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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Adhvika Selvamuthukumar



Adhvika Selvamuthukumar


My Friend’s Sacrifice

My Friend’s Sacrifice

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“Eeeeeeeeeeek! I have been selected for the play! And that also, as the character Belle! They told me that they were going to send me a mail for all the details and guess what! It is going to be held at London! I knew I could to it!” I blabbered, as I was way too excited to even hold in my breath and the funny part was, I kinda sounded like I was rapping the whole thing up! And of course, no one understood me. “Umm, in English?” My BFFs asked who are Joan, Sara, and Alexa, the best person you could ever meet in your life! “Ok, fine. I will repeat everything again, I said I was selected for the famous play, Belle the Beauty, remember? It was on the school bulletin board. I tried out and now I am selected! They said they are going to be sending a mail today anytime now and guess what! It is going to be held at London!” I said, much more calmer now. “OMG! That is so awesome Amanda!” They all screamed, doing a group hug with each other. OK! I think you need some explaining about what is going on and, oh! I forgot to introduce you about myself! My name is Amanda and I am in college now and, you now those “college stories” that happen to almost everyone but, for me it is totally different except for one part. I have an enemy, I mean, not those small enemies but, seriously enemies! We have known each other since grade 2 till now but, the good part was that Alexa has been with me the whole time so, she as always been on my side. Now, let me tell you what happened before this!

It was just a normal day, me walking with Alexa to class until I saw something incredible on the school bulletin board. And it was really incredible that it would change my life! 

“OMG! Alexa! You have got to see this.”

“Amanda, this is not the right time! We are late for class!”

“This is even better than class Alexa, read the poster!”

“Ok fine, but after this we have to go for class, ok!”

And so, Alexa started to read the poster,

“Dear good friends, have you ever wanted to be in a play? A play that gets you millions! A play that makes you popular! A play that is just mesmerising to watch? A play that is happening in London? Then, participate in the grand play, “Belle the Beauty”! Admissions are open at the 3 floor in the office room, but hurry up! The admissions will close soon at February 12. All students are allowed to participate! We hope you come! Regards, Mr. Robert.” Alexa and I were so excited about this that we totally forgot about class! Alexa thought I should participate but she hated acting. She was just being happy for me. Soon, we ran for class as the teacher stared at us, well, basically me. I am the one who is always late for class so, Ms. Huble, my English teacher looked at me, then looked at Alexa, then at both of us. “Amanda Alexandra, Alexa Tivanabele, why are you late for class? Do you think English is not important?” Asked Ms. Huble. “Sorry ma’am, we were reading the poster outside about a play called.” I said, as Ms. Huble interrupted me, “Ya, all those stories I know, now go and get back to your seats!” Shouted Ms. Huble. Alexa and I sat at our desks and did all the schoolwork. We finally escaped class and it was time for break. I could not stop thinking about the play and soon, we went to the office room so I could participate. “Ms. Amanda Alexandra, right?” The attender asked. “Yes.” I replied

“Are you willing to participate in the play, my young lady?”

“Yes sir.”

“Here is a paper you and your parents have to sign for your confirmation of participation.”

“Yes sir, thank you.”

“We will also have auditions today after this break so, you have come just at the nick of time, and we will select the finest students to act in the play. We will also give them all the character lines for all and see which is best for each. And what character are you willing to be.”

“Belle sir.”

Good choice, now after this break you go to the auditorium and there we will begin. We will send a mail to you for the payment. Good luck.”

“Thank you sir.

And there the conversation ends. I was so happy I could participate and now, it was auditions. I was actually kind of desperate to be Belle so, I first told them to give me her lines and, I was selected!

Ok, now let’s talk about the present. Where was I, oh right! When we were doing a group hug, I felt something vibrating inside my pocket. It was my phone. I got a mail and, you now what mail that was! It was about the play! I started to read it out loud, “Dear Amanda, as you have been selected for the play Belle the Beauty, we are taking you to London for this play, the fees is, umm.” And I stopped there. “Why? What’s wrong? Continue on!” Alexa said. “Ummm, can I just have a few seconds alone with Joan and Sara?” I asked. “Ya, sure!” Alexa replied. Sara, Joan and I walked to the corner of the cafeteria and I started to worry. “Guys, the fees is $2,000 and my mom can’t afford so much! She is going to feel upset for telling me she can’t afford it! Now what will I do! And please don’t tell Alexa about this. Tomorrow is her birthday and I don’t want her to feel sad on her birthday, February 13! Today is the 12th, the last date for the admissions so I went at the nick of the time! Ok, forget that. Now how will I go to London! Alexa is having this super grand party which is held at the biggest hall in the city! And it has got all the best facilities and everything! I don’t want to spoil anything for her!” I pounded. I felt like this was the worst moment ever! I trusted them to not telling Alexa about any of this, ever and they obliged.

Soon after, we went back to the table while Alexa was waiting for us. I looked a little sad and Alexa did not like it. “What’s wrong Amanda? Why do you look so upset?” Alexa asked. “Nothing, I just have a stomach ache.” I said. “Oh, I hope you feel better.” Alexa said. So, now everyone was silent. I know about Alexa, a lot about her, which meant I knew her thinking face lighting up. Normally, I would always chit chat the whole day but now, I was so silent you could hear a pin drop! Later, I finally spoke. “Guys, I will just go to the classroom to get my books for studying.” I said. “Ok.” Everyone else said. I went up to the class and that meant Joan, Sara, and Alexa were alone. I got really scared, especially with Sara because she ‘accidentally’ tells something or the other.

“Alexa, how much does your birthday party cost?” Asked Sara. “$2,000. Why are you asking?” Alexa asked. “Oh, Amanda’s fees for the trip is also $2,000 but she can’t afford so much but she told me not to tell you... oooooooops!” Sara said. “Hey! Why did you tell Alexa! We promised Amanda we won’t tell! Joan whispered. “Ooooooops! Now what do we do!” Asked Sara. “Guys, I won’t tell Amanda, ok.” Said Alexa. “THANK YOU!” Sara and Joan exclaimed.

Now, I didn’t know she knew about this and she knew everything! Finally, the bell rang. It was time to go home. Alexa and I lived just next to each other so, we went in the same car with our driver. When we got in the car, we both looked at each other, then away which we did basically forever. After we reached, we went to our houses, we said bye to each other and walked away. After I had settled in, I had to ask my mom about the money, when my brother dashed me and went to my mom, “Mom? Can I buy a new toy at the toy store? It is so cool and only $5, and my birthday is also coming up! Please?” My brother asked. “No, I am sorry but I can’t get it. I should save my money and we don’t have much.” My mom said. She looked sad when she had to say no so, I didn’t want to make her even sadder so, I thought it would be better to just quit this play. It made me too sad to even think about it. I couldn’t do it.

Alexa was at home, thinking about what she can do to help. Soon, she had a plan, an extreme one, something your sister or brother won’t even do for you, something only a true friend would do.

The next day, It was a Saturday morning and I had to get ready for Alexa’s party. I got dressed into a pastel blue frock with a bunch of flowers on it. I was in the bathroom, trying to practice to be happy, as I kept smiling in front if the mirror. My mom called me out soon to go to her house so we can all go together to the hall. As soon as I entered, the house was filled with balloons, ribbons, lights, and everything you need for a party! I was surprised. I walked up to Alexa, who was standing in front of the door waiting for me. “Happy birthday Alex!” I said. “Thanks.” Alexa replied. “Oh, and, I thought we were going to be having the party at that hall, remember?” I asked. “No, I cancelled it.” Alexa said. “But why?” I asked. “Sara told me how much your fees was for the play in London, and I thought I don’t have to waste $2,000 on just a birthday party. You deserve the money. You love to act, and you did it well, you should not just give up like that so, I am giving you this $2,000 in your hand. Keep it safe and use it for your play.” Alexa said. “What! How could you do this! You shouldn’t have! I can’t believe it! It is just a miracle! Thank you Alexa! But, are you upset for what you are doing? You don’t have to you now!” I said. “No, keep it, that is what will make me feel happy.” Alexa said. A small happy tear drop slid down my cheek and I hugged Alexa forever! I couldn’t believe she actually did this for me! Now, we partied from day to night! It surely was a blast!  Even though it wasn’t grand, even though it wasn’t big, she still had the best day of her life, and guess what! I went to London the next month and it was marvellous! And all thanks to Alexa. I couldn’t forget what she had done for me, and only a true friend would to the biggest sacrifice ever.

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