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One Late Evening

One Late Evening

4 mins

Mumbai, city of dreams and hustle bustle of local trains, running like blood inside the nerves.

Every mumbaikar is accustomed of commuting via local trains everyday. Among them, our protagonist, Poly, is not left out.

Poly, shy middle class family girl, works in a local news agency as a steno typist. Everyday, it takes 2 hours to reach her office.

In Mumbai, even if a place distances 25kms, via local train, it will become 70kms approximately.

However, it is Poly's daily time-table.

Everyday, she manages to wind up her works by her last train's time.

But, that evening, eventually she really got late and somehow managed to board the ladies compartment of the train, which has its last stoppage before her stop. She decided to get down at the last stoppage and move home by taking any roadway.

Train starts, her compartment was almost vacant. Hardly five ladies were there, sitting in quite distance from each other.

At the very next stoppage, a loafer enters that compartment. Not a single woman objected on his boarding.

Who cares of the rules, when all are selfishly wished of reaching her home respectively. Ever since the loafer boarded the compartment, he kept teasing Poly only.

It doesn't mean the loafer likes her! For such people, women are like local buses. One goes, another will surely come at its time.

However, the loafer continued his teasing, nobody opposed him; including Poly. He touches Poly's shoulder, pinches her to handover her tiffin to him, like that!

One by one, all the ladies got down at their respective stoppages.

Here, Poly remained passive to him. As for the first, she felt the touch of a man. She liked it!

When it as almost 30 minutes to reach the last stoppage, the train broke down on the midway! And stopped at such a place, which was a non-residential area, completely dark and silent!

On the other side, lights on the train went off! As in local trains, once the trains stop, electricity supply gets off.

Taking the opportunity, Poly got closer to the loafer and insisted him to get physical. The loafer refused to her intentions, as his intention was just to tease and enjoy, not to insult anyone in other ways.

Seeing his such gestures, Poly got more attracted and forcibly got involved with him physically. Unintentionally, loafer satisfied Poly's want and left that compartment in dark, without even knowing anything about each other.

After his departure, train started running. Poly got down at its last stoppage from there; moved to her home by an Auto.

That night, she could not sleep properly and every moment felt the touch of that loafer deeply.

Poly, though a shy natured girl, but very well knew, what she was to do?

The very next day, she talked about last evening's incident to her Aai and Baba. They supported her decision whole heartedly.

For the past four years, she has been living separately from her parents but, well connected. With a new job of content writer as a freelancer.

After Four Years...

Mumbai Platform.

Poly with her 3 years old daughter, waiting for the train. A police constable saw Poly and slowly moved near to her and stood in front of her!

Poly immediately recognized that Police Constable. 

Police Constable- Where were you? I have been searching you for the past four years.

I visit station everyday with a hope of meeting you and explaining to you about me.

After that One Late Evening of yours with me, how drastically my life moved and changed onwards. Everything!

Poly's daughter- Mama, who is he?

The Police Constable looked at the child.

Poly- I am a single mother and she is my daughter. 

The Police Constable understood that, the child was their daughter. 

Police Constable to his daughter- My dear, Call me Baba!

The daughter- baba was a loafer but, he loved my mama very much!

Poor child didn't even know the meaning of loafer!

The Police Constable got silent and realised Poly's unconditional love. 

The train came...

All three of them got boarded into it.

They talked a lot, shared and expressed everything about each other.

This time...

The train reached its Final Destination!

Thank You and Have A Happy Journey...

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