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Ashmita Raj

Children Stories Fantasy


Ashmita Raj

Children Stories Fantasy

Magic Planet

Magic Planet

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“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on another planet?

What about living on Mars, or Venus or Mercury or somewhere else?

What would you want the other planets to look like?”

I would be excitingly waiting to land on another planet. My Space travel would be like air travel.

I would check in with my luggage and board the AR- 2020 Space Shuttle which would have cozy beds, a dining area, playground and a recreation sec on too. After blast-off, the ride would be smooth and I would be travelling at 100 times the speed of sound. The earth would be getting smaller and smaller which would be a little scary.

After the long journey, I would finally land on another planet. I would wear a spacesuit. After trying to adjust to new atmospheric conditions, I would take a walk to explore the planet. There would be clouds and wind just like the Earth. There would be greenery everywhere.

The trees would walk and talk like human beings !!!

Fishes would fly!!!

Birds would swim!!!

Wild animals won’t eat others, rather would be friends and play with each other !!!

Hunters won’t kill animals. Humans would be able to fly and fairies would walk !!!

The moons would smile and sometimes come down to play with others.

When you make a wish, It would come true. There would be no fight and peace would be maintained everywhere.

The name of the planet would be “Magical Planet.”

While I would be enjoying on that planet, I would miss my mother earth too. I would like to come to back our earth soon. I would also like to go there again and again.

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