness knew no limits. Like a shy baby, I leaned against my mother's bed and stared at the little girl constantly. How can a human being be so small? Why is she not big like me to play with me? 

The day, mother returned home with Peu; from the hospital, I was a responsible child; promised myself to protect my sister from the outsiders, whoever they may be!

Our parents brought us up in such a manner that, we never felt the absence of a boy or you can say, a brother in the family!

We are very well accustomed to our society's people and their poor mentality. Whatever!!!

 I took care of her like a big brother. When she grew up; girls grow up very fast; she started teasing me like a naughty brother.

We spent our childhood in a colony of a township. With the passage of time, we started admiring each other in every way. People were habituated by seeing and addressing us as, "Papu n Peu", at every call. Even though we used to be at different places and apart from each other physically, good people ever liked calling us together like twins!

Days passed like running water, after school; came college life, and then the job.

She was studious kinda and I am like evergreen TIK TOK kinda Hero!

The AD of Tanishq literally made us understood the value of Bro-Sis theme between 2 sisters!

In that AD, the younger sister gifts her elder sister a bracelet on the eve of Raksha Bandhan! 

Yes! Raksha Bandhan itself means Bond of Protection and Safety. I feel the same kinda in between PAPU N PEU! 

In my life, I do agree and confess that Peu was always there for me as a protector.

When I had quit my job and preparing for competitive exams, she earned pocket money for me by giving tuitions. When I got the job, I did the vice versa. That's why we really never felt the absence of a boy or brother in our family! She stood by my side and saved me from the verge of distractions and depression. We both held each other in the worst phase of life. 

She enacts every role with much care, love, and respect. She does tease me like the naughtiest, in the meantime bless me like an elder bro.

Papu and Peu, though girls in appearance, justify the sound of Jack n Jill, which means the Bro-Sis theme profoundly. 

Hats off! My She Bro!!!

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