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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Kiran Bedi



Kiran Bedi


My Inspiration

My Inspiration

7 mins

Inspiration means a feeling, person, or thing that makes you want to do something or gives you exciting new ideas.

Whenever anybody asks us about our Inspiration we think and tell a person's name. Most of them tell their Parents as an inspiration.

Different people different stories so different inspirations for sure.

My inspiration is "BOOKS".

May be weird for many but for me, Parents, Teachers, Friends, Relatives all others around us do tell us about the us, guide us to choose the right path but Inspiration is something different.

The feeling that is stronger, it makes you and help you to become who you are and hold up as well.

If you are low then anybody can motivate you but Inspiration boosts up the passion inside.

BOOKS are no doubt can have many followers but for me, it's an inspiration.

It showed me and redesigned me. If we cannot speak our hearts out then what's the use of this human form.

But there comes our society and its norms in action so every time we can't.

But the books open a new path where we can do anything whatever we want to. We can live a life we always wanted to have for us.

The book world is just like the fairy world or a virtual world where things are under our control.

It's therapy for me. You can speak out your thoughts and can easily have its effect on others without hurting others too.

Self books can help someone who is far away from us and could not reach but a book can help him/her out.

Today's phase is changed so much….everyone here has his/her own private or secrets. Many times they need someone to be with them so that they can lighten their burden on heart and brain but don't judge instead.

But all go vain because every time human nature come into play of selfishness.

Books never cheat anybody they never judge anyone.

For me on my days of downfall, they showed me a new ray of light. They pampered me. I have cried a lot holding it for hours….they have listened to me.

Books seem to be silent but have answers to every question if we want to get it.

It has the imaginations of many, creativeness, faith, pain, happiness, excitement, and many other feelings.

They are our real friends. Our motivator, our teachers.

It made me stand back on my feet. It taught me that life will be endless whether we are a part of it or not...Whether we are happy or sad…..we could not waste our life just on ourselves or thinking about selfishness. We could help others who may be in wait to have you whenever they need it.

A person can never be alone with a book….and can never be bored either.

In my self-experience, we want someone in our life so that we can talk to them….we can chat but instead of this we get engaged and make it a habit then cheating then it's drastic consequences.

Can all these happen with a book???NEVER.

SELF-HELP can change you from within. It molds you to have a fresh start.

One question always comes to my mind that when I will die who will remember me??? Who will know me after 2-3 generations ahead???

We will have totally vanished if not done something very special like inventions, discoveries or become any role model of society or someone like that.

Being a simple and decent person living in a normal society will be forgotten by everybody after 2-3 generations.

But your thoughts, your feelings, your ideologies, your write-ups will be remembered and will be used by some of the other generations after generations.

Books let others know who you were….how you lived. You will be remembered by your BOOKS.

An author never dies with his/her write-ups if has the power to spread it's thought process during his/her living period.

The very same feeling filled me with energy and I promised myself that I would not lead a life that people forget me so easily. I have the strength to help them in some cases. It will be my return gift to the God who created me. According to me, every creation has its own work to be done in a lifetime. Books are the medium to help those who could not reach me or tell me their grief or confusion whatsoever it may be.

In life we can meet a few people and about their lives but with books we can experience a few hundred every year….even without hurting anybody's sentiments.

People when happy need few because others come by themselves snd we don't object either because we are happy then but during pain….we want to be all alone but at the same time we need someone who could understand us we can blast our pain out at once.

Books can be your companion at that moment.

When I was aching with pain in my heart….I was not able to even breathe….that time Books handled me.

The "Immorrals of Meluha" by Amish Tripathi was the very first book that captured me in the painful storm and guided me to the path of Reading.

I read almost 15 books per month and proudly say not need anyone to time-pass with me or this journey gave me some of the sweetest friends who support me.

Today am very grateful that Books not only become my friend but blessed with many.

Whenever I see my photos in books as a co-author or as an author….I can't define the joy behind it.

It heals me.

It's my prayer, my worship, my therapy, my meditation, my healing.

BOOKS can't be defined in short and it's power….even if I continue writing throughout my life on this topic….endless.

As God made us so different from each other so is our feelings that's why the books are.

We used to complain in our childhood that we are fed of with the studies and pressure we used to get at that time….but books do not have boundaries with only textbooks.

The concept of reading textbooks and their experience is totally different from the other genres.

You can choose as per your own mood. It helps you to build the roots as well as nourish them with the knowledge.

We can go mad with the comedy or the fantasy….suspense or thriller has its own level. Even we can go crazy with horror stories too.

A wonderful friend who will never leave you for sure. Never have to impress time to time to keep going.

In my life Books have that great place who unluckily not taken by any person as such…..but lucky enough to get the one who will never run away in need and follow as a shadow….sometimes visible sometimes hidden but always with us.

Being a co-author of a number of anthologies and an author too marked me that am on the path where I have to be.

Thanks a lot.

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