MS - Second And Last Eye

MS - Second And Last Eye

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(MS means Message Story. It is a message story which means there is a hidden message in the story. It’s you who have to decode the message and find it out whether the message is right or wrong or it goes beyond these two options.)

Day 1.

John - (on mobile phone) Hi, Aman how are you? 

Aman - I am fine. Hmm…

John - Haven’t you recognized me? I am John, your friend.

Aman - Oh yeah! How are you dude? I am really excited to hear you again.

John - I couldn’t call you for a long time. You know the reason, after marriage life becomes very busy. 

Aman - Yeah, I can understand. So how’s your life going on? What’s about your job and life. 

John - Life is going okay okay.

Aman - Okay, okay means? Isn’t it going great?

John - No, it is not so. Because now I am thinking what should I do next. Sometimes, I think of starting a business.

Aman - You have already got a good job, now what’s the need to worry about even thinking of business. 

John - Aman, you know, it is not about money now. A man needs change in his life. Before getting a job, I was always thinking of a good job in my dreams. I would think what a great pleasure it would be when I will be in a good government job. Now, I am in the same job and feeling literally terrible. It is not because of the job, it is because of the monotonous life in the job. I want to do something different, I want to feel or experience something different. 

Aman - Yeah, you are right. A man needs a change in his different phases of life. In reality, it is not for money a man is feeling restless or uneasy. It is about the change but this simple fact he fails to understand throughout his whole life. 

John - Yeah, you are right. Okay, Aman, now I got to go. I will talk to you later on.

Aman - Okay, nice to talk to you.

John - Yeah, same here. (John hung up the phone.)

Day 2.

John - (on phone) Hello.

Aman - Hi John, how are you?

John - Not well Aman. I have very bad news for you.

Aman - What happened?

John - I have become half deaf!

Aman - What! What are you saying?

John - Yes, now I can’t hear from my left ear. Maybe I will not be able to hear from one ear throughout my whole life.

Aman - But yesterday, you were talking to me normally.

John - In fact, yesterday also I could not hear from one ear. I thought it might be a silly problem. In fact, I was suffering from it for the last for about seven days. But I didn’t pay any heed over it. But today, when I met my doctor, he told me I should have come earlier on the first day or second day of the problem itself. At that time, my one ear could be saved but now it is all gone!

Aman - Oh shit! Now what?

John - (in a very sad voice) now everything is in the hands of God. Aman I am feeling like a handicapped person. (He was on the verge of crying.)

Aman - Hold on John, hold on. Everything will be fine.

John - No Aman everything is not fine. We are losing our body slowly with the passage of time. Today, I have lost one ear and later on, we are going to lose our other parts of our body too. Now, I am realizing how important our body organs are! Now, I don’t find any money attractive, I don’t find any luxurious cars or resorts attractive. Our body is the most important thing we have and that we always ignore. 

Aman - Yeah, you are right. Sometimes we are running after gold and forget that diamonds are in our pockets. Don’t worry John. Still, you have one ear left. Enjoy as much life as possible with your remaining body organs. You know John, I had already lost my one eye but I have learned to enjoy the remaining period of my life with my second and last eye. And I really think, it is a great and wisest thing to do. 

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