Srinivas Cv

Drama Tragedy


Srinivas Cv

Drama Tragedy

Praying For You

Praying For You

3 mins

I was always praying for a great future for you....!

You read it right praying for a great future for you ...!

I am bored and vexed about you saying -

I don't have money I don't have a car I don't have... I don't have I don't have

It is better this way that I pray for your future.

That way I will get rid of your sorrows.

OK let us hear something about me and why I am praying for you.

I was the luckiest boy to be born with 10 holes one to my heart

My parents were from the high class called the tribes with all the reservations but no idea of how to use them.

It just takes 10mins to reach the nearest hospital from my house by a plane (at a speed of 300kmh) but the fastest we reached was 10 hrs walk through the forest.

Do you want to know more about my fortune...

I was out of death bed only after two kidneys and 10 acres of land left my parents.

I was in a school where the teacher doesn't know the difference English alphabet "O" and number "0".

I was the best student in the 60 villages around my place with a mark of 300/600 in my tenth.

I was the only one who could qualify for Engineering college from the same 60 villages with a rank of 60,000.

The state government was very happy with my performance and offered me a scholarship amount of INR. 600/Month where I have to spend Rs.1000/Month just for my govt. hostel and ended my father in a debt of Rs.25000 for which he has to give up the land left with him (2 acres) and should start begging for work if I fail to make it in my graduation.

To my surprise, I was offered a position in a big company with a salary of 6K per month. It is a huge hike from 0.6K/Month.

My father rejected the offer sold off his land to support my higher studies.

The best things are yet to come......

Every land in and around our village become flat playgrounds after the drought. The govt. almost planned a cricket stadium but thought otherwise as there is no pub for players to rest and have a drink close by.

My scholarship increased 6 folds during my PG and I could save money.

Hurray, my family could eat every 3 days once, in this drought.

This is a wonderful place and the people I live with.

I am happy about my mom, she persisted with a son who cries all the time but she could do nothing.

I am happy about my father who could sell his kidney to let me live.

I have never cried in all my life till now until I have seen You saying I don't have this, I don't have that.

I think you got the reason why I was praying for your future.....

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