More Of Me To Love

More Of Me To Love

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When I was born, the doctor said " That's A chubby bunny! "

The Nurse said" What A healthy Looking child. A real bonny babe! "

My mother said, " There's more of her to love! "

As I've grown, I've always known my Mother's words to be true. I am kind and Healthy and strong.

There's so much of me to love.

I care about others and their feelings. I help when I see they need help.

I can help because I watch for the little signs that Show they need kindness. Even if they haven't asked me yet. I notice when my friends and family need kisses and hugs.

I am very cuddly.

My body is my own. There are no other bodies like it. In the whole world, nobody is the same.

Like stars or snowflakes or seashells, every one of us is different and beautiful. All of us belong and make the world interesting and Special.

But in many ways, we are also the same. We all have hearts and bodies and souls. Some of these things we are born with. They make us unique and create our stories and strengths.

Other parts of us we are not born with. We can Nurture these as we grow, like seeds in a beautiful Garden.

I'm Grateful for All the things my body can do. It turns food into energy, which is a kind of miracle.

When I move fast, I can feel the blood Surging in me and I know that I'm powerful.

When I sit still, my mind makes pictures and stories in my imagination.

I can create whole worlds in my mind.

I enjoy eating lots of healthy fruits and vegetables, Cooking and inventing new Recipes.

In every meal, I prepare I think of how it will nurture my body and soul, as well as those of the people I love.

When my mother said there was more of me to love, she couldn't have known how big I would grow.

Not in my height, or my age, or any of those usual things, but in my love.

When I'm kind to others in this world, my love is so big that it blooms from me like a flower opens itself to the sun. I imagine everyone feeling Warm from my love, my colour, my Special soul.

And this love enfolds all of us. ..

Because in loving you, I feel happy too.

There is more of me to love. Because of the love I have for you.

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