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‘Hay! site!

Hay site .. e.. e..!!

He seeete s s s!!!

Ram cried . He cried again. Trees, birds, leaves, animals all cried. 

Site !where have you gone ?

Lov and Kush were reciting Ram‘s character in a beautiful musical style.

Ram was almost unconscious in the absence of his beloved Sita.

H e started weeping and asked the universe, trees, all directions to gods, Goddesses and everybody , but without reply. He became nervous, depressed, sad and clue less, he could not decide what to do and what not.

Sita has entered in the lap of mother earth, from where she had originated.

Slowly Ram controlled him- self, but still his eyes were full of tears. Ram saw around him. It was a sad seen everywhere, he could think nothing.

I am  in deep grief and sorrow, since I have lost my beloved wife S ita before my own eyes. First I lost Sita in Lanka , from there I brought her back-again after defeating Rawan. I will brought her back from mother earth also

Site !

Oh! site..ee ..ee!! !

Come back, come back .

I am incomplete with- out you Site !

Ram said to mother earth-

Oh! Mother earth please return my beloved Sita ,other- wise I will show you my power and anger. You know that.

You are my real mother –in –law as Sita came on earth from your -self , when raja Janak  tillage you ; or give some space intoyour lap for me also.

I will live with Sita only.

Such was the divine love of Ram for Sita.

Ram’s family guru vashishtha told-

Ram please do not go to deep sorrow, deep grief, You will get her in next birth , she is yours and will remain yours for seven births.

You have just listened the poetry recited by Lov and Kush. This is a divine poetry, it described your character in full details. Great and first poet of the universe Valmiki has done full justice with your life, story,history and character .

Ram started thinking of those days in  Mithila i.e.janak puri where he saw Sita for the first time in the city palace garden. Later on when he broke the bow of lord Shiva and won her in the swayamver. He also remembered the episode of Ahlya- wife of ateacher in the university, where Ahlya was kidnapped, raped, and her husband Gotaum left her; it was Ram who rescued her. Ram remembered the kidnapping of Sita byRawan and how he fought and got her back .

Ram again became sad, Guru vashishth said-Sita is innocent, holly, pure and will remain same for- ever, Ram you continue your remaining part of life, Sita will come to you in the next birth .

Ram again became sad in the memory of Sita .

Vashishth again said –Ram you are the lord , you are the God. We all have just listened the Ramayan recited by your sons; it is divine and wonderful. Your character has been widely described in this great poetry, it will be known has world’s first and for most poetry and Valmiki will be known as adi kavi i.e. first poet on this earth.Ram remained silent with grate- fullness. Ram was requested to listen the remaining part of uttar ramayan i.e. post-ramayan 

Ram requested kavi Valmiki to make arrangement of recitation of later ramayan next morning at his parn kutir (room made of leaves) where he was residing in the deep forest.

Ram tried to sleep but he could not, he was remembering Sita whole night. He passed the night in eyes, during night Ram also remembered his elder sister Shanta whomhis father gave her in the hands of a rishi.

Why women have to suffer again and again he whispered. 

He woke up before dawn with heavy eyes and pain.

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